Monday, March 1, 2010

Sam Trammell: I don't believe in the supernatural

True Blood star Sam Trammell has confessed he doesn't believe in the supernatural.

But the 38-year-old actor, who plays bar owner Sam Merlotte in the hit vampire drama, admits it's fun to be a part of the spooky show.

Sam said: "Well, I'm not really one who believes in ghosts, I mean, I don't have a whole lot of supernatural bent in me, no, but it's fun to be part of it."

He went on: "I love the fantasy and the imagination and the world of it, I mean I love it. It's so much more fun than just doing a by-the-book series and playing a lawyer or doctor or fireman."

Sam may have a supernatural element to his character - who sporadically turns into a dog - but the actor prefers to focus on the other sides to him.

"I really like that he is damaged person, I came from a very normal American family which is great.I don't want to put it down, but Sam's parents abandoned him when he was 14 because he turned into a dog and that is a real scar on him.

"It's interesting to play someone like that, who has had to fend for themselves on streets and who didn't have parents and who knows how he found the money to buy the bar? That to me is the most interesting thing about Sam. More than the fact that he's a shapeshifter, just the fact that he had a difficult childhood."

TwiCon Coming to Ottawa, Canada!

At least it's not in Dallas again ;-) kidding!!!

As a resident of Ottawa, and a huge, huge fan of Twilight, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that TwiCon, the annual Twilight convention, is coming to Canada!! Not only to Canada, but to my very own city, Ottawa! The event was originally scheduled to be held in Toronto this summer but, because of the G20 Summit (and because let’s face it, Toronto already gets enough of the good stuff), it’s been moved to the nation’s capital!

TwiCon has actually only happened once before and that was last year in Dallas, Texas when 3,000 people – mostly screaming teenage girls with Rob Pattinson in their eyes – showed up. They’re estimating that only 1,200 people will show up at Ottawa’s event but I bet we see a lot more. Once again, Canada is underestimated. But I really don’t care how many people come because I know for certain that I will be there!

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What Exactly IS Urban Fantasy and How Does it Fit the Romance Landscape?

Interesting article by the author Tracy Cooper- Posey

Urban Fantasy has crept into our subconscious and our romance reading via the back door.

We started off loving paranormal romance and that is still a huge staple in our diet of romance novels. But many readers (and writers!) aren’t exactly sure what Urban Fantasy is and how it fits with paranormal romance.

It can get confusing, absolutely.

Urban Fantasy is a Hybrid

Part of the problem is that paranormal romance evolved in the romance world.

Urban Fantasy evolved in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genres.

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NYT Times Vamp/ Supernatual TV shows to watch now Olympics are over

SUPERNATURAL (CW) This one-time “X-Files” rip-off has grown up, managing to be cheerfully self-mocking and interestingly apocalyptic at the same time. The most recent new episode featured both a hunt for a renegade Cupid (fun) and the appearance of Famine, the first of the four Horsemen (serious). Returns March 25, with zombies, including the dead wife of Bobby (Jim Beaver).

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (CW) It’s not the best new show of the season, but on a scale of expectation versus achievement, this smart, moody amalgam of “Dawson’s Creek” and “Twilight” would rank No. 1. Ian Somerhalder’s sly performance as the pouty bad-boy vampire Damon is a bonus. Returns March 25, with more back story: If Katherine (Nina Dobrev) wasn’t in the tomb, where has she been all these years?

FRINGE (FOX) “Fringe” is a good news, bad news proposition. The good news: Across a season and a half, the producers, writers and designers have maintained the most satisfying, entertaining, coherent story arc of any science-fiction-flavored prime-time drama. The bad news: No David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson. The performances here don’t rise to the level of the writing the way they did in “The X-Files,” the show that “Fringe” wants to be. Returns April 1, with the story of how Walter brought Peter back from the Other Side.

Free TruBlood to UK watchers from Mirror UK

True Blood on FX has real bite

Did you see True Blood on FX on Friday ? Is it hot in here ?! I mean, I know these vampires are DEAD but damn, they know how to work up a sweat.

Sex and death aside, True Blood has dialogue to rival Mad Men or the dear departed Nurse Jackie.

"Jessica, I'm having a guest coming over shortly," vampire warned his new protégé.
"Can we eat her ?!"

"We may not."

It's an education.

Shelleyvision has 5 bottles of Tru Blood to give away (to vampires or humans). Email with your favourite moment from the show UK True Blood Season 2 podcasts

As True Blood, season two, approaches we settle down with the stars of the show to discuss behind-the-scenes secrets and possible spoilers. Consider yourself warned!

Alexander Skarsgard and Rutina Wesley, better-known (and feared) in Bon Temps as vampire Eric and straight-talking Tara, guest-star on the UK Podcast to explain what's in store for the upcoming seasons and what it's like behind the scenes.

Discover what you should be looking out for and get tips on speaking with a Louisianan accent with the first of two special True Blood episodes, available to download now, for free. Tune in at the iTunes store or via the feed [] to get listening!

Later this week, makes sure you also keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment, which features Sam Trammell (who plays Sam Merlotte) and newcomer Michelle Forbes (who plays Maryann Forrester). They'll shed even more light on what's to come in the second season, premiering on FX on Friday, February 26, at 10pm.

Link to streaming and itunes HERE

Stephen Moyer on BBC radio

Jonathan Ross program Friday, March 5, 22:35 on BBC One (Wales only)

George Lamb BBC 6 radio next Saturday, March 7. The show airs from 7 am to 10 am and it will be a phone interview. Listen here

True Blood Season 3 from Clever TV

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Carnival of Rust

Carnival of Rust
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