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True Blood trips balls on a V-juice hump-hump-fest by Meredith Woerner

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Last night on True Blood, Eric and Sookie took us deep into the snow shower of their imagination! You'd think that humping on a bunch of animal hides in the snow with a Viking Vampire would be more exciting.
But let me explain it to you, Pro/Con style.
This week we picked up right where we left off, THE SUN SUICIDES. Was anyone worried about Jessica killing herself and Jason getting shot? Neither was I. But I will say that the other totally fake death was terrifying. But more on that later, let's get back to THE SUN THE SUN!

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True Blood Music Episode 4.08 - Spellbound

Episode 4.08 - Spellbound

“Wacky’s Tackle” by The Hollow Trees (Sam stops by to apologize to Luna & stays for dinner)

“Crazy Like Me” by Camp Burnette (Jessica & Jason get it on in the truck during Jessica’s daydream)

“Shuffle Your Feet” by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Marcus tells the pack to stay out of the witch/vampire war)

“Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu” by Slim Harpo (Terry & Arlene argue at Merlotte’s while Baby Mikey watches)

“No Place to Hide” by Betty Everett (Marcus warns Alcide & Sookie that something big is about to go down between the vampires and witches)

“Heebie Jeebies” by the Boswell Sisters (Lafayette has a dream about Mavis’s past)

“Spellbound” by Siouxsie & the Banshees (closing credits)

True Blood Filming Locations Season 4 : what's the connection to Will & Kate's recent visit to L. A ?

True Blood Filming locations ! They haven't been very elaborate or exciting this year and I've already lamented that none of the Season has been shot ( that we know of yet ) in Louisiana but the two locations I was interested in were the Emporium and the Bellefleur mansion ( which looked an awful lot like MaryAnn's house to me )
Seeing Stars does a good job of tracking these down and here are the locations for both and found the Will and Kate connection. More  HERE 
 ** and I already wrote about the fact that they are no longer using the " Real " house for Bill's house and now use a look-a-like facade HERE

Moon Goddess Emporium
Q. Where can I find it in real life?
A. This brick building actually holds a costume shop that was once called (appropriately enough) as "Dracula's Castle", and was last known as "Francisco's Halloween Shop". It might have been vacant when they shot this scene.

You'll find it 15834 E. Main Street, in the old downtown section of La Puente, CA.
The shop is located on the southeast corner of Main and 1st Street.The city of La Puente is located in out in East L.A., about 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Here is an aerial photo of the storefront (looking south). And here is a map link. And here is a Google StreetView panorama of the shop.

Q. How the heck did you figure out where it was?
A. I had been told that they were filming somewhere in La Puente back on January 7th. So, when the new episodes started airing, I kept an eye out for that neighborhood. Since I was familiar with the town from "Halloween H20", I recognized the street when I saw it on the very first episode of Season 4, of True Blood.

The Bellefleur Mansion

Q. Where can I find it in real life?

A. This beautiful home is actually far from Louisiana - and the South (unless you count Southern California). You'll find it in Los Angeles, in the exclusive neighborhood known as Hancock Park.
The address is 526 S. Rimpau Blvd.

That's on the east side of Rimpau, three houses north of 6th Street.

Not surprisingly, the home is located within walking distance of the mansion where Prince William & Kate stayed during their 2011 visit to Los Angeles (at 450 S. June).

Google Street View 

More Than One Way to Trade Identities on 'True Blood'- The Atlantic

This season, True Blood has been using (to good effect) the kind of character switcheroo that one would normally expect to find in acting classes—an actor playing one character playing another character (very Shakespearean or, if you prefer, Freaky Friday-esque). The actor playing Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) has to play little heathen Tommy trying to act like older brother Sam—he did a great job with accent and body language in the previous episode. Dale Raoul (Mrs. Fortenberry) had a somewhat harder time of it this week, but got the point across by having very badly done hair and swearing a lot while selling away her land rights—really, it seems like Tommy isn’t even trying with his identity theft this time.

Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) performs a spin-off of this acting exercise: Instead of being Character A acting like Character B, he has to suddenly just play Character B with no reservations, but still in the clothes and with the props of Character A. He does a great job of letting the ghost Creole lady sink into him, tweak his shirt primly, and walk out of his house humming, and continue on with whatever she’s up to. Why is the nice creepy sad singing lady taking a gun, and where did she hide it on Lafayette? Will holding the baby briefly be sufficient, so she can then replace Mikey and go to whatever afterlife awaits, or is this plot line going to get even creepier?

