Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dead in the Family -Chapter 1 is up !

Read chapter one here :

it will open as an adobe pdf file ...let the comments begin!

Page 6 should be ok now !

The Vampirization of America An era of fear and uncertainty has helped fuel a sex-and-death wave in pop culture.

From the LA Times

In times of political rot and confusion and pain, one needs something like cosmic silliness, not to make sense of things, but for those who don't expect a life after death, we need an experience, in this life, of the dream of heaven. Tossed into fear, like children, we need a childish vision to restore faith in life. The worse things get, the more we need greater art. Since Pina Bausch wasn't in town, there was Mozart's "Magic Flute" at the L.A. Opera not long after 9/11. We needed Mozart because the country was Wagner, pinned to false mythologies of necessary doom.

The genius of that 2001 production was that it felt like it had been put on by a high school with the best singers in the world. It was adolescent joy, with one image that stayed with me. Rodney Gilfry as Papageno the bird catcher, wearing a fool's cap and bells in a costume with more colors than Joseph's coat, was singing on stage while a rowboat on wires sailed overhead, carrying three boys dressed like Harry Potter, with his glasses. Young magicians, "Magic Flute," makes sense.

Who would they put in the boat a decade later? A Harry Potter reference now would seem like product placement, not a little wink.

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Authors put Louisiana in the spotlight in 2009

The year brought dozens of wonderful books from Louisiana authors — and those outside the state writing about Louisiana. Here are a few of the year's literary highlights:Self-taught writer Louis Maistros created a dark, fascinating tale of death and rebirth in the Crescent City during the Jazz Age in The Sound of Building Coffins.

Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse paranormal mystery series set in the town of Bon Temps in northern Louisiana, which gave birth to the HBO series True Blood, gave us an update on Sookie in May with Dead and Gone.

New Orleans author Nevada Barr, who spent years in the National Park System, now spins mysteries around a park ranger named Anna Pigeon. Barr's latest novel in the series, Borderline, took Pigeon to Big Bend Park in Texas.

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Have a Fangtastic Christmas

Merry Christmas from the True Blood Boys

How cute are these ?
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Krystal has more here on the wiki!

Dead in the Family cover released ( finally ) by Charlaine

I know we've all seen it since Penguin released it in the Holiday Author video on December 10th but it's nice to see a nice crisp image ...

I hesitate to say when we can expect the 1st chapter - last year the chapter was put up a few days later but I'm not going to even guess this year since nothing has been the same ( the cover was posted before Thanksgiving last year).

That's why we have postponed the "Dead in the Family " blogtalk radio show - it looked like to us that the chapter wouldn't not be released in time for tonight's show ...

We will reschedule !! Stay tunes to this vamp channel!

True Blood Music Video of the Day:Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

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