Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ask Men : Anna Paquin Interview

When you win an Oscar at the age of 11, there are two directions you can go. You can vanish into the whirlpool of derelict child stars lost in a sea of excess at too early an age. Or you can settle into a long career of on-screen success by choosing a variety of roles that break you out of kid-actor stereotypes.

Anna Paquin obviously chose the latter path after she won Best Supporting Actress for The Piano in 1994. Since then, the Canadian/New Zealand hybrid took on a variety of distinct projects -- from X-Men and Almost Famous to The Squid and the Whale and her current starring role on HBO’s massively successful vampire series, True Blood.

As the new season of True Blood flows on, Paquin flourishes as the show’s central character, Sookie Stackhouse. In the books written by Charlaine Harris, everything plays out via Stackhouse’s first person experience, placing Paquin’s performance as an essential cornerstone of the TV adaptation.

Away from the set, Anna Paquin discussed life as the star of a cult hit and how she sees the role of Stackhouse against the backdrop of her already long career.
Sookie Stackhouse is a strong, stubborn woman. While most ladies would get out of Dodge on the Bayou when surrounded by vampires and Skinwalkers, your character endures and involves herself with them further. What about her keeps her mixed up with the monsters?

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Alan Ball talks Vampires, Death And The Mundane,

**After season four, people will know there’s a different way for them to come back. I guess True Blood can exist in this world where nobody really dies, ever. [Laughs] You can blow them up and behead them and explode their guts across the screen but they’re not really dead.

Ahead of Alan Ball's upcoming Australian speaking tour, Alan Ball: Vampires, Death And The Mundane
Pedestrian spoke with the Oscar-winning scribe and showrunner about the golden age of television, the burden of killing off characters, and why Rake is his kind of show.
Pedestrian: Hi, how are you? Alan Ball: I’m good how are you doing?
Pretty, pretty good. What have you been up to today? I’ve just done three hundred interviews. Prior to that I had a couple of meetings. And this morning I went to my shrink.
Nice. The meetings go all right? Yep. All good. It’s been a good day.
That’s good to hear. Well I guess we're talking because you'll be discussing your work at the Sydney Opera House later this year and I was wondering if you’d ever done something like that before? I’ve done tonnes of things for print and camera but I’ve never done just me, myself and my work in front of a live audience. I’ve appeared on panels and I’ve certainly done a lot of things with the cast of both True Blood and Six Feet Under but it will be the first time for me with it being just all about me.

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New snaps from Episode 4.10- looks interesting !

Spoiler True Blood Ep 10 : Holly and Tara Got Some Rage

Spoiler True Blood Ep 10: Jason's Guilt Gets To Him (Video)

Spoiler True Blood Ep 10 : Andy Gets Caught (Video)

True Blood’s Season-Four Midterm Report Card

True Blood's fourth season has three more episodes left, which is plenty of time for the epic witches versus vampires versus people versus werewolves maybe versus other people showdown the series seems to have promised. But it's not been all scary Latin spells and sexy amnesia so far; there have also been plenty of missteps, a lot of random and seemingly pointless magic, story lines that went nowhere, and characters spiraling off in their own directions. It's time to take a careful look at how the citizens and species of Bon Temps have fared so far this season, assigning midterm grades, giving praise where it's due, and also noting areas in need of improvement. It's not too late to get straight A's, True Blood.

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More True Blood season finale spoilers

TV Guide Magazine 

Hankie up, True Blood fans. Not everyone survives the Halloween clash between vampires and witches in the fourth-season finale. “There is a body count by the end,” says creator Alan Ball. “It’s more than one death – people we know and love – and it’s pretty shocking.” Alan also says that Antonia is the toughest foe that Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica have ever fought; that Sookie’s decision choosing between Eric and Bill is her toughest decision she’s ever had to make and two major past characters return. (Says Alan, “One is beloved, the other despised. One reveal is terrifying, and one is emotional and powerful.”) And finally, Alan says, “A lot of things that seemed like they were happening outside of the witch story find their way into it. You’re going to think things are finished when they are not.”

The Hollywood Reporter 
An HBO spokesperson tells The Hollywood Reporterthat Denis O’Hare doesn’t appear this season.
As recently as earlier this month, O’Hare told THR that fans should “never give up” on Russell’s return. He also reiterated what series creator Alan Ball had told fans, “Russell’s not dead.”
When HBO released the episode descriptions for this season’s finale episode, it stated “the denizens of Bon Temps brace for a new crisis with a familiar face” and we thought for sure it was referring to Russell.

Book review: 'The Last Werewolf' by Glen Duncan

Supernatural thrills and social commentary collide in Duncan's dark and comic tale of a lone werewolf

If you've had your fill of dreamy teen vampires, then Glen Duncan's new novel, "The Last Werewolf," will give you a reason, in the immortal words of Ozzy Osbourne, to bark at the moon.

The serious literary crowd can't bring itself to take any of the genre stuff seriously: Tales of werewolves, vampires and other fantastic creatures are just too low-brow for them. (Time's better spent reading another novel of middle-class family dysfunction, I guess.) But Duncan's book offers those deeper, reflective surfaces that they might crave: No one broods on history and irony more than his narrator, Jacob Marlowe, even if his meditations get interrupted every 30 days or so by an absolute hunger for flesh.

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Slow Dance with a Vampire: The 10 Best Bloodsucker Prom Songs

Teenage life is filled with unspoken inevitabilities: unplaceable angst, unfortunate haircuts, sitting next to that dream boat Dirk Perkins in trigonometry class. But what nobody ever tells you is that, at some point, you will go to prom with a vampire.
Of course, I'm twisting the truth a smidge. Maybe you won't go to prom with a vamp, but you're destined to accompany Nosferatu to a homecoming dance, cotillion, debutante's ball, quinceañera, Amish Rumspringa festival, or just your run-of-the-mill hootenanny.

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