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Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk Radio: Season 2 Spoilers Let's look at Eps 1 and 2 (Episode 9)

Tonight we talk spoilers !!

What do we know about True Blood Season 2 from the spoilers we've seen ?

What have we found out about Episodes 1 & 2 ?

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Here are the links we talked about:

Spoiler TV HERE

Season Two HERE

Episode one HERE

Episode two HERE

Zydeco flows in Curley Taylor's blood

Curley Taylor is a man who has had Louisiana music flowing through his veins since he was born.
"It's always been my passion," Taylor said. "Anyone who knows me knows will tell you 'he's always singing, he never shuts up' or I'm always just making a little beat to myself."
As the lead vocalist and accordion player for the band "Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble" - who played the Night of Louisiana show at Finch Fieldhouse on Saturday night - Curley grew up around music and got his start touring with his father's band, "Jude Taylor and the Burning Flames."
At the age of 16, he began playing the drums and touring with the 'Burning Flames.' Taylor said the drums were one of his childhood toys.
Taylor said he incorporated some of the style of his father's band into "Zydeco Trouble."
"He had a real bluesy sound to his," he said. "I sound bluesy, but with more R&B."
Taylor said one of his favorite parts playing Zydeco is the fact that it is a new music style to most people.
"I love just traveling and exposing the music to people, watching people enjoy themselves. After it's over I get to say to myself, 'Whoa, I made those people have a good time,'" he said. "Then everybody goes, 'What is this you're playing?
What is this kind of music? ... To me I just want it to be a good introduction to the music and for them to look forward to seeing me again."
Taylor also said he loves to play Zydeco music because it has been constantly evolving.
"We are bringing a new movement that is happening in Louisiana with Zydeco. It has gone from something that was sort of hillbillyish - some sort of folk music - to now sounding more up to date," he said. "More like more polished, something on the radio or TV."
Taylor also recently appeared in HBO's "True Blood."
"It was filmed out in LA, but was taking place in Louisiana. I was playing accordion in a band and singing. It was a good experience, I couldn't wait to see myself on HBO," he said.
The Zydeco that Taylor has been trying to popularize has gained fans throughout America and around the world.

"I went to Holland, to do a festival," he said. "Zydeco has grown so much that there is Zydeco bands in Japan, in Turkey - all over the place."


Check him out here with C.C. Adcock

Things I've learned while watching True Blood (5)

that it's okay to send vampire remains down your garbage disposal...while wearing your white tee shirt.

that I'm going to miss Eddie and strangely, even Amy.

that Sam and Sookie can't swing by Tara's mother's house on the way to the pie shop if they were all that concerned about Tara.

I've learned that no woman in Bon Temps can find a shirt that covers their bras straps properly.

that new born vampires wake up cranky & hungry.

that we are governed by criminals & hypocrites.

‘Blood Lite’ Horror Anthology

Photobucket The Horror Writers Association presents Blood Lite, a collection of entertaining tales that puts the fun back into dark fiction, with ironic twists and tongue-in-cheek wit to temper the jagged edge.

Charlaine Harris reveals the dark side of going green, when a quartet of die-hard environmentalists hosts a fundraiser with a gory twist in “An Evening with Al Gore”…In an all-new Dresden Files story from Jim Butcher, when it comes to tracking deadly paranormal doings, there’s no such thing as a “Day Off” for the Chicago P.D.’s wizard detective, Harry Dresden…Sherrilyn Kenyon turns a cubicle-dwelling MBA with no life into a demon-fighting seraph with one hell of an afterlife in “Where Angels Fear to Tread”…Celebrity necromancer Jaime Vegas is headlining a sold-out séance tour, but behind the scenes, a disgruntled ghost has a bone to pick, in Kelley Armstrong’s “The Ungrateful Dead.” Plus tales guaranteed to get under your skin — in a good way — from:

Janet Berliner, Don D’Ammassa, Nancy Holder, Nancy Kilpatrick, J. A. Konrath, F. Paul Wilson, Joe R. Lansdale, Will Ludwigsen, Sharyn McCrumb, Mark Onspaugh, Mike Resnick, Steven Savile, D. L. Snell, Eric James Stone, Jeff Strand, Lucien Soulban, Matt Venne and Christopher Welch…

True Blood Behind the scenes : True Blood Opening credits compared to " Wrong Eyed Jesus"

I have read this a number of places on the web over the last few months. I am just infatuated with the opening and have even visited the real places and i think Digital Kitchen did a great job. Some of my many posts about the opening can be found here
I'll just let their response speak for itself.

