Friday, September 2, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse’s Step-By-Step Guide to Viking Vampire Sex

Good news, sexually frustrated fang girls. Sookie Stackhouse has finally finished the second chapter in her newest book “A Fairy Princess’ Guide to Safe Sex With a Viking Vampire,” and we have a sneak peak to get you geared up for True Blood’s season finale!

Warning: You may need a glass of water for re-hydration purposes.
1. Allow Viking Vampire to bite your juicy groin vein. Try not to pass out.

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Sneak Peek Photos From True Blood Season 4, Episode 11: "Soul of Fire"

True Blood 4x12 "And When I Die" EXTENDED Promo (2) Season Finale

she's back ?? have to be MaryAnn then huh ? Ack - hope not

True Blood’s Chris Bauer on His Limited Screen Time, Andy Bellefleur’s Ancestry, and V’s Real-Life Drug Equivalent

Will Bon Temps’ local sheriff and resident V-addict Andy Bellefleur finally get clean? Last week’s intervention episode had us feeling hopeful — and gave us insight into why Andy is the way he is (he grew up with a lot of money and no love). But when we spoke with actor Chris Bauer, we felt unsettled enough to ask him what fate awaits his troubled character: Will he finally sober up and be the hero? Of course Bauer couldn’t give us the firm "yes" we wanted to hear, but he kindly indulged our theories, and shared his thoughts on True Blood’s Emmy shutout, his limited screen time, and V’s real-life drug equivalent.
What did you think of your big intervention episode?
You know, it feels so good just to get a few extra minutes of screen time.
Is that frustrating, to share screen time with so many actors?
It could be a lot worse. But in such a good scenario, yeah, that’s what’s hard about it. I still have the challenge of trying to do the best work I can, whether I have to do that with one syllable or five scenes. At least that’s how I console myself.

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HBO Go Jason / Eric face off ?? I'll betcha it's about Sookie ?

Kevin Alejandro Exclusive Interview TRUE BLOOD

On the HBO vampire series True Blood, actor Kevin Alejandro plays Jesus, the handsome nurse who caught the eye of Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) when he was taking care of his mother. As Season 4 has brought the witches to the forefront of the story, and Jesus and Lafayette have been learning just how powerful they are, they’ve gotten closer and their relationship has gotten stronger, their love for each other only growing while they try to save the humans in their tiny town of Bon Temps from an inevitable vampire showdown.

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, Kevin Alejandro talked about how cool it is to be a part of a show he was already a fan of, that he feels this season has found a good balance between all of the stories and characters, how much he enjoys playing scenes with Nelsan Ellis, how flattered he is by the fan reaction to the show, and that everyone is sure to be amazed by the craziness of the season finale. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

Question: How did you originally come to the show? Did you just audition for it?

KEVIN ALEJANDRO: Yeah, actually. But, it was something that my wife and I had been watching from the beginning, so it was cool to get to go in there and be part of a show that I was already a fan of. When it happened with True Blood, I was like, “Yeah, this is so cool.”

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