Sunday, July 5, 2009

'True Blood': Where's our new episode tonight?

It's Sunday night, and what better way to end the holiday weekend than to settle in for a new episode of True Blood. Wait -- what? No new episode of True Blood? What the fang is HBO thinking? This is a perfect night to please both regular viewers and capture some new, Fourth of July-relaxed eyeballs with some fresh Blood.

This whole, let's-air-reruns-on-holidays concept is so broacast-network circa, like, 1975. It is not HBO. Yes, I know we could sit through the two Blood reruns HBO is showing back-to-back starting at 9 p.m. ET, but it's not the same.

What's the TV alternative? A rerun of Dexter on Showtime at 9? (Not a terrible idea; I like the episode description: "Dexter feels distracted and unable to kill" -- hey, I remember that one!) Or a new episode of Kendra on E! at 10? No thanks: Kendra's laugh is like a scream made by someone who's just been bitten by a vampire...

Which brings us back to True Blood, for which I'm jonesing, as the kids used to say. How about you ?

True Blood Dvd Biographies : Eric, Chow, Pam, Lorena and Hadley

These are the bio from the True Blood Season 1 Blu-ray ( I assume dvd too) , these are the ones I have, are there others ?

Born 1871, made Vampire 1905 at 34yrs old
1) Born to a wealthy London family and it bored her to no end.
2) She spent most of her 20s breaking most men's heart..
3) When she meet Eric he offered her immortality and she took him up on it..
4) She loves being a vampire

Eric Northman...born in Scandinavia
Born 1046...made vampire 1077
1) As a teenager Eric joined up with a rouge band of warriors, who refused to swear allegiance to any kingdom (My destiny is to answer to no Man)
2) He became the leader of the group, which was infamous for marauding in Poland and Germany until they vanished in 1077
3) He will not speak of how he was made Vampire or who made him.

Lorena Krasiki
Born 1759, made Vampire 1777
1). She was the illegitimate child of an unmarried Lady in waiting for the Empress of Austria, who arranged for the Bastard child to be raised by Nuns in Vienna..
2) She was a well behaved child, model student, lover of nature.
3) She told the nuns God was not just in the church, but in the World.
4) On the evening before she was to take her Vows, she stayed out after dark and was turned by a Gypsy Vampire

Hadley protected Sookie as a kid.
1) When Sookie was in middle school, Hadley used to pick Sookie up in her Hot Trans Am
2) Lafayette loved Hadley, thought she was the coolest
3) Hadley shacked up with a Meth dealer in Shreveport. She went down hill fast and hasn't been heard from since...

Chow- Chow Lin
Born 1860 and.turned 1901
1) Lived a solitary life in a small village in Central China, working as a carpenter, the only joy in his life came from watching the widow next door, for whom he pinned for over 10 interminable years.
2) When a vampire attacked her on a lonely street, Chow offered his life for hers and the vampire accepted.
3) Chow thought he finally won the woman's affection, but instead she recoiled leaving him to an eternity of loneliness.

True Blood's Queen Sophie Anne: For Evan Rachel Wood, 'Whatever Works'

From Pottstown Mercury

Move aside, Oprah. It might be time to crown Evan Rachel Wood the new Queen of All Media. The actress best known for roles in "Thirteen," "Across the Universe" and "The Wrestler" is expanding her realm to include TV and Broadway.

Beginning in February 2010, Wood will portray Mary-Jane in a musical production of "Spider-Man," which "Lion King" director Julie Taymor and members of U2 have adapted from the Marvel comics. Until then, Wood can be seen on HBO's hit neck-biter drama "True Blood" as a 400-year-old vampire queen.

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The Courageous Heart of Irene Sendler out on DVD

As a Polish Catholic social worker in the early 1940s, Irena Sendler created and led a conspiracy of women who moved in and out of Warsaw's Jewish Ghetto disguised as nurses employed by Warsaw's Health Department. Though they worked under the guise of merely attempting to prevent and contain the spread of Typhus and Spotted Fever, Sendler and her brave cohorts emerged each time with the children of consenting Jewish parents. The children were sometimes sedated and hidden inside boxes, suitcases and coffins as a means of rescuing them from their imminent deportation to death camps. They were given new identities and placed with Polish families and in convents. Sendler kept a hidden record of their birth names and where they were placed with the hope that they would some day be reunited with their own families.

In 1943, the Nazis discovered Sendler's daring and dangerous ruse and arrested her. She was tortured by Gestapo agents and suffered broken feet. On the day of her scheduled execution she was rescued by "Zegota," the underground network with which she worked to save the Jewish children.

As a result of Sendler's efforts, approximately 2,500 children were smuggled to safety. Not a single child she rescued was ever betrayed or discovered by the Nazis.

Now available at Hallmark stores find the store nearest you here

Lafayette ( Nelsan Ellis) interview with TV Guide

True Blood behind the scenes: filming at the Carmilla Hotel in Dallas ( Silent Shore Hotel in books)

( click on images to enlarge) Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles, CA just wrapped HBO’s TRUE BLOOD.One of HBO’s newest hit shows “True Blood” is starting season 2 in June , keep watch for Stone Rose Lounge this season. Also featured is the amazing lobby of Sofitel LA located in West Hollywood. Shooting took two seperate days and a total of 18 hours one day and 24 hours the following week. During shooting of True Blood, Sofitel LA was turned into “Carmilla Hotel” a Vampire Hotel located in the south. The concierge desk featured Tru Blood bottles of blood (which look more like beer bottles). This exciting shoot was a huge hit with guests of the hotel. Guests of Sofitel got to see star of True Blood Anna Paquin upclose. Before and After photos were taking during shooting, see attached photos in this blog for a sneak peak at the show. True Blood’s filming was a total success and we hope to book them again sometime in the future. If you would like to represent your hotel, home, bar…please contact us at or use our contact page to send a message to our sales department. For information about True Blood go to
Concierge and Front Desk

True Blood's Anna Paquin also stars in a possible Emmy nominated movie

The LA Times reports that:

Another WWII drama is keenly in the running too, "Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler," starring Anna Paquin as a Pole rescuing Jews during the Holocaust.

They think Grey Gardens will get it ..

"Accidental Friendship"
"The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler"
"Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story"
"Grey Gardens"
"Into the Storm"
"Jesse Stone: Thin Ice"
"My Zinc Bed"
"Prayers for Bobby"
"Taking Chance"
"24 Redemption"
"Wallander: One Step Beyond"'

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Valerie Cruz, 'True Blood's' First Latina Vampire Speaks

Valerie Cruz, who comes aboard "True Blood" this season as the show's first Latina vampire, Isabel, recounts that she was surprised to find series creator Alan Ball on when she first went in for a casting meeting.

"Funny, I wasn't even expecting him to be in the room. A lot of producers nowadays, it's like they can't even be bothered to be in the room anymore. They want it on tape," says the actress, known as Sylvia Prado -- Jimmy Smits' wife -- to "Dexter" fans. "There are a lot of things you can't get from an audition tape -- the energy when someone walks in, their interaction. Alan is such a class act. He's there at every table read. The writers I've spoken to say he's incredibly gracious -- he trusts the people that he hires to really do a great job. The cool thing about it is, once you're cast, once the whole thing is put together, he takes a step back and lets people do creatively what they want to do."

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True Blood Music Video of the Day:She's the Reigning Champ of the Teething Crowd by Say Hi to your Mom

She's the Reigning Champ of the Teething Crowd by Say Hi to your Mom LYRICS
Thanks, losteyesight