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True Blood Season 4 - Inside The Episode:Episode 4.04 " I'm Alive and on Fire"

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True Blood Season 4: Mythological Creatures - Witches

True Blood creator to visit Opera House in Sydney Australia

One of TV’s most luminary writers will visit Sydney’s Opera House for a special ‘Ideas at the House’ night this September.
Californian-based Academy and Emmy award-winning writer/director/producer Alan Ball (pictured) has given the world the movie American Beauty, and the acclaimed TV series Six Feet Under and currently oversees sexy vampire adventures in True Blood.
The out gay Buddhist will be in conversation with Wil Anderson at the Opera House’s Concert Hall on Thursday 8 September.
The talk, titled Alan Ball: Vampires, Death and the Mundane, is a unique opportunity to gain real insights into the mind and methods of the man behind the TV hits, says the Opera House crew. We’re told “he’s a complex and fascinating character who describes himself as ‘equal parts brutally cynical and achingly romantic’.”

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Blood Work! "True Blood" Vlog 4.4: "Fix My Maker!" from Campblood

The guys will be on Talk Blood Radio next week !!

Talk Blood S4 Ep 4 I'm Alive and on Fire the Podcast up!

What ?? You haven't listened to last Sunday night's show yet ??

Listen to internet radio with True Blood in Dallas on Blog Talk Radio

Spoiler: Bill Walks in on Sookie and Eric!

Bill is one emotional breakdown away from prison tattooing “Sookie 4Eva” on his stomach, and now E! Online is reporting that when he walks in on his fairy princess and her new man all up on each other’s hot naked bods, he finally loses it completely.

Bill loves Sookie more than un-dead life itself, so he wants her to be happy — but not necessarily if happiness comes in the form of a giant naked Viking with a thing for leather.

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No bad blood between author and screenwriters

Unlike some fans, writer Charlaine Harris doesn't mind HBO series' changes to her True Blood books

It was the kind of sudden, unexpected twist that drives details-oriented readers of popular novels over the edge.
In the July 10 episode of True Blood, Academy Awardwinning screenwriter Alan Ball's trippy TV adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse series of novels by Charlaine Harris, fans of the books were shocked when Claudine, Sookie's fairy godmother, had her blood sucked dry by the dashing vampire and unrepentant ladies' man Eric Northman, played in the series by Alexander Skarsgard.

Last True Blood Epsiode was the epsiode of the almost naked Eric, Alcide and Jason ...

Writer Charlaine Harris is a Trubie, too

You need look no further than the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings franchises to see how riled up fans can get when novel adaptations aren’t done just so. Those are movies, though, so maybe things are a little different in the TV world — at least, they are for Charlaine Harris. As the author behind the Dead Until Dark series that inspired HBO’s True Blood, Harris says she doesn’t mind one bit that the TV series and the books don’t quite match up — in fact, she prefers it that way.
“I think it gives you two entertainment experiences with the same characters, and there’s a lot to be said for that. I would be very bored if they copied the books exactly, and I’m never bored,” Harris says of the show, which she watches every week like any other devoted Trubie. “I love it. Love the show. I love the cast, I love the crew, I love Alan [Ball, series creator and producer]. We have a very cordial relationship, which is not the Hollywood norm, and I love doing appearances with them, it’s a lot of fun. And of course I’m constantly surprised by what he and his writers come up with.”

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