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True Blood Season 4 Crossword Puzzle - Episode 2 " You Smell Like Dinner

What a great way to spend the 4th! Thanks Kristie!

You Smell Like Dinner

'True Blood' Recap: Time for a Shift

Despite some truly stellar moments in "You Smell Like Dinner," the pace was slower than we liked as True Blood's momentum started to kick in and the season's big plotlines shifted into focus: Jason's werepanther relationship is about to get even more intimate, Sam's new shifter friends may not all be what they seem and a great witch/vampire war is brewing. And that's just what we do know. We also know that the moments when Bon Temps is a world full of supernaturals interacting — not just pockets of supernaturals minding their own business — are the moments when the best scenes occur. What we don't know? Who's really pulling the strings. Here's how the different supernatural species fared in the second episode of the season:

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All Hail the Mayor of Bon Temps -William Schallert is in demand — as always

They don't make the big money or get their names above the lights or their pictures on the covers of magazines. But character actors are the lifeblood of show business — and a versatile one can work for decades.

Case in point: William Schallert, who has been a working actor for more than 60 years, starting with his feature film debut in the 1947 period drama "The Foxes of the Harrow" through his current role as the mayor of Bon Temps on HBO's erotic vampire series, "True Blood."

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I posted on on him back in the day here The Quite Amazing Mayor Norris

Big changes for 'True Blood's' bad boy

Last night’s episode introduced us to the season’s number one storyline as we said goodbye to the Eric we know and love. Breath into a bag, y’all. We’ll get through the rain together.
The icy Swede’s latest real estate investment led Sookie to traipse across the cemetery to Bill’s place to air her grievances. Bill told her that she was S.O.L and alluded to Eric having friends in high places, whatever that means. He also suggested that because of the whole delicious fairy blood thing, Sookie should seek refuge at someone else’s home. I would seek it with Alcide. Just sayin’.

Sookie later discovered that Eric had taken the liberty to make himself completely at home at her place – even going so far as to build a pimped-out cubbyhole in her living room.

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Talk Blood Returns S4 Ep 1 and 2 podcast is up and it's a blast!

What a great time we had last night on Talk Blood Radio - sorry about my cold ! The new blogtalk sounded great !

Great thanks to my co hosts Brian and Andy from Camp Blood and Jef with one f from Houston Press.

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Chat room transcript !


Go Ask Dallas- True Blood Trivia: Wow , what groceries did Sookie buy ?

Q After being gone for a year, what are the first groceries Sookie shops for ?
A: Well ,the essential of course -

Mother's Iced Animal crackers and Dreyer's MAXX Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

You can see what she buy when they spill when Tara surprises her in the driveway and Tara holds up the ice cream here .

True Blood S4 Episode 2 "You smell like dinner " Inside the Episode (HBO )video

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 4, Ep. 2 by Mark Blankenship

Mark will be my co-host on Talk Blood radio next week!

I’d like to begin the discussion of this week’s installment, “You Smell Like  Dinner,” with a word about nudity. And no, that word is not “delicious,” despite the physiques of the cast.
This week, I was struck that the show’s relationship to nudity is very complex. Sure, nakedness always comes with a sexual charge, but when characters are naked, they are more likely to drop the conditioning of human society and start spilling inner secrets or behaving like animals. That’s a fairly standard metaphor, I guess—frenzied liberation makes the characters in the musical Hair get naked, too—but True Blood complicates things by letting nakedness reveal different things in different folks. Not everyone is releasing the same kind of wild honesty.

Take Luna, one of the shifters in Sam’s new support group/Run Like A Pony club. Early in the episode, we see her finish a pony run with Sam. They’re both lying on the ground, panting and nude. and since they’re really into each other, there’s obviously frisson. However, they don’t get freaky in the dirt. Instead, they talk about their attraction to each other, about their desire to be honest with each other, and about the difficulty of opening up when you’ve got a lot of big secrets. And when Sam does goes in for a kiss, Luna runs away, in horse form. The suggestion is that Luna, at her naked and vulnerable core, is likely to bolt.

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True Blood: Jinx Titanic & Super 8 Cum Shot for Dinner by Jeff at Houston Press

Jef was brilliant on Talk Blood radio last night ....

The title of this week's column maybe one of the grossest things we've ever typed, and we work the word hymen-smashing into as many articles as we possibly can. Still, we can safely say that after some jerky starts in the series' fourth season, things are back on track in Bon Temps on HBO's True Blood.
We could recap last episode, but we'd rather dwell on the good than the bad. Here's the important bit of information. In addition to the vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, faeries, and demigods we've been introduced to throughout the series, we now can add witches to the mix (If they add a Loch Ness Monster we'll get a bingo). Lafayette and his boyfriend Jesus have begun meeting with a local coven of said witches led by a woman named Marnie.
By the by, Marnie is played by Fiona Shaw, who you may recognize as playing the magic-phobic Aunt Petunia from the Harry Potter films. Nice little bit of irony, there.

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