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Jessica: True Blood! How great was last night's episode?
So great I'm honestly broken up that there are only two episodes left! I just interviewed the completely amazing Denis O'Hare (Russell Edgington, the big bad vampire king) and he told me that the season finale was his most challenging work yet (gulp!), and that "Sookie is very mean to me…Eric is very mean to me…and I cry tears of joy." I am a little alarmed by that last tease! What on Earth could make Russell so happy? Talbot somehow coming back from the crystal urn? A double rainbow? An all-you-can-eat baby buffet?
Karen in Illinois: Are you going to retract your statement about the werewolf gang rape [on True Blood]? That never happened.
Sorry! My very bad bad. And proof that apparently I am the one with the truly sick mind. I personally thought the werewolf initiation scene to be something of a gang-rape scene, hence my mention on E! News of it…I don't know, perhaps it was open to interpretation, or I'm in need of serious medication? (Don't answer that.) Regardless: I went back and you're right: No actual rape was ever shown. My apologies for my apparently overactive imagination and please know, True Blood remains one of my all-time favorite shows. That is an indisputable fact.
Emily in Toronto, Ontario: Hi Kristin! I have a question about True Blood and I'm really hoping you can help me out. How is Arlene pregnant with Rene? Does this mean that everything that has happened over the past almost two seasons has been over the course of merely weeks? It just doesn't add up to me. Thank you!
It's a reminder that each season of True Blood covers very little time…Only a few weeks! Arlene is only about 7-8 weeks pregnant, so really, very little time has passed since Rene's death in season one. All I know is a lot happens in Bon Temps and I don't want to live there. Well, OK, fine, unless you're going to shack (shackle?) me up with Eric

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True Blood 3.11 Preview "Fresh Blood"

True Blood: True Blood: Post Mortem - Season 3 Episode #10 (HBO)

Did True Blood Weigh In On The “Ground Zero Mosque” Debate?

Yes, I think they did !

When vampire-related HBO campy drama True Blood initially premiered in September 2008, the lead-up publicity campaign included the cable news-like fodder of vampire vs. human politics. But after the first few episodes of season one, the political plotlines had almost disappeared.
That has changed in the past few episodes of season three, including last night when it sounds like the show dipped a toe in the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy.
Well, maybe not the Islamic Center controversy du jour specifically, but the vampires as Muslims connection was clear last night. In the previous episode, vampire leader Russell Edgington had gone off the rails, and in a disturbing, gruesome and admittedly funny scene he murders a news anchor live on air. Now he’s on the run, and Nan Flanagan, spokesperson of the American Vampire League, is on TV to discuss the ramifications.
The news anchor who interviews Flanagan describes Edgington as a “vampire terrorist,” and Flanagan doesn’t move away from that designation. “I do not deny that this was a heinous act of a mad man,” said Flanagan. “Russell Edgington is an extremist and a terrorist. But that’s not because he is a vampire. It’s because he’s an extremist and a terrorist.”

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What did they say ? True Blood S3E10 " I smell a rat " subtitles


'True Blood' stars to present at Emmys

Three stars from hit HBO show True Blood have been added to the list of presenters for this weekend's Primetime Emmy Awards.

Recently married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will join co-star Alexander Skarsgard to hand out the coveted trophies on Sunday night, according to Entertainment Weekly.

True Blood is up for the 'Outstanding Drama Series' award, but the show failed to garner any acting nominations this year.

The stars of the vampire drama will join previously announced presenters Edie Falco, Ricky Gervais and Sofia Vergara at the ceremony.

The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards airs on August 29 on NBC and will be hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Bowles unsure about 'True Blood' romance

Lauren Bowles has admitted that she doesn't know whether she will have a romantic storyline on True Blood.

Bowles's character Holly, who has joined the show for the third season, has a relationship with Hoyt in Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire Mysteries novels.

However, in the television series Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) have a connection.

Speaking to Movieweb, Bowles admitted that a relationship between Holly and Hoyt is "possible".

"That's what is so crazy," she said. "I am guessing. But Hoyt and Jess? People love them together. [Executive producer] Alan [Ball] might stick to the book and bring us together. Or I could also see him veering."

She continued: "These two, Jess and Hoyt? They are working so well together. Everyone loves it. I don't want to break them up. If we do, we break them up for just a little bit, and then we get them back together. I don't know. I personally love seeing them together."

