Thursday, August 11, 2011

True Blood – Music From the HBO Series Volume 3 what's on new soundtrack and pre-order today!

With necromancers gaining control over vampires, mediums channeling dead uncles, and shape-shifters still  on the prowl, the fourth season of HBO’s True Blood has been pretty action-packed.
The show’s music, while always excellent, has been especially tight this year, delivering great covers like Nick Cave and Neko Case’s “She’s Not There,” Karen Elson’s take on “Season of the Witch,” and Nick Lowe’s “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” (which closed out the most recent episode of the show).
All of those tracks (in addition to 15 more) are on the forthcoming compilation True Blood – Music From the HBO Series – Volume 3.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club version of " Bad things " listen here 

True Blood – Music From the HBO Series – Volume 3
1. “Season Of The Witch”  -  Karen Elson featuring Donovan
2. “Me And The Devil” -  Gil Scott-Heron
3. “Te Ni Nee Ni Nu” -  Slim Harpo
4. “She’s Not There” -  Neko Case and Nick Cave
5. “Hitting The Ground”  -  PJ Harvey and Gordon Gano
6. “Spellbound” -  Siouxsie and the Banshees
7. “9 Crimes (Demo)” -  Damien Rice
8.  “Cold Grey Light Of Dawn”  -  Nick Lowe
9. “Hell’s Bells” -  Cary Ann Hearst
10. “Gonna Be A Darkness”  -  Jakob Dylan and Gary Louris
11. “What You Do To Me”  -  BlakRoc
12. “Paradise Circus” -  Massive Attack
13. “And When I Die” -  The Heavy
14. “Bad Things”  -  Jace Everett

Digital Deluxe bonus tracks
15. “Bad Things” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
16. “She’s Not There” – Dick Isreal And The Soothsayer
17. “She’s Not There” – L’Avventura
18. “She”s Not There” – Paper Pilots

'Spolers ! True Blood' season 4, episode 8: Three new previews released (video)

'True Blood' Joe Manganiello explains Alcide, Debbie relationship

True Blood star Joe Manganiello has explained the romance between Alcide and Debbie.

The pair are back together in the fourth season and Manganiello told Digital Spy that he believes it is partly because of their werewolf genes.

"I did a lot of research on wolves and things and there's a chemical wolves secrete," he said. "It's the mate for life chemical and it's in wolves and not dogs.

"So I thought about that, and I thought about how difficult it must be for them to separate. And also growing up as a werewolf and living hidden from society, you can't open up to normal people. You couldn't just go out on a date with a human girl and tell her who you were unless you were really sure."

Manganiello continued: "It would probably make the dating pool a lot smaller. And as you found out in season three, the werewolves are a bit of a rough bunch. So it's probably slim pickings in the dating pool as far as werewolves go!"

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'True Blood' Renewed: Our Season 5 Wish List : and Quinn makes the list!

Tie on your Merlotte's apron and grab a bottle of Tru Blood, because we're headed back to Bon Temps for another year.
HBO announced today that they've renewed "True Blood" for a fifth season, which will go into production later this year, and we couldn't be more thrilled. All together now: SOOKEH!
Creator Alan Ball didn't seem to have any doubts about the show coming back for another year during last month's Comic-Con, teasing several different plot points that will be hit in future seasons. And, not surprisingly, we also have a few ideas about what we'd like to see happen in season five of "True Blood." Check ours (and his) out after the jump! (Slightly spoilery if you haven't read the book series!)

We Want: More Love Interests
More?! you may ask. Yes, more, more, more! Sure, Sookie already has a pretty full load of men vying for her affections with Eric, Bill, Alcide and Sam floating around, but since we don't see Eric being without his memories for another season, it's time for someone new to enter the fray. My vote: Quinn. The weretiger will at least give Eric a run for his money as the Shreveport sheriff struggles to deal with not remembering his recent romp with Ms. Stackhouse, and we'll have another love triangle to look forward to.

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True Blood’s Fiona Shaw on Playing the Witch, Rehearsing With Vampires, and Conjuring the Dead in Real Life

Season four of True Blood is the season of the witch, i.e., the season of Fiona Shaw. In her role as the sorceress Marnie (who is possessed by the spirit Antonia), the actress is wreaking havoc among the vampires of Bon Temps: erasing Eric’s memory, melting Pam’s face, and generally bringing unwanted sunlight into their lives. It’s all great fun for Shaw, who didn’t get to do much in the way of magic as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter series. Now she even gets to levitate. Vulture phoned the actress in London and talked to her about spotting witches on the subway and trying to conjure the dead.
Were you a fan of the books or the show before you signed on for this?
Alan Ball discouraged me from reading the books, which I don’t regret; I don’t want to hanker for material I don’t have. But when I started reading the scripts, and the first lot of Latin came my way, I knew there were challenges ahead! [Laughs.] And when we had the first read-through, and suddenly seeing all these vampires in person, that was very stunning. I had to adjust and remind myself that they’re all just actors. Nan and Pam, they’re my favorites. Both vampires, both very sour.

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Hey True Blood-- why didn't you film any of Season 4 in the South ?

This is the first time since the True Blood series  started 4 years ago that they haven't filmed any of of this season's  episodes ( at least we've not see them so far) here in the South. (Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi )
I wonder why ..  ?

I know you'll remember that in Season 3, they filmed the great Russell Edgington mansion scenes in Mississippi. In Season 2,  they  filmed the Maryann wrecked Bon Temps and the Bill kidnapping in Louisiana and the Godric burning scene here in Dallas. And of course in Season 1 there was tons of scenes filmed in and around Shreveport and in central Louisiana.

Sookie's house (external) and cemetery have always existed as facades in Malibu,  Merlottes's  bar sits on Warner Brother's back lot and Fangtasia is really a bar in Long Beach but the exteriors for downtown Bon Temps, Jason's and Bill's house all really exist and those scenes were all originally filmed in Louisiana.
I have been to these locations... check out posts below.

I love when they get off the LA movie studio back lots and near LA locations and really film in the south.  I think spending the extra time and money to film here has added lots of authenticity to the series and I hope they get back to filming down here soon,  ya'll.

I have lots of blog posts about behind the scenes filming and I have visited most of the filming locations.

Review American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #3

I've long been a fan of the "American Vampire" series. Well, sure, it's only been around for a little under two years, but the ferocity that the series grabbed me with at the onset was undeniable. I nabbed the first issue primarily for review purposes and also because Rafael Albuquerque was on art. Sure, Scott Snyder was writing it and I enjoyed his work over on "Iron Man: Noir," but the real writing draw for many was Snyder's co-writer: Stephen King. In the months that followed that first issue – and even the first storyline where King added background for the main vampire of the series - Snyder proved every bit as worthy to grab attention and more than equally capable to deliver a gripping story. For many fans, Scott Snyder's name on the cover soon became synonymous with "must-read.

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