Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sookie it's been long time, no see : On the True Blood Set: Anna Paquin

I think this might be Russell Edgington's or as Sookis calls it "Mansion of Doom," or "Vampi res R Us" it doesn't seem right for Alcide's apartment bldg. Haha

from accidentalsexiness
Seeing these new pictures of Anna Paquin filming a scene for the HBO hit at the Trianon Apartments in Hollywood, California today. Anna was rockin’ a short denim mini skirt, a lace tank top with a cami below, and some trendy sunglasses.

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HBO's Streaming Site to Compete With Hulu?

HBO plans on announcing today an expansion of its streaming content site, HBO Go, according to reports. HBO Go was unveiled last April and currently exists in beta, but according to The New York Times , the site will be undergoing major overhauls that'll broaden its appeal and expand its HBO-centric content. But with big dogs like Hulu offering free content, will a subscriber-based service convince consumers to sign up for expensive cable packages just to watch online video?

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Review : A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris

Review of Touch of Dead

The Sookie Stackhouse Stories, this is, unsurprisingly, a collection of short stories featuring Harris' most popular heroine, a telepathic barmaid lusted after by virtually every male supernatural creature who crosses her path. The series is now up to its ninth installment and the stories, written for various collections, span Sookie's character trajectory over that time. Harris provides a time frame, and presents them chronologically. I would think that elements of each plot would be less satisfying for a reader unfamiliar with Harris's universe but enough background is woven in that that new readers won't be wholly lost. Familiar readers may welcome the return of characters who are now dead or estranged, and though Harris writes in the introduction that she was unsure when first approached to write a Sookie short that she'd be able to her justice in a more abbreviated format, I think she sells herself a little short. The stories fit into the overall narrative relatively smoothly, without creating events that would make the novels incomplete.

"Fairy Dust" takes place after the fourth novel, Dead to the World - Sookie is asked to investigate the murder of Claudette, a fairy who works as an exotic dancer, by her surviving triplets, Claude (also a dancer) and Claudine, and through a combination of telepathy, clever questioning and her knowledge of the Fae, is able to identify the killer and the motive.

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Exclusive Interview: Lindsay ( Crystal Norris) Pulsipher Tames THE BEAST and TRUE BLOOD

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Lindsay Pulsipher has wanted to be an actress since seeing her mother perform in plays in the theater when she was a little girl. Having recently played a series regular on the A&E series The Beast, which starred the late Patrick Swayze in his critically acclaimed final role and can currently be seen on Crackle (, Sony Pictures Entertainment's online video network, the musician and painter is living her dream.

In this exclusive interview with IESB, Lindsay Pulsipher talked about how she will always remember her experience working on The Beast, as well as her excitement for fans to see her in her latest role as Crystal Norris on Season 3 of the hit HBO series True Blood and how she hopes to continue to play a wide variety of different characters in her career.

IESB: How did you get into acting, as a career?

Lindsay: It was a couple different things. My mom was an actress. She did some theater when I was a little girl and I remember seeing her in that play "You Can't Take It With You" and thinking, "Wow, that's my mom, but I don't recognize her at all. She's a different person." It just looked really exciting, so I got into some theater groups and did children's community theater.

And then, as I got older, film was really inspiring to me. Women like Julie Christie and Ellen Burstyn

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True Blood Toys

New True Blood statues debut at DC toy Fair..hhmm

You can pre-order them here

for $69.00 ( Yes 69$!)

Thanks iO9

True Blood Music Video of the Day: You're going down by Sick puppies

You're going down by Sick puppies