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Science Channel- Science of the Movies vampire effects for True Blood

Jun 18, 10:00 pm

(60 minutes)

Science of the Movies
Crafting an Action Figure

Nar gets made into an action figure at Gentle Giant Studios (Iron Man); Zoic Studios demonstrates how it creates the vampire effects for HBO's True Blood; Nar and a karate sensei use science to scrutinize Peter Parker's power punch in Spider-Man.

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11 Things: Vampires cooler than Edward Cullen

1. Dracula
Predictable? Maybe. But Dracula can turn into a wolf, thereby ending the vampires vs. werewolves debate for good. (Dracula wins.)

2. Carmilla Not only is J. Sheridan Le Fanu's Carmilla cooler than Edward - she's cooler than Dracula. First, because she predates the count by 25 years, and she's a lesbian.

3. Kurt Barlow (from "Salem's Lot")
Say what you will about Stephen King, but there's no use denying the man creates a pretty terrifying (sparkle-free) vampire.

4. Lestat (from "Interview With the Vampire") Remember when Tom Cruise was scary because he was a vampire, and not because he was Tom Cruise?

5. David (from "The Lost Boys")
Before Kiefer Sutherland was saving various presidents on "24," he was terrorizing Santa Cruz (oops, make that "Santa Carla") as the coolest '80s vampire. Sorry, Bowie.

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True Blood Premier interview with cast

There were a few things in this video I hadn't seen in the others ..

Sink your teeth into a 'True Blood' fashion

from Times Picayune

When I think of HBO's "True Blood," fashion isn't the first thing that comes to mind. North Louisiana vampires aren't exactly into cutting-edge couture.

The show's wardrobing department does a brilliant job of capturing small-town style in all its skimpy, skanky glory.

Main character Sookie is a veritable Daisy Duke for the undead. Her scoop necks and short shorts provide easy access to crucial arteries.

Brooding vampire Bill is a fan of henleys. Shapeshifter Sam keeps it real in tight wranglers and snap-front plaid.

And then there's Eric. The Viking vampire sheriff, we learned on Sunday, highlights his hair. In a sneak-preview clip, he also sports what appears to be a velour warm-up suit while shopping in Wal-Mart.

And yet, Eric, played by Alexander Skarsgard, apparently does have an eye for edgy jewelry. In a future episode he sports an eagle-talon necklace by New York designer Pamela Love.

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Tattoos in True Blood , Sookie Stackhouse books and on Anna

Here are some of the times tattoos appear in the Sookie books .

Bk 1 Liam

One had a buzz cut and tattoos on every visible inch of his skin. ( Liam)

Bk 2 Chow

"Tattoos," Pam said, sounding almost human for a moment. "He's tall for an Asian, and he has a wonderful set of . . . tattoos." Chow would bring in customers. He was the first Asian vampire I'd seen, and he was extremely handsome. He was also covered—at least the parts I could see—with that intricate tattooing that I'd heard members of the Yakuza favored. Whether Chow had been a gangster when he was human or not, he was certainly sinister now. Also in in bk 3 and 4
I saw in her mind the image of the blond tattooed vampire, the very young-looking one...ancient blue tattooing on his arms and torso...The tattoos were from the time of the Romans, I think. They were crude but interesting..He'd gotten the tattoos while he was alive, and they were very strange, symbols whose meaning had been lost centuries ago,
Bk 3 Werewolf that attacks Sookie
This particular dead man had been in his forties, and every year of that had been hard. He had tattoos all over his arms, mostly of the poor quality you get in jail, and he was missing some crucial teeth. He was dressed in what I thought of as biker clothes: greasy blue jeans and a leather vest, with an obscene T-shirt underneath.

Bk 6 bartender at Hair of the Dog
The bartender, a biker type with beard and hair of considerable length and tattoos that covered his bare arms, reached down below the bar. I knew he was pulling out a shotgun.

Bk 7 Carla

"Her breasts had been enhanced, and her ears were pierced, and her belly button, too. She had a tattoo on her lower back, some black vines in a vee pattern with a couple of roses with green leaves in the middle. I could see all this because Carla was naked, and she didn’t seem to have the slightest idea that her nudity was a little on the “too much information” side to suit me."

Bk 8 FotS guys in bar

"He was thin, had a beard fringe along his jaw, was decorated with a few tattoos that looked like home jobs to me—jail tats—and he was carrying a knife strapped to his ankle, a thing that hadn’t been too hard for me to spot once I’d heard in his mind that he was armed.

Book 9 Octavia's friend Louis
"He was one of the blackest men I’d ever seen, and his face was tattooed with circles around the eyes. Despite his fearsome decorations, he looked calm and agreeable. He rose to his feet when I came in"
Twice having something tattooed on your forehead is mentioned :

Bk 8 when the FotS guys are kicked out of Merlotte's
“You haven’t seen the last of us” tattooed on their foreheads.

Bk 4 when sookie arrives at Merlotte's with Claudine
"Doesn't every gal want to walk into a room side by side with a gorgeous woman who practically has "I want to fuck" tattooed on her forehead?

I do know that Anna has a tattoo of an "A" on the inside of her right ankle see photo right.

Anna Paquin's All Grown Up in July Issue of 'Self'

Anna Paquin is showing a lot of skin these days.First, the actress best known for winning an Oscar at age 11, went topless in her hit HBO series "True Blood."

