Monday, August 17, 2009

True Blood: Save your soul with a Louisiana Swamp 'Maryann'

Thirsting for a True Blood Cocktail ? Something that will keep you safe from the clutches of Maryann? Or maybe connect you on a cellular level to Bill or Eric?

Virgin Maryann, Louisiana Creole Style
Guaranteed to keep you safe from Maryann's clutches and give you a jolt of energy that will send you into a happy spin!

4 oz Spicy V-8
juice of 1/2 lime
1 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
6 dashes Tabasco® sauce
salt, pepper to taste
1 lime wedge
2 celery stalks

Add juices and sauce to a shaker with ice, adding salt and pepper to taste.
Shake vigorously enough to burn calories and send a clear message to the Devil, himself, that you are not playin' his game.

Strain over ice cubes into a highball glass and add a lime wedge and both celery stalks.

Variation: Bloody Maryann
Add Vodka!

'True Blood:' Godric, Eric, Bill


Last night's "True Blood"? In short, AWESOME. It was another great episode in a season that has just been going from strength to strength.

But I particularly loved the final scene, with Sookie and Godric on the roof. (Spoiler alert.) The show is always good when it comes to action, but it also can pack a punch when the action slows to make room for a more emotional moment. As Godric said farewell in the dawn, it was one of the sweetest moments in "True Blood" so far, as we glimpsed the weary soul of a vampire who'd found his way to peace, integrity, and nobility after centuries on Earth. As Godric, Danish actor Allan Hyde was unforgettable -- so fragile and resigned.

Putting Sookie on the roof with Godric for his death -- er, "end" -- scene only added to the poignancy. Her tears for Godric were genuine and loving, of course. But I think she was also crying for Bill in some way. She will probably never get to witness Bill's "end" -- she will probably die first. So she had an opportunity to shed tears for a gentle vampire like Bill while he left the world.

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True Blood: Bite Me

Everything comes to a peak: Godric gets a tan, Maryann proves that she’s pretty nasty, and Sookie and Eric prove pretty to each other. No doubt next week Sookie and her undead suitors will head back to Bon Temps to straighten out the mess Maryann has made and save Tara and Sam. It doesn’t seem like that should take three more episodes to play out; are there surprises coming that we haven’t anticipated?

Surprise! All our favorites survived that terrorist attack. Duh.

Eric saved Sookie by shielding her from the debris. Even though “it’s gross. And it’s you!” she returns the favor by sucking some steel shrapnel from his chest. Except — ha! — he would have healed on his own, and this was just a ruse to get her to drink his blood. She tried to spit rather than swallow, but now Eric will always know where she is and what she’s feeling. And as Bill points out, she’ll be attracted to him.

From NY Mag

In bed with Jason — er, with Bill, but didn’t that Sookie-Jason stick-together-and-grow-up scene feel a little incesty? — Sookie dreams of Eric. And of Lorena opining that Sookie has already abandoned Bill and that he means nothing to her. Gazing into each other’s eyes, discussing what a great vampire she’d be, Sookie and Eric have more chemistry than she and Bill ever did. We feel a little cheated: Drinking his blood is an awfully convenient excuse for their bond, when surely Eric’s tenderly naughty Nordic charms should have sufficed.

Vampire PR wizard Nan Flanagan is doing damage control. She plays talking heads with the Newlins, who bicker with one another on TV (“I hate your hair!”). But she wants Godric to step down, and he’s all too happy to do so. Eric realizes that Godric tried to let Newlin kill him and will take it into his own hands now — but Bill interrupts by sucker punching Eric. Hey, Bill: That was a dick move, and these days, you look less like a vampire, or even a corpse, and more like an old man, so kindly step back and let us watch Eric.

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'True Blood': The precise moment Eric earned his hottest new vampire title

nice from EW

Confession: I’m one of those late-comers who’s helping True Blood now earn record ratings, so I was sort of surprised when Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) topped EW’s recent “Who’s the hottest new vampire?” poll with 42 percent of the vote. After last night’s episode, however, I totally get it. There was that smirk he flashed when he tricked Sookie into drinking his blood to remove a second silver bullet. The way he casually rested with his arm behind his head like an ’80s centerfold as he admitted that he’d told “a tiny falsehood” (”You big lying A-hole!” “Bill, you’re right, I believe I can sense her emotions.”) Sookie’s revealing dream, of course. (If you think that picture is a spoiler, at least it’s a spoiler that makes you want to watch the episode immediately.) And then, how tall and tasty he looked walking away from Godric and toward Sookie on the roof.

What’s the precise moment that made Eric the hottest new vampire in your eyes? (Episode title/number strongly encouraged.)

Godric sees god

True Blood Episode 10 preview 'New world in my view'

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Episode 9

From Mark Blankenship []

Welcome to Sucker Punch, the only blog post that ranks the gaudiest moments on this week's episode of True Blood

Warning: This post contains spoilers

What can I say? I wasn't feeling it tonight. "I Will Rise Up" has a few Sucker Punches, but it mostly functions as a placeholder, as though the series is clearing its throat before it gets down to the serious business of wrapping up the season.

This episode's biggest event is Godric's suicide-by-sunlight, but as turning points go, it's not that powerful. The dude's only been around for a few episodes, meaning we've heard about his greatness more than we've actually seen it for ourselves. And since we haven't had time to connect to him, it's hard to care about his death.

Plus, actor Allan Hyde has given a bloodless performance. His mopey take on Godric's spiritual fatigue has slowed the show down, making it even harder to fret that he's gone.

And sure, sure. I wrote last week that Godric's willingness to compromise with the Fellowship was intellectually interesting, and it was. But that was the problem, you know? Godric was an interesting concept who never became a fully engaging presence.

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'True Blood': Sookie bites Eric, and 'I'm full of joy, I want to burn!'

Ken from EW favorite part was the end

Yes, TV exerts a great and terrible power, doesn’t it, making us helplessly in thrall to True Blood. There was a beautiful moment when Eric cries as Godric explains he must die to atone for his sins. The love between the two men was palpable: “There are centuries of faith and love between us,” said Godric, trying to comfort an agonized Eric.

In the closing moments, a now-chastened, eager-to-atone Godric went up on a roof to see the killing sunrise. Sookie, ever the forgiving Christian, tried to comfort him, but Godric’s different faith surpassed even hers in welcoming either final death or a soul brought to ultimate justice: “I’m full of joy… I want to burn!” Godric cried in final ecstasy.

The mixture of Christian and pagan faith; same-sex and hetero-sex love; and Sookie in a red gingham dress looking like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz… it was another genre-bending, mind-expanding edition of True Blood.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day:Breath by Breaking Benjamin

Breath by Breaking Benjamin
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