However, Bowles added that she would be happy to have a romantic storyline, saying: "I love my Hoyt. I wouldn't mind being matched with him."

True Blood continues on Sundays at 9pm on HBO

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SS I'm a fairy?How fucking lame.
BC Fairy is but one of the names.
SS What other names are there?
BC Finodrerr.Ellyllon.The Old People.Aliens.
SS God fucking damn it.I really am an alien.
BC Only part.

True Blood: Patty Griffin, Bon Temps Crew Smell A Rat Houston Press Jefwithonef

Team Talk Blood member Jef shares this weeks column -you can listen to us discussing it last night on Talk Blood Radio

"Who can you trust," sang Jack Nicholson as the Joker, and then he gassed to death all the people he had just handed out free money to. Like Pilate, but with inflatables. This episode of True Blood made it very clear that pretty much every character in the show cannot be completely trusted. Bill lies to Sookie, Eric chains her up, Sam shot some people, Jason shot some people, the lovable new nurse boyfriend of Lafayette's is descended from wild-eyed Mexican black magicians, Arlene's gone cuckoo for Jesus-puffs, and the vampire terrorist Russell Edington is hiring hookers only to cry like a little bitch with a skinned knee until he re-enacts his husband's death with a sharp piece of wood on the dull piece of meat.

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True Blood Dream Casting – J.B. DuRone

Julie at TV Recappers Anonymous has some fun with future true Blood casting ideas..

For this reason, I predict that it won’t be too long, before a certain hunky personal trainer, named J.B. DuRone, graces our television sets on Sunday nights.   (Because, lets face it, Alan Ball LOVES his sexy men!)
For the uninitiated, J.B. DuRone is Bon Temps townie, born and raised in Louisianan.  He was friends with Sookie and Tara back in high school, and even took Sookie to her senior prom.

Now, J.B. works as a popular personal trainer at the local Bon Temps gym, and lives in one of those apartments behind Merlotte’s that Sam rents out.  J.B. has always been a loyal friend to Sookie, and even harbored a little crush on her for a short time.  (What guy didn’t in this series?)  Later in the books, he functioned as an unusually healthy and well-adjusted love interest for Perpetual Dater of Losers and Nutjobs, Tara . . .

'True Blood': If everybody's supernatural, then nobody is - LA Times

Trueblood10_10  Usually, after a big, game-changing event like last week's Russell newscaster massacre, a TV show like "True Blood" will take a breather episode, figuring out a way to slow things for a week or two before heading in for another big episode. Part of the fun of the second season of "True Blood" was that it never slowed down, but that also meant that it ran out of story around Episode 10 and then dragged out the revelation of how the gang got rid of Mary Ann over the last two episodes, which were truly terrible. This season, the show has interspersed slower-moving episodes among all of the other ones, and the pacing is working better. But it still feels weird to go from an episode that ends on such a huge note and head into an episode where the big event is barely even mentioned.
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Charlaine Harris does guest books reviews for Barnes and Noble

Charlaine Harris brought a dose of Southern Gothic atmosphere to vampire fiction when she created Sookie Stackhouse, the telepathic heroine of Dead Until Dark. Now that her novels have been adapted as the HBO series True Blood, a host of new readers are meeting Sookie for the first time. The author shares three books that spark her unique imagination.

By Sarah Monette

"Sarah Monette's debut novel is a richly imagined world with a dark, delicate, and complex plot. Each character is fully realized, and the language is as shaded as the emotional palette. I know, I know; this book makes me wax pretentious."

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A Dangerous Man
By Charlie Huston

"This is the third book in Huston's Henry Thompason trilogy, and it's the only book that ever made me cry in an airport. Huston is ruthless and courageous in his plotting of the continuing misadventures of Hank Thompson, which began in the almost equally wonderful Caught Stealing."

