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Another Minor True Blood Quibble, or: Eric Can Fly !?!

I think this boils down to True Blood watchers not getting things in the TV show that are thrown into the series for Sookie Stackhouse book fans ....

I'm going to go back and listen to the radio show from Sunday night because I think Sookie and I had a really good talk with Mark Blankenship about this issue. Mark said that as the Huffington Post Pop Culture critic and being assigned to cover True Blood, he made the decision to NOT read the books. This was not because he didn't want to but as a professional reviewer he wanted to only be responding to what HBO viewers see on True Blood from week to week.

My brilliant response ( ;-) )was that while I understood that and respected that but because he hasn't read the books he does not understand what I called Alan Ball and the writers " throwing bookies a bone" This is exactly what happened in this episode not only with the Eric flying but more importantly with the Sophie- Anne visit.

Now don't say, "Awww Dallas in LDID Eric knows lots about the maenad and we don't meet Sophie Anne for 3 more books and one short story"

I know, what I said to Mark was that none of Sophie- Anne's pretty outfits and confusing and poorly delivered information about the maenad was the point of the SA visit. The point was to introduce the did 'Bill betrayal' storyline which we won't know about in the books until that hospital emergency room in New Orleans many books from now. This is where we learn that secretly Bill was sent to Bon Temps to, as Bill says "She ordered me to return to my human home, to put myself in your way, to seduce you if I had to …she wanted your gift harnessed for her own use"
So, now in the True Blood version we have :

  • The Queen knows Bill is in Bon Temps but is a little surprised when he tells her, he is feeding only from Sookie.
  • Hadley knew Bill by name ( so they have met before)
  • Hadley knows Bill is living in Bon Temps because she asks about Sookie and Gran
Now, we have to see what the connection Eric has to the Queen, it does not seem to be following the books.

Then we have the out of the blue the "Eric flying " scene, and what seems like weird, disconnected information to the True Blood watcher ( who has no book knowledge) are really the "bookie bones " or those things that are being thrown in for the bookies. ( like Mark and the New Yorker )

And of course, in the last episode we saw the Sookie ( possible fae power ) to Mary Anns face ..

What do you think ?

From New Yorker Magazine

A few weeks ago, a few of Vulture's biggest True Blood fans put together a list of our top five gripes about the show. Well, as we were watching last night's episode, we realized there was one more minor complaint that we neglected to air a few weeks ago. Namely, Alan Ball keeps changing the laws of vampire physics on the show! Okay, maybe "physics" isn't exactly the right terminology, but you get our meaning. Take last night, for example, when Eric just up and decided that he could fly (!!!) through the air with the greatest of ease! Of course, during the show's nearly two full seasons, we've seen many a vamp do one of those fast-forward speed walks off into the distance, but unless we're totally mistaken, we haven't seen one straight-up bound into the atmosphere like Superman or Peter Petrelli on Heroes. Since when did they get those powers, anyway? Do all vamps have that ability, or is it some sort of special ability Godric passed down to Eric? Since we've seen vampires fly without having to morph into bats in other movies (The Lost Boys comes to mind), it wasn't as big a deal as, say, the discovery of Jessica's unfortunate case of regenerative hymen syndrome, but STILL. All we're asking for is a little consistency, please!

Charlaine to appear at the Decatur Book Festival

Charlaine will also appear at the Decatur, GA Book Festival

Charlaine Harris, a published novelist for over 25 years, is best known for her genre-defying series of “not a traditional mystery, nor yet pure science fiction or romance,” of Sookie Stackhouse novels that began with Dead Until Dark. Appealing to a wide audience of people who just enjoy a good adventure, each subsequent Stackhouse novel – featuring a telepathic Louisiana barmaid friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures – has drawn more and more readers. Harris began her writing career with a series of traditional mysteries featuring a Georgia librarian, Aurora Teagarden. Her first Teagarden novel, Real Murders, garnered an Agatha nomination. Her Southern vampire books are published in Japan, Great Britain, Greece, Germany, Thailand, Spain, France, and Russia.


True Blood Episode 11 Frenzy Playlist

Episode 2.11 – Frenzy

"You Made Me Love You (I Didn’t Want To Do It)” by Harry James-Bill visits Queen

“Save Me Tonight” Black Toast Music-playing on the radio in Jason’s truck

“Frenzy” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins -Sheriff’s office

“Pickle Up A Doodle” -sung by Sheriff Dearborn while square dancing with Andy

“Elective Surgical Strike” by DJ Accucrack -Sam brings Arlene’s kids to Fangtasia

“The Good Life” by Ann-Margret -Sophie Ann, Bill, and Hadley by the pool

“Softblow Glow” -Playing Yahtzee

“Set ‘Em Up Joe” - Playing Yahtzee

“Frenzy” by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins -end credits

Free Charlaine Harris short story download

thanks to Rose !

Hey Dallas,

A freebie from the Ellery Queen Mystery web site: one of Charlaine's early short stories to download. The story, "Dead Giveaway' was published in December 2001.


**great spinach recipe on last page

STYLE EXCLUSIVE: Fashion Fit for True Blood's Vampire Queen

From Chris at RadarOnline

While most of you are looking forward to September 13 for the dramatic finale of True Blood, we're still stuck on Sunday's amazing reveal of Queen Sophie-Ann.

The delicious Evan Rachel Wood plays the scheming, lady-loving ruler of southern vamps--and does so in drop dead garb. RadarOnline.com got to the bottom of costume designer Audrey Fisher's vision for the undead royal.

We first meet Wood snacking on her female lover in a floor-length gold dust gown by Les Habitudes with cascading embroidery, heels by Bebe and rhinestone watch by Figaro Couture.

And talk about a high/low combo--the dramatic drop earrings that look as though the Queen raided them from an Elizabethan pop-up are only $65, from Carloee, available at Lord & Taylor.

For her second look, and our personal favorite, Sophie-Ann sports a tongue-wagging pool ensemble: throwback bathingsuit by Norma Kamali, robe by Jonquil, bust broach a vintage Pauline Trigere and DSquared heels.


In Which True Blood Ruins My Vampire Yahtzee Fantasies

haha from Meredith at io9 ( she was a guest reviewer on the Sunday show with me and Sookie 2 weeks ago and was great)

This is what Meredith thinks Bill texted


Last night was the big campy Queen vampire reveal. Will she be pretty? Will she be rich? here's what vampire Evan Rachel Woods said to me... que sera sera.

This episode seemed to tread water a little bit, much like last week's, but at least we got in some quality Eric time. Seriously, he was all over the place with his Matrix-flying dress-wearing Swedish ass. And we approved of all of that. The rest? Well, kind of a crazy let down. But let me tell it to you, "Pro and Con" style.

Con: Evan Rachel Wood's Queen schtick. Was she a whole lotta glam packed in one tiny body? Yes. Well styled? Yes. Did she have a fabulous day room? Yes. Was she handed some of the best one-liners in True Blood History? Oh yes. The True Blood crew, writers, and stylists set this character up with the most non-fail safety net in the history of sexy vampires who say clever things. Which is why I'm shocked to the core at how she single handedly almost destroyed this character entirely. Her delivery came across as brittle, wooden and, well, dead.

read on

True Blood Music Video of the Day: True Blood Crack Vid

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