Friday, March 5, 2010

True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard: 'Fame scared me'

The True Blood vampire reveals all about the show as well as fame, nudity and Lady Gaga.

What’s the best thing about playing Eric, the 1000-year-old Viking vampire in True Blood?
"As an actor, the last thing I want to play is a typical handsome leading man. It’s always great when you play a complicated character like Eric."

So there’s more to him than just biting necks?
"In the first series, people thought he was just a bad guy, but there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye. We’re now seeing his loyal, caring and sensitive side. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still the same old Eric – there’s just more to him than being an evil vampire."

Why do you think True Blood is so successful?
"It’s over-the-top, wild, sexy and funny. Viewers can also look at the vampires and draw parallels with our society in terms of alienation and prejudice."

Do you have a problem with the show’s sex and violence?
"It’s pretty full-on and very graphic and gory, but sex and violence are always something that attracts an audience. I don’t have any problems with getting naked."

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Q&A with True Blood author Charlaine Harris

AMERICAN author Charlaine Harris is best known for vampires-in-the-deep-south True Blood novels featuring heroine Sookie Stackhouse. On Wednesday, she's signing books in Nottingham.

What inspired you to start writing vampire/supernatural stories? Is the deep south really that spooky or did you grow up watching Hammer Horror films?

I had reached a crossroads in my career, and decided to write something different. It seemed interesting to write about a young woman who was dating a vampire. Any region of the US can seem creepy, I'm sure; I just specialise in the south.

You've created a world of "supes" although the fairies have gone. (I'll miss 'em, I love the way you gave them Irish names). Are there any new beings to come?

In the next book there's an incidental character who's of another race. And there are still some fairies hanging around. Hope you enjoy them.

What did you think of the True Blood TV version and were you able to have any input in the series? (They did seem to go overboard on the sex.)

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Tim Burton next film will be 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

Maybe you'll see the new Johnny Depp / Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland this weekend ?

From Zap2it

"Alice in Wonderland" is predicted to do huge "Avatar"-like box office this weekend. So how will director Tim Burton follow up his latest smash hit?

His next film will reportedly be "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter."

Our first question? Is there room for Johnny Depp?

Burton will produce the film based on Seth Grahame-Smith's mash-up novel by the same name and the author will also write the script. The publisher, Hachette Book Group. has just put a mock trailer version on YouTube.

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Stephen Moyer talks wolves

Very cool - Many of you may remember that Dean the dog, the possum and Tina the cat all came from Boone's Animal actors from Los Angeles.

Their website doesn't show that they have wolf actors but here are a couple of other animal acting groups that show wolf pack actors. One of these might be providing the wolves for next years True Blood. How gorgeous they are...

Amazing Animals

We're a close knit family of Timber Wolves named Nova, Sierra, Dakota, Glacier, and Timber. Some people ask us why we have such great manners and social skills...well, we were raised by a pack of humans! Whether you want to practice your airbrush skills painting us howling at a full moon or place us in an Academy Award nominated feature film like Sean Penn's Into the Wild, we're the wolves for the job. We love being together, running in the open, long walks, and gazing into motion picture or HD cameras. Don't be fooled by hybrids or wolf look-a-likes, we're the real deal, as you can see in any of these fun projects we've worked on: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno My Super Sweet 16 Eco-Skin Clothing Nova starred in a History Channel special on were-wolves./

Animal Actors

We have a wonderful pack of wolves. Here are just some of their credits: Never Cry Wolf, LadyHawk, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Wolf, Road to Wellsville, Several Jungle Books, Out on a Limb, Frightnight, Clan of the Cave Bear, The Kindred, Peaceable Kingdom, Bring Em Back Alive, Manimal, Fantasy Island, Hulk, Mountain Family Robinson, Aviator, Kelly, Sea Gypsies, Starman, Shadow Chasers, Lucan, The Phoenix, Wizards, Wolf Boy, Quest For Fire, Phantom, Fire and Ice, Hambone and Hillie, House of Frankenstein, Panasonic commercial and Craftsman Tool commercial.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Show Me Your Teeth by Lady gaga

Show Me Your Teeth by Lady gaga
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