Thursday, June 30, 2011

Go Ask Dallas : What on earth does Becky in Hotshot say she'll share with Jason ?

 Q: What the heck in a hangubber ?

A: Becky says to Jason " You want the rest of my hangubber?

Sandbox dictionary says : 

han•gub•ber [HAN-guh-br] noun.
A beef patty, fried or grilled, usually served on a bread bun that sometimes comes with cheese.  "I want a hangubber and french fries!" Has also be pronounced hagenberger, hambugger or cheesegubber

Just a kids mispronunciation of hamburger ??? 

** From Dead to the World ..I wondered if I was at the right crossroads, but my doubts were
washed away when I saw an imitation green road sign, the kind you can order from a novelty company,
mounted on a pole in front of one of the homes. It read, HOTSHOT. 

Michelle Malone song "Restraining Order Blues" in 'True Blood'

Alabama - One of singer, songwriter and guitarist Michelle Malone's tracks dubbed "Restraining Order Blues" will be featured in the current season of the HBO series "True Blood."
Based in Decatur and co-owner of the venue the Magnolia Room, the Atlanta native has rocked the stages nationally and internationally for 25 years. Malone also made the Grammy Award ballot in 2010, but missed the official nomination.

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Fiona Shaw Dishes on True Blood Witches, the End of Harry Potter

Great interview 

We’re in for some old school double, double toil and trouble this season on True Blood! Let’s just say, Lord Voldemort would be shaking on his broomstick if he came face to face with Marnie. In this exclusive interview with Wetpaint, Fiona Saw dishes on her role, how True Blood differs from Harry Potter, and the rumored Marnie + Eric love connection!

Wetpaint: What can you tell us about Marnie’s character? She seems so sweet and innocent, but we have a feeling she’s trouble.

Fiona Shaw: I love my character. We haven’t seen much of her yet, but she’s going to change into something quite amazing. It depends on how you look at it, but she definitely doesn’t remain as this little mouse who can just about juice a bird to fly. She seems to gain a few more powers due to tapping into a source who’s much more powerful than she is.

You have such an impressive career behind you, and especially after the huge success that was Harry Potter, it seems like you could have your pick

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Show Your True Colors HBO sweepstakes

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TB Episode 2 " She smells like dinner " preview (HBO) video

True Blood’s Rutina Wesley on Her ‘Feisty’ Character, the Origins of ‘Hooker,’ and Getting an Action Figure

Orgies. Exorcisms. Bludgeonings. As an unwitting party to all of the above (okay, she meant to beat the bejesus out of that bipolar vampire with a medieval mace), poor Tara Thornton has lived a life full of drama and sorrow. But in season four, True Blood's resident martyr looks like she may finally get a shot at happiness. Where's the fun in that? Vulture spoke with actress Rutina Wesley, a soft-spoken Juilliard grad with a soft spot for comic books, about her Emmy-reel, getting an action figure, and her future as Wonder Woman.

Would you agree that, out of the entire True Blood cast, you probably have the most clips for your Emmy reel?
Yeah, totally! It's like, "Well, let's see: being duct-taped to a toilet or tied to a bed." I never know what they're gonna do, you know? The one time I was really surprised was in season two when we had to do those scenes out in the woods. [Laughs.] We were like, "Wait. What are we doing? This is an orgy scene!" But it's True Blood. I've never questioned anything that they've given me.

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Portia Bellefleur business card - Lancaster & Bellefleur Law Offices

Here is the business card that Portia gives Sookie at Merlotte's .

I find it interesting that HBO hasn't bought this URL - maybe someone ought to ???

Here is a little info on Sid Matt Lancaster , Portia's partner. We see him in almost every book. He is describes as "Sidney Matthew Lancaster,native son and a whiskey
sour drinker, had the reputation of being the most aggressive trial lawyer in the parish. I liked him because he always treated me with respect when I served him in the bar." and "Sid Matt Lancaster, an ancient and renowned lawyer"

At right --we see Sid Matt in True Blood Season 2 Ep 1 ( played by George Gerdes) when he comes to give Sookie money after Uncle Bartlette's death.