Now she has posed for a fun bikini beach photo shoot for the July issue of Self .

PHOTOS: Click for pics from the Self photo shoot, and more photos of Anna through the years.

“After I was cast [in "True Blood"] and realized my body would be exposed all the time, I went out and bought some shorts—I owned none!—to help me get used to it,” she told the magazine.

And used to it she has become. Her role as Sookie, which involves the aforementioned nudity, as well as lots of stunt work in miniskirts, has helped her shed any inhibitions she may have had.

“You stop thinking, 'do I look weird at this angle?'” she says. “I’ve learned to feel very comfortable wearing very little. It’s liberating!”

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Next Charlaine Harris Sookieverse short story to be published July 7th

The Sookieverse story 'Bacon' will be in this anthology.

P. N. Elrod (ed.)
Strange Brew (Anthology)
St Martin’s Griffin (US: 7th July 2009)

In Charlaine Harris’ “Bacon”, a beautiful vampire joins forces with a witch from an ancient line to find out who killed her beloved husband. In “Seeing Eye” by Patricia Briggs, a blind witch helps sexy werewolf Tom Franklin find his missing brother – and helps him in more ways than either of them ever suspected. And in Jim Butcher’s “Last Call”, wizard Harry Dresden takes on the darkest of dark powers – the ones who dare to mess with his favorite beer.

True Blood Goes to the Movies: Stephen Moyer stars in 'Prince Valiant '

In a time now lost in the mists of memory, the great King Arthur rules in the legendary citadel that is Camelot.

His Knights of the Round Table commit acts of derring-do and spend their spare time jousting, much to the delight of the local citizens and especially to Princess Ilene, a guest at Camelot. Watching her from afar is a young, inexperienced squire called Valiant, and when the young Welsh princess is sent home to marry Prince Arn, Valiant contrives to accompany her masquerading as Sir Gawain. Meanwhile, the evil sorceress Morgan le Fey, sister to King Arthur, has convinced the tyrannical Sligon, ruler of the Viking kingdom of Thule, that he should steal Arthur's sword, the powerful and magical Excalibur, knowing that its loss could bring about Arthur's downfall.

So into the fray comes Sligon's unstable and psychotic brother Thagnar, who manages to steal the sword. Pandemonium reigns. But Valiant is having problems of his own - kidnappers attempt to steal away the Princess, and after various skirmishes, including one with a mysterious character who lives in a cave and purloins treasure, women and other things of value, Valiant manages to return the Princess to her homeland - although he also manages to have a duel with the Princess' jealous fiancé, Prince Arn. All things converge as Valiant is finally informed of his heritage by the stranger from the cave... Boltar of Thule. He informs the lad that he is Prince Valiant, rightful heir to the kingdom of Thule, and with his help, Valiant returns to the land of his birth to rightfully claim what is his.

True Blood Season 2 Episode Guide 1-6

I thought you might like to print out the HBO episode guide.

This covered broadcast dates ( it's not on every Sunday ) and the official synopsis for episode 1- 6.

True Blood Season 2 Episode Guide

True Blood: You can now own your own MaryAnn sculpture

You can now own your own MaryAnn sculpture

Nile River Goddess For the ancient Egyptians, who called themselves the Kemi, her hook-shaped hands symbolized Regeneration. This transformative aspect is further imaged by the graceful, crescent-sweeping arms uplifted in a drawing down the moon gesture. The Mother Goddess in late Neolithic times was equated with bird and animal life; her birdlike head is suggestive of later death-bringing vulture goddesses such as Neith and Mut (The Kemian word mother, in fact, was depicted by the vulture hieroglyph.) Here in one evocative image of life-death-life is shown the core of Kemian wisdom, the principle of reincarnation.

Also available:
#N 9" Nile Goddess $36
#BR-N3 3" Nile Goddess, brass $17

Panels announced for L.A. VAMPIRE-CON

Why We Love Vampires: A Brief History of the Undead is a discussion about our recurring cultural obsession with vampires between moderator Steve Biodrowski, editor of Hollywood Gothique and a panel featuring Leslie S. Klinger, editor of The New Annotated Dracula and David J. Skal, author of V Is For Vampire and Draculas, Vampires, And Other Undead Forms. Things get steamy with Hot Blooded: Vampires & Sexuality, a titillating panel on the allure and sexuality of vampires, discussed by Pam Keesey (author of Dark Angels: Lesbian Vampire Erotica and Daughters Of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Tales) and Brian Nolan, David Moretti, Dylan Vox and Peter Stickles from the cast of The Lair, a hot new horror-drama on Here TV about a private gay club run by vampires. More details about additional panel discussions and guests will be released as available.

“Our selection of panel guests and moderators reflects Vampire-Con’s goal to include everyone who has an interest in vampires,” says co-producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles. “This is a subject that has the attention of everyone from literary scholars to pop-culture junkies, and there is something at Vampire-Con for everyone who falls within this spectrum.”

The panel discussions will be held on Sunday, August 16th at The Music Box Theatre @ Fonda in Hollywood, where guests will find their inner-vampire on two floors of vendors, SFX make-up demonstrations and contests. The evening will transition into Vampirella’s ® Ball, a heart-pounding 21 & over danse macabre.

For more information, visit

True Blood Music Video of the Day: I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt

I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt LYRICS

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