Dear Enthusiasts -

DK chiming in. Thank you for the mostly kind words, heated dialogue and too h
arsh accusations. The accusations are not at all unfounded insofar as "Wrong Eyed Jesus" was one a myriad of other influences - features, docs, material found online, in print, somewhere in the deep recesses of our collective cobwebbed psyches. That's how creativity works - we put these pieces in the blender, press the eviscerate button and then see what comes out in the pour. Everyone in this forum knows that. So our remaining peace goes something like this:
You're picking on 5 shots. Out of over 65.
The tone of the "True Blood" title - in audio, coloration, dynamics, editorial style, etc - is so obviously different from the WEJ trailer as to make accusations of plagia
rism obviously nitpicking. It's tantamount to claiming the opening of "The Sopranos" is ripped from "Night Court" - look it's New York!
3 of the 5 shots called out are standard southern bayou fare - car in the woods, evangelical church, honky tonk bar.
Chris Cunningham doesn't own nor did he invent undercranked nudes.

On the 5th shot we have to say good catch. There was no specific intent to match the shot from WEJ specifically. We knew we wanted a midnight baptism shot b/c the concept was so perfect for "True Blood" - midnight+baptism+vampires? Holla! It's like bacon+lettuce+tomato. We
researched the midnight baptism subject quite a bit and in this case one of several shots in that scene came out remarkably like the one in WEJ. A subconscious homage? Apparently. Plagiarism? Absolutely not. We're influenced by the work that's come before us. Everyone in this forum is, and sometimes elements share striking similarities because of it. This is fairly described as one of those cases.
Lastly, DK has received
10 of the last 36 Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Main Title category and been nominated therein 6 of the last 7 years. DK's made a name in main titles and beyond based on our originality and execution. We don't need to steal from anybody. Then, now, or ever.
Thanks for paying attention to our work and this thread and feel free to get in touch directly anytime. And by all means please have fun continuing to argue these points but if you do so try to mix in a little more humor. With all the election banter in the air this too serious tone is too much - design should be fun, people!
Dave Skaff
Executive Producer

Discussion can be found here

View One Eyed

View True Blood Opening

Can you hear me now ? : Sookie hears vamp thoughts

** This is a working post - it is not comprehensive and will be added to and changed as we work on this. If you know of another instance of Sookie hearing ( being able to read ) the thoughts of vampires email me or post in comments ! Thanks "D"

In poking around I have found this additional information
"CH was asked about this and gave a very shadowy answer that it may be a mistake she made that is a plot point - or something to that effect.
I believe that it was eventually confirmed that the 2nd time happened "off screen"

I have wondered if it's this from the orgy scene in bk 2 :"Go along with me," he replied, and it was almost as if I was hearing him in my head. Does anyone else have ideas ?

Bk 1
Pg. 157 - Dead Until Dark ( Book1)
"Eric actually seemed to be thinking that over. And suddenly, I was in his thoughts. He was thinking he could make me do what he wanted, anywhere, anytime, just by threatening to Bill or some human I loved. But he wanted to mainstream, to keep as legal as he could, to keep his relations with humans aboveboard, or at least as aboveboard as vampire-human dealings could be. He didn't want to kill anyone if he didn't have to.
It was like suddenly being plunged into a pit of snakes, cold snakes, lethal snakes. It was only a flash, a slice of his mind, sort of but it left me facing a whole new reality."
**Sookie says she's heard Eric twice -what is the second time ?

