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True Blood Author Charlaine Harris on the Current Vampire Epidemic

Dead in the Family is the latest bestselling vampire fantasy novel from Charlaine Harris, and the 10th book in the series that inspired the hit HBO show True Blood (now in its third season), starring Anna Pacquin as telepathic barmaid Sookie Stackhouse.
In the books, Sookie is a blonde and buxom resident of the Louisiana town of Bon Temps, where she spends less time fighting vampires than getting busy with them. But will she end up with the courtly ex-Confederate Bill, or has she permanently hopped coffins to cozy up with Eric the bloodsucking Viking? In the mix are sundry tigers, werewolves, dogs, witches, house cats, maenads, goblins and fairies.

Denis O'Hare: It’s hard to be sexually inventive after 700 years

Last week fans were introduced to Russell Edgington, the vampire King of Mississippi. Now, I'd like you to meet Denis O'Hare, the remarkable actor who brings this "True Blood" baddie to life. Or death ... immortality is confusing.
And exactly how long his character has been alive was quite a coup for Denis, a self-proclaimed history nerd. It gave him the opportunity to create three millennia worth of backstory. From the bed of the Danube to the coast of Europe, Denis mentally charted a course his character probably trekked.
A journey that brought him and his life partner, Talbot, to Mississippi and into our living rooms. And while my interview with Denis had me reaching for the nearest Atlas, it was also an enlightening conversation where I learned about his process as an actor, his feeling on playing "True Blood's" first gay couple and the recurring nightmare this bloody show has left him with.
PopWrap: You were a fan of the show before joining, so let's start with one thing you love about working on "True Blood" that fans may not know.
Denis O'Hare: The teeth are fun – they’re tough to talk in, so we have soft fangs and hard fangs. Soft fangs are for biting people, so you don’t hurt the other people, and the hard fangs are for speaking, because they stay in better and are easier to articulate with. But either way, my favorite thing to say with the fangs is Sookie Stackhouse [lisps out her name]. It’s like a vampire retainer.

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NeckingTrue Blood reinvents vampire sex.

Sleeping with a vampire is basically necrophilia and can even suggest incest (you're sleeping with your "maker"), and since you are dealing with an immortal, the age differences between partners can be positively vast. But the most troublingly taboo aspect of the sex lives of vampires concerns the question of consent. Rape is as dominant a subtext in vampire stories as mindless conformity is in zombie stories. No less an authority than Stephen King has said that the re-enactment of the primal rape scene is part of the vampire's enduring success.

Stephen Moyer, whose Vampire Bill is the romantic center of True Blood, took some criticism last year for suggesting in a magazine interview that one plot twist was built on a rape fantasy, but the allure of forbidden sex has long been a part of the vampire story since Bram Stoker's Dracula.

True Blood is such supremely dirty fun because it doesn't just tap into the dark sexual kinks of the vampire myth. It refines and experiments on them, giving old taboos a fresh spin. For one thing, the traditional vampire is a man preying on women; here, women are the predators just as often. Rape has become something of a vampire cliché. The sick genius of Episode 3, which returns the series strongly

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It Hurts Me, Too – Postmortem and Inside the Episode

Baby Vamp Jessica posted a vlog entry

True Blood: Elmore James, Vampire Grudge Sex Hurt Us Too

Team Talk Blood member, Jefwithonef weighs in with his muisc review of Ep 3

Season 3, Episode 3: "It Hurts Me Too"

Being able to follow the Season 3 of True Blood from the beginning has given Gothtopia a chance to really flow along with Alan Ball's thought processes and dissect in a constructive and insightful way all the nuances both of the current storyline, and how his choices in soundtracking illustrate and enhance those nuances.
This week's report will not be one of those kinds of critiques.
Blues fans should have no trouble recognizing the song that gives the third episode, "It Hurts Me Too," its name. It's one of the most recognizable blues standards out there, first recorded by Tampa Red back in 1940. Since then it's been sung by everyone from the Rolling Stones to Eric Clapton, but the most influential recording of the song, and the one used in the episode, is the one done by Elmore James.

James was one of those blues artists that was such an archetype he might as well have been the subject of a blues song himself, with his appetite for homemade moonshine, fast driving and guns contributing to his death via heart attack No. 3 at age 45 in 1963. His interpretation of his friend Tampa Red's classic song has proven so definitive that other artist's covers rarely venture far from it.

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LA Times: 'True Blood': 500 storylines and nothing on

 I realize I'm far from the first person to say this, but I'm starting to worry "True Blood" has spawned too many plots in its third season. Look at tonight: You've got Sookie heading off with her new pal, Alcide, to find Bill. But that's only after she and Eric do a little werewolf detecting. You've got the adventures of Bill in his Mississippi prison with Lorena and Russell, but you also get to look into his past again. You've got Sam doing ... something with his birth family. Tara continues to go through the stress of losing Eggs and attracting a new suitor. Arlene is pregnant again, but the baby is farther along than it should be if it's Terry's. Jason is trying to become a cop while still dealing with the leftover feelings from last season. Jessica continues to attempt to hide that dead body. And the vampire PI is just generally making everybody's life miserable. And that's to say nothing of plots that basically don't turn up at all, like, say, Eric and Godric in World War II.
All of these storylines more or less shared the same hour, but they didn't really have a lot in common, beyond just featuring characters who exist in the show's universe. On most other shows with this large of an ensemble, the storylines are either pared down each week, or they all share some sort of thematic link. On "True Blood," the writers just come up with a bunch of crazy stuff for the characters to do, then toss their scripts in the deep end. This is not a bad thing, mind you. Part of the fun of the show is seeing what crazy stuff the writers can cram into every episode. But there comes a point where there's just too much going on, and "True Blood" is toeing that line. Realistically, how much more can the show put in there? I expect we're about to find out.

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True Blood Star Admits Shocking Sex Twist Was "Kind of Uncomfortable"

Warning: Don't read if you haven't seen tonight's new episode of True Blood.

And if you have, may I offer you a a Brillo pad to scrub out your brain? 'Cause I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say...ick!

After tonight's stomach-churning, head-spinning (sorry) sexual twist (again, sorry)—the shocking scene that Stephen Moyer called a "watercooler moment for the next 20 years"—I'm sure many of you fellow fans don't think you'll never be able to look at a certain True Blood star the same again.

Well I spoke to that star (not pictured with this story--'cause that would be too spoilery) and she wants you to know:

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True Blood S3E3 "It hurts me too" subtitles

What did they say ? Did you miss something ? Here is what was said including such gems as:

Pam : Spit it out, cupcake. I'm in the middle of something.
Lie back, sweetheart, and think of Estonia.

Alcide : My name's Alcide Herveaux. I'm here to look after you

Be glad that Sam was adopted and Merlotte's isn't called "Mickens' Chicken and Chitlins.


True Blood S3 ep 4 "9 Crimes" Airs 11 July 2010

Official Description: "Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for his former fiancee, Debbie Pelt; Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill; Andy gets a promotion and draws Jason's attention; Franklin takes Tara on a road trip; Arlene is irked by Jessica's arrival at Merlotte's; Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents; Bill "procures" dinner for Russell and Lorena."

Talk Blood special guest interview with Andy Mackenzie

I sure hope you were listening to the show last night because we had  a special phone call from Andy " Creepy biker"  Mackenzie. It was so much fun hearing about the filming of that opening scene where Eric rips his throat out ...

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: Jessica/Hoyt-Meteor Showers

Jessica/Hoyt-Meteor Showers