Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twilight: New Moon: A movie tour with added bite

from Times UK

OK I'm going to admit that I finally saw the Twilight movie ( still haven't read any of the books - and I don't think I will ) but the one comment i have made since seeing it is the REAL star of the movie is the Pacific Northwest and its not just stunning cinematography it's just where it's set that stands out ! The Times UK agrees!

Unless you have been asleep in a coffin filled with earth from your mother country, you will know by now about the Twilight phenomenon and its impact on the small town of Forks, in Washington state. The bare bones: in 2003, a tyro writer called Stephanie Meyer, who lives in Arizona, decided to set her toothy teenage vampire saga in a place where the gloomy weather would enable the Cullen coven (who live off animal blood) to attend school on cloudy, rain-sodden days. She discovered that a struggling logging town called Forks was the downpour capital of America, so it is there that the pale and interesting Edward Cullen is drawn to the equally wan human Bella Swan. Visitors began to trickle into the town in 2006, drawn to key locales such as the high school where the lovers first meet, unkempt, driftwood-strewn La Push beach, with its dramatic sea stacks, and the spooky, moss-draped rainforests. Then came the movie franchise — the second instalment of which, New Moon, opens here on Friday — and tourist numbers leapt a thousandfold above what a dazed chamber of commerce now refers to as BT — Before Twilight.

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On The Town: True Blood Stars At Florida Hotel

It might surprise you that vampire blood is like your blood.

They both save lives.

If you're familiar with the hit HBO series, you know that V-juice can improve the health and libido of humans who drink it. Vampires drink synthetic blood so they don’t have to kill humans to survive. So, the actors are in town hoping you will donate blood during their very first True Blood Convention.It kicked off Friday at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center at the Florida Mall.

Actor Todd Lowe was the first to arrive. He plays "Terry," a shell-shocked veteran. The actors will get fired if they reveal too much about the new season - season 3, but this is what we could get out of him.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Two Birds On A Wire by Regina Spektor

Two Birds On A Wire by Regina Spektor LYRICS

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