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Kevin Alejandro Teases New True Blood Season

Kevin Alejandro is one of the many actors to jump on board for the upcoming third season of Alan Ball's hit series for HBO True Blood. He'll be playing Jesus, a caretaker for Lafayette's mother (Alfre Woodard), as well as a love interest for Lafayette.

The busy actor who's appeared in everything from Southland to Ugly Betty to Weeds chatted with Entertainment Weekly about what we can expect from him on True Blood. Here's an excerpt from the EW interview:

What can you tell us about your character?

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Alexander Skarsgard talks " One Last Thing " with the Guardian UK

Hi, Alexander! In True Blood, you own Fangtasia, a vampire bar. What would happen if Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Edward from Twilight or Kiefer Sutherland from The Lost Boys dropped in for a snifter?

Well, Fangtasia is open to humans and vampires alike so we're very welcoming (1). I'd buy Edward and Kiefer some Tru Blood (2) and I'd buy Buffy a memorabilia T-shirt. Ha!

You weren't in season one very much. How do we know you're not going to be killed off in the opening seconds of season two?

I only had a couple of scenes in season one, you're right. But we get to know Eric a lot better in season two. We get to see his background and why his motives are personal and not always for business. There's a lot more to Eric than the antagonist bad boy.

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New Book : True Blood and Philosophy: We Want to Think Bad Things with You (The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)

You can pre-order below

The first look at the philosophical issues behind Charlaine Harris's New York Times bestsellers The Southern Vampire Mysteries and the True Blood television series

Teeming with complex, mythical characters in the shape of vampires, telepaths, shapeshifters, and the like, True Blood, the popular HBO series adapted from Charlaine Harris's bestselling The Southern Vampire Mysteries, has a rich collection of themes to explore, from sex and romance to bigotry and violence to death and immortality. The goings-on in the mythical town of Bon Temps, Louisiana, where vampires satiate their blood lust and openly commingle with ordinary humans, present no shortages of juicy metaphysical morsels to sink your teeth into.

Now True Blood and Philosophy calls on the minds of some of history's great thinkers to perform some philosophical bloodletting on such topics as Sookie and the metaphysics of mindreading; Maryann and sacrificial religion; werewolves, shapeshifters and personal identity; vampire politics, evil, desire, and much more.

  • The first book to explore the philosophical issues and themes behind the True Blood novels and television series
  • Adds a new dimension to your understanding of True Blood characters and themes
  • The perfect companion to the start of the third season on HBO and the release of the second season on DVD

Smart and entertaining, True Blood and Philosophy provides food—or blood—for thought, and a fun, new way to look at the series.

  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley (June 1, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470597720
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470597729

We Love Vampires Because Of Morality, Not Sex

More comments on the recent NPR Adler piece from io9

With the hormone-drenched success of HBO's True Blood and the Twilight saga, it's easy to think our love of vampires is driven by undead lust. But NPR's Margot Adler read 75 vampire novels and discovered a different reason. According to Adler, the vampire fascination has more to do with fantasies (and realities) of having

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True Blood : The Timeless Appeal of Vampire Lore

Vampires are beautiful and young for all eternity. They are incredibly strong and have unbelievable speed. They are mysterious and fascinating and there is something undeniable sexy about the creatures. They appeal to that forbidden, rebel side of most everyone's personality. There's that little bit of fear mixed in that just makes the whole thing all the more exciting! What's not to like? It doesn't hurt that in the movies and TV shows the Vampire characters look like this.....

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Vampires everywhere, oh my! What does it mean?

Like a lot of us, Margot Adler over at NPR has been pondering the question: Why are so many vampires popping up in books, movies and on TV these days? And why are they morally conflicted, sometimes even do-gooders? To find out, she read 75 vampire novels, classic and contemporary, and came up with some interesting insights.

The principle observation of Adler’s entertaining essay is that interest in vampire stories surges in times of uncertainty, “used again and again to speak to our fears and concerns.”

The vampire or something like it can be found in most cultures and folklore going back to the beginning of time, but it’s a mistake to think they have all the familiar attributes of Count Dracula. The idea –and the term “vampire” — began to appear in literature in the 18th century. Heinrich August Ossenfelder’s 1748 poem “Der Vampir” may be the first. (You can read it here–and trust me, it’s worth a look).

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Charlaine Harris speaking at book signing event in Evans, GA January 23, 2010

Charlaine Harris speaking to an audience at a book signing event in Evans, GA January 23, 2010

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True Blood nominated for Saturn Awards

The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Films has announced the nominees for the Annual Saturn Awards. The Saturn Awards, founded in 1972, recognize the best in genre for television, films, and DVD releases. The winners will be announced on June 24.

Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series:
Breaking Bad
Battlestar Galactica
The Closer
True Blood

Best Actor in Television:
Josh Holloway (Lost)
Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Matthew Fox (Lost)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Zachary Levi (Chuck)
Stephen Moyer (True Blood)
David Tennant (Doctor Who: The End of Time)

Best Actress on Television:
Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad)
Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Ghost Whisperer)
Evangeline Lily (Lost)
Anna Paquin (True Blood)
Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)
Anna Torv (Fringe)

Best Supporting Actor on Television:
Jeremy Davies (Lost)
Michael Emerson (Lost)
Aldis Hodge (Leverage)
Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
John Noble (Fringe)
Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood)

Best Guest Starring Role in Television:
Bernard Cribbins (Doctor Who: The End of Time)
Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad)
Michelle Forbes (True Blood)
John Lithgow (Dexter)
Leonard Nimoy (Fringe)
Mark Pellegrino (Lost)

Queen Sophie Ann and the mystery of the missing bracelet

My friend Keyse emailed to say she has been geeking out a bit ( i think waiting til the next Sookie book and for True Blood to return in May and June) and posted about Sophie Anns bracelet from BK

Read on her excellent blog :

heads rolled for this
sorry, but i am geeking out right now...but doesn't this look like Sophie-Anne Leclerq's diamond bracelet? This is what it looked like in my head - Charlaine Harris fans will understand :)
Anzie Jewelry, White Topaz Heart Bracelet, $475

The first thing you must know about the diamond from the bracelet must fit in side a tampon applicator tube....

These are matching bracelet given to SophieAnn by at their wedding. She gave one to Sookies's cousin Hadley and after Hadley is murdered she brings Sookie down to New Orleans under the guise of letting Sookie go through and have her cousin things but really SA wants Sookie to help find out Hadley's murderer and what became of the other bracelet.

Here is the exchange from Definitely Dead
"Did you want something of Hadley's?" I asked her, my train of thought having veered away from
money. "You know, a remembrance?"
Something flashed in her eyes, something that surprised me.
"You took the words right out of my mouth," said the queen, with an adorable hint of a French accent.
Uh-oh. It couldn't be good that she'd switched on the charm.
"I did ask Hadley to hide something for me," she said. My bullshit meter was beeping like an alarm clock. "And if you come across it in your packing, I'd like to have it back."
"What does it look like?"
"It's a jewel," she said. "My husband gave it to me as an engagement gift. I happened to leave it here before I got married."
"You're welcome to look in Hadley's jewelry box," I said immediately. "If it belongs to you, of course you have to have it back."
"That's very kind of you," she said, her face back to its regular glassy smoothness. "It's a diamond, a large diamond, and it's fixed on a platinum bracelet."
I didn't remember anything like that in Hadley's stuff, but I hadn't looked carefully. I'd planned to pack Hadley's jewelry box intact so I could pick through it at my leisure in Bon Temps.
"Please, look now," I suggested. "I know that it would be like a faux pas to lose a present from your husband."
"Oh," she said gently, "you have no idea." Sophie-Anne closed her eyes for just a second, as if she were too anxious for words. "Andre," she said, and with that word he took off for the bedroom—didn't need any directions, I noticed—and while he was gone, the queen looked oddly incomplete.

later "I'll keep an eye open for the bracelet," I said. I suspected that the value of the jewelry did not lie in its appraisal. "Would that bracelet have been left here the last night before the wedding?" I asked cautiously.
I suspected my cousin Hadley had stolen the bracelet from the queen out of sheer pique that the queen was getting married. That seemed like a Hadley thing to do. If I'd known about Hadley's concealment of the bracelet, I would have asked the witches to roll the clock back on the ectoplasmic reconstruction.
We could have watched Hadley hide the thing.
The queen gave one short nod. "I must have it back," the queen said. "You understand, it's not the value of the diamond that concerns me? You understand, a wedding between vampire rulers is not a love
match, where much can be forgiven? To lose a gift from your spouse, that's a very grave offense. And our spring ball is scheduled for two nights from now. The king expects to see me wearing his gifts. If I'm not …" Her voice trailed away, and even Andre looked almost worried.

finally ...
"How'd you get it past the search?" the queen asked. "I'm sure the searchers were checking for it."
"I had the bracelet part on under my bandage," I said. "The diamond stood out too far, though, so I had to prize it out. I put it in a tampon holder. The vampire who did the searching didn't think of pulling out
the tampon, and she didn't really know how it was supposed to look, since she hadn't had a period in centuries."
"But it was put together," the queen said.
"Oh, I went into the ladies room after I'd had my purse searched. I had a little tube of superglue in my purse, too."

Trivia : where did Sookie find that Hadley had hidden the bracelet ?

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Here with me by Dido

Here with me by Dido
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