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'True Blood' recap: Eric and Sookie get steamy LA Times

Eric and Sookie in the shower.
In Sunday's episode of "True Blood," "Spellbound," written by Alan Ball, one of the most talked about fan favorite moments from Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Mysteries made it to the screen -- just as Ball had promised an audience at San Diego's Comic-Con International in July. The cryptic show runner had hinted that his version of the famous love scene between the two characters would possibly be "weirder and dirtier" than what was in the book, in this case, "Dead to the World," the fourth of Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels. And well, it was weirder, or should we say trippier, given that Eric and Sookie were high on each others' blood and hallucinating?
But first things first. Jason bursts through the door to subdue Jessica before she can be consumed by the sunlight, having been lured out of her usual daytime slumber by the witches' powerful curse. Jessica regains control over herself and, realizing Jason just saved her life, kisses him. He brings her downstairs to Bill, who is still bound in silver. Concerned that the coven might have only temporarily broken the spell, Bill instructs Jason to bind Jessica with silver until nightfall. Trying to distract her from the pain, the perennially clueless Jason tells Jessica to think about good things -- like hot summer days, barbecuing. He means well, anyway.

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Gothtopia True Blood : Finally, Some Freakin' Siouxsie

Jef will be talking to us this Sunday night on Talk Blood !

Look, we know that True Blood is a goth show only in the sense that it is the kind of thing that is of interest to goths, and not in the sense that is has any sort of inspiration from goth sources. Goths don't own vampires, we just sort of rent them from the teenagers and soccer moms lately.
Having said that, after four seasons of covering the music used in True Blood it's nice to finally get some real goth in the form of "Spellbound" by Siouxsie & the Banshees.
"Spellbound" comes from 1981's Juju, which was, for our money, where the Banshees really hit their stride. The Scream and Join Hands more or less coasted on Siouxsie and Steve Severin's initial brilliance, and the personnel changes that led up to Kaleidoscope give the album just a hint of desperation.

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just listen and listen ....

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion - Order today!!

** this ships on Aug 30 so pre-order today !

The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents the definitive guide to the world of Sookie Stackhouse.

Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and has become a nationwide phenomenon, thanks to the unconventional-and otherworldly- life of Sookie Stackhouse. Now, in her own words, Sookie gives readers a look at her family, friends, enemies, adventures, and-of course-the lovers who set her world on fire...

Readers will:

* Tour Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that Sookie calls home, and visit the houses of her Gran and her sometime vampire lover, Bill
* Prowl around the werewolf and were-panther communities
* Browse through her best friend Tara's dress shop
* Belly up to the bar in Merlotte's, where Sookie works
* Get must-have Bon Temps recipes-including Caroline Bellfleur's famous chocolate cheesecake
* Test themselves with trivia questions from the series

Can’t get enough of Sookie Stackhouse, then grab a copy of this comprehensive guide filled with a complete rundown on her many adventures and so much more. The book opens with "Small-Town Wedding," a new novella about the upcoming marriage between Sam’s brother Craig and Deidra. Craig is the son of a shifter and although he is not a shifter, many local residents are incensed at the idea of him marrying a human. Sam and Sookie find themselves hard at work trying to defuse the volatile situation while attempting to figure out how a simple ceremony got so far out of control.
That’s just to start things off, next is a book-by-book synopsis of events including newly revealed secret conversations between Bill and Eric. Sookie’s short stories are given the same treatment followed by an entire chapter of trivia questions. There is even a chapter of recipes and although several make use of canned soups or are fried making them off limits to the diet conscious, there are some surprises and delicious sounding splurges. “Michele’s Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing” is excellent and “Aunt Patty’s Sour Cream Cake with Praline Frosting” is worth every calorie. Additionally, there is a question and answer chapter between True Blood creator Alan Ball and fans and a whole lot more.

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‘True Blood,’ Season 4, Episode 8, ‘Spellbound’: TV Recap

Summoned by Antonia’s kill-every-vampire-within-a-nearby-radius spell, Jessica is about to walk into the sun and meet the truth death. Luckily, Jason is nearby, having been alerted to the situation via the blood he exchanged with her earlier. He dashes through the doors and heroically (and somewhat hilariously due to the slow-motion) pins her to the ground. At first, Jess savagely flips him onto his back, ready to sink her fangs into his neck, but she realizes at the last second that he’s saved her life and is also pretty cute. She kisses him instead. Nice, True Blood writers! There’s nothing like a near-catastrophe to make two people who should have nothing to do with each other fall in love (See Ron and Hermione, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2.”)

Bill, ever the practical king, asks Jason to overlook the fact that Jessica killed a human guard in her attempt to meet the sun. Jason agrees, in exchange for Bill’s silence about the guard Jason himself injured on his way in. In a sweet and funny bit, Jason tenderly tells Jessica to think about good things as he re-chains her with silver, like hot summer days and barbequing. We love when Jason tries to be a nice guy, no matter how misguided.

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True Blood Season 4 Ep 08 " Spellbound" subtitles ! What did they say last night ???

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True Blood Season 4 Crossword Puzzle - Episode 7 "Cold Grey Light of Dawn"

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VIDEO: Preview for True Blood Episode 4.09 "Run"

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