'True Blood' episode 10 recap: How lame! Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy NY Daily News

And so, in this series full of blood and guts and death and sex, a series that appeals to teenage guys in the way "Twilight" is said to speak to teenage girls, the secret at the heart of the entire plot is revealed to be:
"I'm a fairy?! How f---ing lame!"
So speaketh Sookie Stackhouse in the first two seconds of the episode, to which I say: can't blame you, girl. I thought the same thing when I Wikipedia'd you last year. That sound you hear is a million bros crying out in anger that the hero of their show is, quite literally, a magical pixie.
But manly Bill Compton is there to reassure her that 1.) she's only half-fairy, but is really mostly human, so it's not all that lame. Also, that fairies are 2.) highly secretive, supposedly extinct beings that were also apparently recreational rapists. Sookie's a bit freaked out about about that last bit, since she figures it must mean someone in her family was raped by a fairy.

Vampire Tarot

Tarot cards have been a part of the occult almost since they were created. Originally, the Tarot were playing cards used for games in France and Italy, but even playing cards have been used for divinatory purposes almost since their creation. As the centuries have passed, and anything to do with magic and divination was demonized by the Church, Tarot cards have more and more been associated with darker powers. So it makes sense to create a vampire Tarot deck. What else has more allure and mystery?
There are actually several vampire Tarot decks in existence today. There is the Vampire of the Eternal Night deck, the Vampire Tarot by Natatlie Hertz, and this Vampire Tarot, by Robert M. Place. Place’s Vampire Tarot is my favorite vampire version. It recognizes the great storytellers of the vampire legend, such as John Polidori as the Knight of Garlic Flowers. The suits of the Minor Arcana have changed slightly in this deck. Swords have been replaced with knives, chalices with holy water, wands with stakes, and pentacles with garlic flowers.

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'True Blood': The truth about Sookie Stackhouse

"True Blood" finally reveals the truth about Sookie's true nature.

Not 30 seconds into the episode, Bill explains to Sookie that she is part fairy, which doesn't sit too well with our decidedly non-fae seeming leading lady. The interesting part of Sookie's fairy lineage is that vampires have been the downfall of the fairy race, because fairy blood is irresistible to vamps. Eric then shows up and lets Bill know he is aware of Sookie's lineage and wants to know if Sookie's blood really lets you walk in the sunlight. It does? Huh. Bill explains that it only works for a few minutes, and he and Eric fight a bit about Sookie because That's What They Do. Sookie asserts to Eric that she doesn't want anything from him or have anything for him, but when Eric leaves, her face looks a bit conflicted. The dream she has later fueled by Eric's blood further enforces that she's not totally immune to his charms. She goes to Eric to understand why she shouldn't trust Bill, but Eric decides to just make out with her instead of telling. I'm surprisingly OK with that.

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Vampires Are The New Sexy – From Bela Lugosi To Alexander Skarsgard

The latest fad in entertainment - bordering on a craze - is of all things vampires. Always popular to a greater or lesser degree since Bram Stoker penned Dracula in 1897, today we see a resurgence of the vampire's popularity. In fact, interest today in vampires is greater than at any time since its heyday with the Bela Lugosi film Dracula in 1931. All signs are that this vampire fad is growing and has yet to reach its peak.

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires. What is it? Why are we so fascinated? From the piercing eyes of Barnabus Collins to the devilish charm of Spike, what makes us keep coming back for more? Who didn't want to date Angel or go home with Edward Cullen? And now with HBO's hit series True Blood making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and garnering critical acclaim for its screenwriting, acting and directing, we seem to have reached the apex of the vampire genre. Furthermore, we dare say that standing out in a cast including some very appealing people, Alexander Skarsgard is probably the most attractive man today on TV or film.

‘True Blood’ Season 3, Episode 10 ‘I Smell A Rat’: Guess Who’s A Fairy?- Wall Street Journal

After last week’s frenetic episode, this week’s installment of “True Blood” — titled “I Smell A Rat” — calmed down the pace, as we make our final push towards the season finale.

First off, the writers don’t tease us by dragging out last week’s big question: What is Sookie? As many have speculated (and as spelled out in Charlaine Harris’ books), Ms. Stackhouse is part fairy — a development even she finds “f—king lame.” Bill explains that Claudine is afraid for her because every supernatural believes the fae race was wiped out of existence by vampires. Then, to borrow a phrase from Pam, he talks about blah blah, I love you for your mind and and not your blood, blah blah. For all his lovespeak, however, Sookie is vaguely aware that Bill is still not to be trusted — a sentiment that is echoed by dream-Eric and later again by real-life Eric.

True Blood Music Video of the Day: My Love

True Blood - Eric and Sookie - My Love