Bk 2
pg. 286 Living Dead In Dallas (Book 2)

"Bill Compton," the geek said.
"Stan Davis, " Bill said.
"Yeah, welcome to the city." There was a faint trace of foreign accent in the geek's voice. He used to be Stanislaus Davidowitz, I thought, and then wiped my mind clean like a slate. If any of them found out that every now and then I picked a stray thought out of the silence of their minds, I'd be bloodless before I hit the floor."

Bk 7
Pg 214-215 All Together Dead ( Book7)
Sookie read Hendrick's mind during the trial of the Queen.

A shocking suspicion hit me with the force of a Mack truck. Eric had given me enough blood now that I qualified, hemoglobin-wise, as being close to a vampire; and my strange gift had slopped over into fatal territory. I wasn't reading Hendrik's lawyer's mind, I was reading Henrik's." (Henrick was the vampire who was continuing the charges against the Queen in place of the Dead (for good this time) King of Arkansas and Jennifer his second in command).

pg 229-230: All Together Dead ( Book7)
But I knew how Gervaise felt, for sure, just as I'd read Henrik's thoughts.
Was it my knowledge of men and their reactions or my knowledge of vampires, or could I really follow vampire emotions better since I'd had Eric's blood for a third time? Or had my skill, or my talkent, or my curse-whatever I called it--broadened to include vampires since I was close to being one myself? Okay, then, this new affinity for vamps would fade, like my extra strength would fade, in time. I'd had two drinks from Bill, I thought; maybe more. And three from Eric. And every time i'd had their blood, two or three months had seen the waning of the strength and acuity I'd gained from the intake. So that would happen this time, too, right? I shook myself briskly.
Sure, it would.

True Blood - Episode 2.05 - Casting Call for Godric( Godfrey)

We now know that he's officially in season 2 !

OD points to this from Bk 2

"The tattooed vampire," Bill said..."is named Godric, though for the past century he's gone by Godfrey." p104 Living Dead in Dallas.

Here is a casting call for episode 2.05. No Episode title yet and filming will be between the end of Feb and early march.

Over two thousand years old but looks 15, he is an ancient Vampire. Small in stature and youthful appearing, but able to project intense power and wisdom. Can have an accent from anywhere. Must be 18 or emancipated sptv050769. RECURRING

Source: SpoilerTV

How to Enjoy HBO True Blood from

This is a great posting from Funny, I didn't know you needed instructions !

TV Guide called Stephen Moyer (Vampire Bill) of HBO True Blood, Undead Sexy! They were right! I think the term for an addicted True Blood person is fangbanger though I prefer the term die-hard (I couldn't resist the pun) groupie. For everyone out there who can't live (sorry again) without this television show, and want to truly enjoy HBO's True Blood, please read on.....


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • absolute quiet (like the inside-of-a-coffin quiet)
  • nobody else in the room (that you know of anyway)
Waiting...... Waiting...... 1. Dinner is finished, the dog and hubby are snoring. It's Sunday evening. True Blood, the HBO tv series, is on in 10 minutes! The dishes can wait....
The color of blood! The color of blood! 2. Pour yourself a glass of red wine. Maybe pour yourself two so you don't have to get up during the show. Good idea!
Pull the plug! Pull the plug! 3. Set your cell phone to silent mode. If you still have a land line, unplug it. Silence is golden!
Put your feet up! Put your feet up! 4. Grab the best seat in the house and settle in. If it's cold outside, have a snuggly blanket or a nice warm pair of socks ready and waiting.
Bill and Sookie! Bill and Sookie! 5. Just in case there is an unforseen emergency, use your remote and set your DVR to record. Relax and enjoy the on-screen chemistry between Bill and Sookie. Couldn't you just die??!! (sorry, can't help myself) If you watch this show, you WILL enjoy True Blood; you won't be disappointed!

