Thursday, October 28, 2010

True Blood Season 4 , Episode 1: Title "She's Not There"

There we go first episode it June yet ?

"Episode #37
“Sheʼs Not There”: Sookie journeys away from Bon Temps; Eric and Bill try to win back the human public; Jason learns that no good deed goes unpunished; Tara finds refuge in close quarters; Sam bonds with his own; Hoyt and Jessica debate the dinner menu; Jesus urges Lafayette to join a coven; Terry tries to alleviate Arleneʼs fears about the baby. (Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Michael Lehmann.)"

Sam Trammel on The Daily Habit

'True Blood' Casting Director to Speak at Actorfest LA

Crowds at Actorfest NY 2010.
Casting director Junie Lowry Johnson -- whose credits include "True Blood," "Big Love," and "Desperate Housewives" -- has joined the Actorfest LA workshop "Television Casting: From Guest Starring to Going to Network."

The workshop also includes Casting Directors Dorian Frankel ("Parks and Recreation," "Curb Your Enthusiasm"); John Frank Levey ("Southland," "ER"); Jason La Padura ("The Event," "Heroes"); and Lori Openden, Senior VP of Casting for the CW Network. Sarah Kuhn, Back Stage's Film & TV Writer, will moderate.

The "Television Casting" workshop will take place from 12:00-1:30 p.m. in the Fashion Theater. Here is a brief description:

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Alex Skarsgard Fangbangers Questions in London

True Blood Star Tackles Charles Manson Bio-Pic

Wow !

Ryan Kwanten is moving from "True Blood" to bloodthirsty.
The often shirtless actor is gearing up to play notorious killer Charles Manson in an upcoming film called "The Family," he said at the press day for his new film, "Red Hill," a nouveau spaghetti western set in the Australian high country.
Kwanten said the new role is part of the next phase in his career, one that allows him a bit more creative control over some of his future projects. In addition to playing the Helter Skelter psycho, Kwanten's upcoming projects include next year's satirical self-help book "The G Strategy" and a handful of acting jobs and upcoming hyphenate turns as actor-producer of the Australian film, "The Twenty-Something Survival Guide."

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Interviewed: True Blood's Stephen Moyer

Set in the near future in a fictional Louisiana town called Bon Temps, True Blood is a sexy, romantic and gloriously Gothic world where vampires – not to mention werewolves, shapeshifters and telepaths – mix freely with humans. Moyer plays 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton who falls for a waitress, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

In True Blood, vampires have emerged from the shadows thanks to the invention of mass-produced, synthetic blood, which means that they no longer need to prey on humans for their fix. Although for some, the lure of true blood is too hard to resist.
The series was created by Alan Ball and is based on the best-selling novels by Charlaine Harris. Moyer credits Ball, an Oscar winner for American Beauty who also created the highly acclaimed Six Feet Under, and his team of writers with making the very best cutting edge television that stands alongside great US shows such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

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Interview with the vampires : The Salvatore brothers from Vampire Diaries

Nice little interview from Miami Herald with my favorite vampire brothers best line at the end when asked about who they are dating from Ian "

I tend not to discuss my personal life either because it's not really addressed that much. I don't think people care."
In case you haven't notice,  I DO NOT post photos of True Blood actors as they come out of drugstores, shops, try to eat lunch or go out with their families and friends . I hate this kind of stalker, gawker paparazzi and I won't be part of it. I'm happy to post any press event thing they attend but following them around day and night in their private lives is just awful and this blog won't post it. I believe we bloggers posting these photos only encourages this crazy intrusive TMZ kind of stuff.

Interview with the vampires

Edward who? When it comes to sexy vampires, the Twilight hunk has nothing on The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, who paid a visit to Miami recently for a meet and greet at The Shops at Sunset Place.
No blood was spilled at the autograph signing, though the vampire sighting left some a little tone deaf. Hundreds of screaming girls attended the event for a chance to snap a pic of the Salvatore brothers. One lucky gal was even kissed on the hand by Somerhalder, and yes, more screams ensued.
We chatted with the hotties before they took the stage for a Q&A with fans. Not only are these two actors easy on the eye, they're also playful and funny.
How has life changed since you've been on the show?
Paul: I can't sum up into a short enough answer for you. But in one word, I'd have to say very surreal, in a good way.

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Cover released of "Home Improvement: Undead Edition" anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner

Our friend Doug ( the SciFiGuy ) has posted a little review of "Home Improvement: Undead Edition" anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner which will have  anew Sookie book ! Thanks ! buy it here Home Improvement: Undead Edition

Cheers, Doug Knipe [SciFiGuy]
Book Reviewer and Blogger

True Blood Music Video of the Day: True Blood - Bad Romance

True Blood - Bad Romance