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Charlaine has a new blog post

she is so funny and I love how freely she share her writer's thoughts ..

CH "I did some lightning plotting last week about a book I want to write. I’m fascinated by cemeteries, and I thought it would be interesting to write a book set in a cemetery. I imagined the protagonist, a girl raised by ghosts in a cemetery, and I began figuring out how she’d live, how she’d avoid being taken in by the state and put in a group home, and what she would do to pass her days in such a lifeless place.

Then I went on Amazon and clicked on Fiction, then on Cemetery, and found that Neil Gaiman has already written a book with a similar premise.

So, what do I do now? Let my lovely idea go? Buy the Gaiman book, and read it enviously? Purchase every copy on earth and burn it?

Can I salvage my own idea? I haven’t decided yet. I would have been happier if I hadn’t checked, I think."

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she might be talking about" the Graveyard Book "

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True Blood Episode Nine : 'Plaisir D'Amour ' recap from HBO site

Longshadow pins Sookie to the table, preparing to tear into her throat. Eric and Pam look on almost curiously, but Bill springs to action, plunging a makeshift stake through Longshadow's back. Vomiting a torrent of blood onto Sookie, the vampire quickly dissolves into a puddle of gore. When Sookie leaves to clean herself up, Eric asks Bill why he'd commit such a serious crime - in front of vampire witnesses, no less - just to protect the girl.
"You're not in love with her," the amused vampire asks, "are you?"

In Jason's basement, he watches, anxious and sickened, as Amy taps a vein on Eddie, the vampire they kidnapped. At first, Jason balks at the idea of drinking the blood right in front of its owner, but once Amy downs a thimbleful and starts to descend into a V-trip, he follows suit. Before long, they're having sex right in front of Eddie, navigating together through a shared hallucination.

Tara, finally decided about exorcising the demon that may or may not be living inside her, pays a visit to Miss Jeanette, who actually manages to give her an explanation that she's willing to swallow. The price tag however
- nearly $800 - doesn't go down as easily. Miss Jeanette explains that different demons pose different risks, and Tara's is more dangerous than her mother's. The girl leaves with one more thing to be angry about.

Bill takes Sookie home, assuring her that he won't face any serious consequences for staking Longshadow, but Sookie's already worrying over some remarks that Pam made. The topic evaporates, however, when a splatter of blood falls from the ceiling and hits Sookie in the face. Looking up, they find her cat, Tina, decapitate and swinging from the ceiling fan.

Episode Nine ( S1) HBO Recap

True Blood Star Stephen Moyer with a four legged friend

He may play a soulless bloodsucker in the HBO series True Blood, but actor Stephen Moyer is all heart when it comes to his dog, Splash. The British heartthrob recently revealed to People magazine that walking Splash at Hampstead Heath is one of his favorite activities.

The actor was recently spotted with a four-pawed pal, enjoying the sunshine in Beverly Hills.

Welcome vampires to Dallas....?

(seen on the wall behind the bar in Fangtasia )

With all the discussion about Season two and the True Blood storyline coming to Dallas to assist Stan Davis the Sheriff of Area 6, The girls on the HBO wiki got talking about another famous person that is also moving to Dallas.

On Tuesday, George and Laura Bush return to Dallas after inhabiting the White House for the last 8 years ...not many folks in Dallas are too happy about this.

I did remind them that George Bush and Stan were at once neighbors. When Bush owned the Texas Rangers baseball team he lived in Highland Park and Stan Davis is said to live in University Park which is right next door.

From this morning's Dallas Morning News, the entire street is now being gated off .

Bush gate gets OK:

Daria Drive, a dead-end street that leads to Daria Place, where the president and first lady Laura Bush purchased an 8,500-square-foot ranch house, will be gated. Access will be limited to residents and their guests, according to a unanimous vote by the council.

Sookie meets Eric for the first time

Thanks to luvseric@totallyrandom for doing such a nice job of this

We recently did an entire radio show on this scene and contrasted it to the scene in the series, you can listen to it here: The Great One - Eric Northman

Review of Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

By Fantasy girl

This is the second book in the wildly popular Southern Vampire Mystery urban fantasy books written by Charlaine Harris. This book opens with our heroine, the lovable, plucky, Sookie Stackhouse, finding the dead body of a friend in the backseat of the local police detective's car. Because the detective in question was at home at the time of the murder, it's obvious that the body was killed at a different location and placed in the car.

Sookie learns that her friend had recently attended a local sex party. She thinks the members of that group might know something about her friend's murder so she starts "snooping" by using her special mind reading talent. Since Sookie works at the local bar she's afforded lots of opportunities to hear what the locals are thinking.

In the meantime, Bill Compton, Sookie's vampire boyfriend, informs her that she's been summoned to Dallas to help the local vampire leader find his missing brother. Sookie doesn't really have a say in the matter since she'd promised to do the vampires a favor previously in exchange for the lives of several humans. Therefore she and Bill head to Dallas.

It's here that Charlaine Harris provides additional insight into the modern day vampire world she's created. In order to get to Dallas Bill must fly in his coffin on a special airline, Anubis Air, which specializes in transporting vampires across the country. Sookie is on the same flight but sits in the passenger area of course.

Once they arrive in Dallas she's approached by a human who attempts to abduct both she and Bill. Fortunately, this occurs after dusk and Bill is able to save them. This encounter proves to be more important later in the book.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day

Slave to love by Bryan Ferry

' town vs. gown '

From Dead as a Doornail:

'Just as I was turning with my tray resting on my right hand, trouble erupted. A Louisiana Tech student from Ruston got into a one-on-one class war with Jeff LaBeff, a redneck who had many children and made a kind of living driving a garbage truck. Maybe it was just a case of two stubborn guys colliding and really didn't have much to do with town vs. gown (not that we were that close to Ruston).'

Town and Gown from Wikipedia

Town and gown are two distinct communities of a university town; "town" being the non-academic population and "gown" metonymically being the university community, especially in ancient seats of learning such as Oxford, Cambridge and St Andrews, though also in more modern university towns such as Durham. The metaphor is historical in its connotation but continues to be used in the literature on urban higher education and in common parlance.

Origin of the term

The gown and hood worn for BA graduation at Cambridge During the Middle Ages, students admitted to the European universities often held minor clerical status and donned garb similar to that worn by the clergy. These vestments evolved into the academic long black gown, worn along with hood and cap. The gown proved comfortable for studying in unheated and drafty buildings and thus became a tradition in the universities. The gown also served as a social symbol, as it was impractical for physical manual work (a comparison can be made with the gowns worn by Chinese officials). The hood was often adorned with the colours of the colleges and designated the young scholar's university affiliation. Thus by their distinctive clothing, the students were set apart and distinguished from the citizens of the town; hence the phrase "town and gown."

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