By veryirie, eHow Member

True Blood Episode Eleven : 'To Love is to Bury ' recap from HBO site

With Jessica's limp corpse strewn beside him, Bill digs a hole while Pam looks on coldly, present only to make sure he doesn't destroy the girl before she can rise as a vampire. Bill laments that he's taken away everything Jessica loves, but Pam sees it more as setting her free from a pathetic human existence. When the grave is finished, Pam kicks the corpse into it and Bill follows, wrapping his arms around Jessica. "I'll tuck you in," Pam says, shoveling dirt onto them to begin Jessica's transformation.

At Sookie's house, Sam talks her down from her brush with the murderer at Merlotte's. As frightened as she is to have been in such close proximity to the killer, it's sharing his mental space that really bothers her. She caught a glimpse of one of his victims - an unfamiliar waitress - but couldn't read her nametag. Sam asks if Sookie wants him to call Bill, but she tells him no.

Tara, after crashing her car into a tree, talks to a police officer named Kenya, who knows Tara but also knows she's intoxicated. After listening to a story about how a naked woman with a pig caused the accident, Kenya settles on arresting Tara for drunk driving.

At Jason's house, he and Amy clean up the gelatinous mess that used to be Eddie. Fighting over whether or not they ever could have trusted Eddie - Amy stands by her emphatic "no" - their argument escalates to name-calling before Jason heads upstairs and destroys all the V they've stockpiled in the refrigerator. "We are done with this s**t," he yells as he leaves for work.

Episode Eleven ( S1) HBO Recap

Anubis Air from Living Dead in Dallas: Bill and Sookie fly to Dallas

What we learn about Anubis Airline from Bk 2- Living Dead in Dallas

I'd just glimpsed the polished wood coffin at the edge of the cargo hold.
Bill was such a traditionalist; metal would have been more practical for travel. The uniformed attendants were rolling it to the head of the ramp, so they must have put wheels under it somehow. They'd promised Bill it would get to its destination without a scratch. And the armed guards behind me were insurance that no fanatic would rush over and tear the lid off. That was one of the extras Anubis Air had plugged in its ad. Per Bill's instructions, .
The black jackal's head on the airplane's tail looked savage in the harsh light, which created deep shadows where none had been.

His eyes were fixed on the baggage handlers who were clearly visible in the hold of the plane. They were wearing black and silver jumpsuits with the Anubis logo on the left chest. Then his gaze flickered down to the airline employee on the ground, who was preparing to guide the coffin onto the padded, flat-bedded baggage cart.

The two baggage handlers in the plane had swung down to the ground. Now they bowed deeply. The one who'd guided the coffin onto the cart said, "Shit!"
before he bowed, too (new guy, I guess). This little piece of obsequious behavior was also an airline extra, but I considered it way over the top..And I guess that was what it looked like to the baggage handlers, who were wrapped up in their role-playing as Anubis Air attendants. The upshot was, they didn't help me, even though I yelled, "Let go!" at the top of my well-developed lungs.

"We'll talk about it in a more private place," my vampire said, glancing at the men and women who'd begun to gather around the plane to check out the commotion. He stepped over to the uniformed Anubis employees, and in a quiet voice he chastised them for not coming to my help. At least, I assumed that was the burden of his conversation, from the way they turned white and began to babble. Bill slid an arm around my waist and we began to stroll to the terminal.

"Actually, it was pretty exciting," I admitted. "After I made sure the Anubis people had stowed you on their plane, and I was boarded on mine, the woman showed us what to do when we crashed. I was sitting on the row with the emergency exit. She said to switch if we didn't think we could handle that. But I think I could, don't you? Handle an emergency? She brought me a drink and a magazine." I seldom got waited on myself, being a barmaid by profession, you might say, so I really enjoyed being served

The Anubis people had sworn up and down that his coffin would be delivered within three hours. We'd see. If they didn't make it, we got a free flight.

So I was open to listening to them. I'd heard your name pass between Stan and Isabel, so I passed it on to the Fellowship. They have a guy who works for Anubis Air. He found out when Bill's plane was coming in, and they tried to grab you at the airport so they could find out what the vamps wanted with you.

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Don't Cry ( Tara) by Olivia Broadfield [lyrics]