Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are in Houston at the Public Library waiting for CH

We are at the library waiting for Charlaine Harris to speak- the place is packed!

We actually stopped by the bookstore, Murder by the Book earlier today at the exact moment that they brought in Charlaine from the airport.

OD exchanged greetings with her and I watched as they bustled her into the back offices.


Dallas and Object Desire are on special assignment today

We have special permission from Stan Davis to travel from area 6 to the area that encompasses Houston ( we aren't sure which area that is ) to listen and meet the author of the Sookie Stackhouse books, Charlaine Harris.

Ms Harris will be speaking this evening at the Houston Public Library ( central) and we will drive down and enjoy lunch an afternoon at the fabulous Houston Museum of Art and then mosey over for the event !

We have pre -purchased our hardcover copies of Living Dead in Dallas ( today is the reissue in hardback!) from the wonderful McKenna at Murder by the Books

Lots more here :


I will try to live blog from the event so check back tonight at 7pm-8pm central time
We will bring back video and photos !!

More soon ...Dallas and OD

So it's Jessica Hamby , huh ?

In episode 2, Season 2 we now know that we will meet her mom, dad and 9 year old sister, Eden
this is what we got from casting call.

Many bloggers and posters have some really interesting ideas about the Jessica character and I have NO sense of where that story is going or how it will effect the overall Bill / Sookie arc. Some even think she will be the Godfrey character for True Blood.

I do know one thing...Bill will not let her family or the FotS harm her in anyway without serious retaliation.

[MRS. HAMBY]40 - 50, Jessica's grief-stricken and tearful mother, she appears on the news begging for information on Jessica's whereabouts. Mrs. Hamby is an uncertain woman who completely submits to her husband's decisions and can't make a move without consulting him...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

[MR. HAMBY]Late 40s - early 50s, stoic and intimidating...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (14)

[EDEN]9 years old, she is Jessica's awkward sister...GUEST STAR / POSSIBLE RECURRING (42)

The best Jessica scene ever ....
"ohhh- I'm a damn vampire !"

True Blood Music Video of the Day

Beat it by Michael Jackson I'm not kidding - enjoy and get up and dance to it !

If you have a favorite - please send it to me !