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Charlaine Harris at Dragon Con with a plethora of Sookies

Talk Blood: True Blood Labor Day Weekend Season 2 Recap Show

Yes, @Sookie twisted my arm and we are going to do a show this Sunday night.

We figured there was lots to talk about in the lead up to the finale -so join us Sunday night 9 pm cst

We want to hear what you think of True Blood Season 2 so far ... What do you expect to see in the finale Episode 12 next week ? Predict what the cliffhanger will be and you might win a prize !

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Some of you may recall a post I wrote awhile back about vampires entering the workforce. As we’re about to celebrate a national holiday dedicated to the American worker (which originally started in Canada, but I digress), I can’t help but feel a certain pride that vampires can finally stand up and be celebrated alongside their breather co-workers.

I would like to extend my own hearty appreciation to all those who frequent the graveyard shift: the letter carriers who specialize in overnight deliveries, the personal assistants who can type faster than their bosses think, the construction workers who don’t need a forklift. I congratulate the ever growing list of doctors, lawyers and businesspeople who were willing to spend so much time in night school, the tradesmen and artisans who would risk prejudice and loss of patronage by announcing themselves as “vampire small business owners.” Even those whose careers haven’t changed, who provided clandestine services to undead to help us navigate the time before our revelation, but can now openly offer their services.

Of these, there are two individuals I’d like to single out. Chester is a vampire who once resided in Illinois and became involved in the Pullman Strike of 1894, the conflict that would eventually lead to Labor Day to become a national holiday. He still remembers the details vividly, and uses the lessons learned as he now serves as the chief foreman of his own night-based workforce. His employees universally laud him as fair, honest and willing to discuss his employees’ concerns without fear of repercussions.

The other is an undead who has truly gone above and beyond in his choice of employment. Though his modesty led him to make sure he wasn’t mentioned by name, this vampire is a member of the fire department in a major city. Unlike other hazards, fire is dangerous to our kind, and the fact that he’s willing to risk his life alongside the others is a lesson in courage and selflessness we can all admire.

So again, here’s a big thank you to all you honest wage-earners out there. Have a day off. You’ve earned it.

This is my favorite video that HBO/ American Vampire League ever produced

Fan Art: from seminko

True Blood- Vampire Bill by ~seminko on deviantART

True Blood Goes to the Movies: The Manchurian Candidate starring Zeljko ( the Magister) Ivanek

When his army unit was ambushed during the first Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw saved his fellow soldiers just as his commanding officer, then-Captain Ben Marco, was knocked unconscious. Brokering the incident for political capital, Shaw eventually becomes a vice-presidential nominee, while Marco is haunted by dreams of what happened -- or didn't happen -- in Kuwait. As Marco (now a Major) investigates, the story begins to unravel, to the point where he questions if it happened at all. Is it possible the entire unit was kidnapped and brainwashed to believe Shaw is a war hero as part of a plot to seize the White House? Some very powerful people at Manchurian Global corporation appear desperate to stop him from finding out

Jon Voight ... Senator Thomas Jordan
Meryl Streep ... Eleanor Shaw
Denzel Washington ... Ben Marco
Robyn Hitchcock ... Laurent Tokar
Liev Schreiber ... Raymond Shaw
Zeljko Ivanek ... Vaughn Utly Jim Roche ... Senator from Florida

Jason knows that Bon Temps is full of crazy rednecks and dumb asses

"This town might be full of crazy rednecks and dumb asses, but they're still Americans." -- Jason (Ryan Kwanten)

"That used to mean something." -- Andy (Chris Bauer)

"It still does." -- Jason

Zap TV quote of the week

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Love inside of me

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