Friday, September 9, 2011

Everyone ( Kevin, Nelsan and Carrie) talk about the finale and the cliff hanger ....

Kevin " Jesus " Alejandro
Wonderwall: What can fans look forward to from the season finale?
Kevin Alejandro: Well, actually last weekend’s episode read as a season finale. It could have very easily been the season finale. It was so good. We all thought when we saw it and then all of a sudden they gave us the script for the actual season finale and it blew us out of the water. So, you can expect to be completely surprised in all different angles of the show. It’s more captivating and will leave you on the edge of your seats. And I guarantee you, eyebrows will be raised.
WW: Will we be left with a lot of questions or will things tie up nicely?
KA: A little bit of both. Definitely some things will get resolved and a lot of stuff is going to be left hanging in the air, where you’re just going to be like what the hell? Now I gotta wait all these months again, I gotta wait til next year to watch it. But that’s what makes “True Blood” great, I think.

Nelsan "Lafayette "Ellis

As for his day job, Ellis claims that his current True Blood arc, where Lafayette finds himself possessed by the witch Marnie, wasn’t an easy thing to film. “Alan Ball told me I couldn’t try to talk like her, and I was like, ‘Really?’ So that was challenging. ‘Who do I act like?’ ‘Not her.’ I had to create something else … We’ll see what the fans say about it. The most exciting part of the episode isn’t me, though — it’s the cliffhangers.”
But True Blood always ends its seasons with big cliffhangers! “No,” said Ellis gravely. “This year, it’s on a different scale. When we all read the script, we were like, ‘What?!’ The cliffhangers take it to another level.” Are we getting something akin to the first season finale, where we thought that Lafayette had perished in the final minutes? “I can’t give it away, but something like that, except, I can’t say, but something really big on that level is going to happen.” He laughed. “You’ll see, and it’ll throw you for a loop, and then you all will have to wait for eight months!”


Carrie " Arlene" Preston

Insider: This Sunday brings the season four finale, what can you tease?
Carrie: The finale has one of our biggest cliffhangers ever. Honestly, this show just gets crazier and crazier each season! This year, a dark shadow from Terry’s past will show its face. And the finale opens a door but I don’t know what’s beyond it. Bottom line, there’s never a moment where Arlene can relax. Just when you think everything is OK, something’s lurking around the corner – but that’s what is so great with our show.

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Thirteen Things We Learned From Alan Ball at the Opera House

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1. Alan Ball wanted originally to be an actor. However, he and his friends were never cast in the college productions to which they aspired, leading him to writing, which he realised (in his second year at college) was what he wanted to do. I think I can speak for everyone in attendance last night when I say, thank God he couldn't act.
2. One of his first writing jobs was for a sitcom called Oh, Grow Up, which involved a talking dog whose thoughts were communicated via subtitles. The idea was universally hated. Sound familiar, Mike Mills? The talking dog went on to become something of a conversational motif throughout the evening, ensuring many a laugh was had.
3. Death obviously featured prominently throughout the evening. When asked how he'd like to go, Ball replied that he would like to have his cremated ashes stuffed inside said talking dog. Again, many laughs.
4. When HBO first came to Ball with the proposal for Six Feet Under during his time at the critically-panned sitcom, he instantly clicked with the concept of a 'family living in a funeral home' but couldn't commit at the time. Having been confronted with death head on very early on in life, Ball immediately identified with the horrible (I think he said 'fucked up') suppression of grief and emotion experienced in funeral homes, his own mother having been whisked off behind a curtain at the first visible sign of her grieving at her daughter's funeral. His own experiences with his sister's death and her subsequent showing in an open casket would later go on to inform his time writing at Six Feet Under.
5. Again, when first optioned by HBO, Ball was still attached to Oh, Grow Up. When ABC 'graciously' cancelled the flailing sitcom, Ball was free to resume writing the pilot for Six Feet Under so that when HBO got back to him, they asked him to 'make it more fucked up.' So he did. Everyone liked that bit.
6. The final scene from Six Feet Under makes everyone cry. Even if you haven't seen any of the episodes leading up to it. Also, Wil is friends with Sia Furler and cried his eyes out when he watched it alone in a hotel room. Everyone agreed.
7. The plastic bag moment from American Beauty actually happened to Ball in real life. Ball was walking back from Sunday brunch through an empty World Trade Centre Plaza one day, and this bag was, like, dancing with him. Like a little kid begging him to play with it. For fifteen minutes. And that's the day he knew there was this entire life behind things, and... this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted him to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever.
8. In another instance of art being inspired by life, the genius dialogue in American Beauty between Angela and Jane ("You total slut, you have a crush on him. You're defending him, you love him, you wanna have, like, ten thousand of his babies.") was inspired by an incident at a U2 concert when a teenage girl got up in front of Ball and screamed "I love you Edge, I wanna have, like, ten thousand of your babies!"
9. Ball first encountered Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels when he arrived thirty minutes early to the dentist one day, not knowing how to time the distance between his house and the surgery in spite of his having lived in Los Angeles for fifteen years. Thank you, LA traffic, for your fortuitous inefficiency.
10. Australian (and presumeably other international) actors have less hang-ups about nudity on-screen than their American counterparts. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer started hooking up by the second episode of season one of True Blood! But apparently they aren't together anymore, which was news to me. That doesn't matter, though, because they are 'consummate professionals.' Although apparently things can get a bit weird now that their characters have started hooking up with other characters on-screen. Including Alexander Skarsgård, who Wil would turn for, repeatedly. Again, everyone agreed.
11. When asked how he writes powerful female characters, like Sookie Stackhouse, Ball revealed that he has 'a big girl inside of me' that enables him to do so.
13. When asked for some encouraging words that an English teacher might pass onto her students to inspire them creatively, Ball quoted a Buddhist aphorism to 'follow your bliss,' which basically translated to 'do what makes you happy.' So Zen. So true.

In Honor of True Blood's Season Finale, We Made You a Printable, Life-Size Eric Northman Poster

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