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Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer interviewd at charity soccer game

Sookie Stackhouse books and stories being published this year !

From Dead to Worse (paperback and audio), Ace Sookie Stackhouse #8 march 31,2009 pre-order HERE

Dead and Gone (hardcover), Ace Sookie Stackhouse #9 May 5th 2009 Pre order HERE
Living Dead in Dallas (TV tie-in)(paperback), Ace Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood May 26, 2009 per-order HERE
Strange Brew (trade paperback), St. Martin, anthology Pre-order HERE
Night’s Edge (paperback), HQN anthology ( re-publish this has " Dancers in the Dark")
Pre-order HERE

Must Love Hell Hounds (trade paperback), Berkley, anthology September 1, 2009 Pre -order HERE
Sookie Stackhouse Boxed set all 8 titles - September 29 2009 Pre order HERE

A Touch of Dead: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel the Complete Stories
(Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood) Ace (Hardcover)
This title will be released on October 6, 2009.
You can pre-order here Sookie Stackhouse 8 book set,
Book Releases 2010
Club Dead (hardcover), Ace Sookie Stackhouse #3

Sookie Stackhouse's Salmon Croquettes

Remember Sookie buys the canned salmon at the Wal-mart when she takes Bob to clothes shop after he's been returned to human form by Octavia in Book 8. Here kittie, kittie, kittie !

1 (12 oz) can pink salmon
2 whole eggs
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup all purpose flour
2 tablespoons yellow corn meal
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper

You basically pour all of the ingredients into a large bowl and mix them. Add the flour last so you can control the consistency. Mold the dough-like mix into patties.

Coat a frying pan with a little cooking oil. Crisco works just fine. Preheat the oiled pan over medium heat. Slip the patties into the pan, fitting as many as you can but leaving room to turn them. Cook until medium brown on one side, then turn over and do the same to the other side.

*best in your cast iron skillet and you can use Lawry's Seasoned Salt

Sookie Stackhouse book's dedications, acknowledgments and prologues for Book Book 6, 'Definitely Dead'

Book 6 Definitely Dead

Obviously, this book was finished months before Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Since much of the plot is set in New Orleans, I struggled with whether I would leave Definitely Dead as it was, or include the catastrophe of August and September. After much thought, since Sookie's visit takes place in the early spring of the year, I decided to let the book remain as it was originally written.

My heart goes out to the people of the beautiful city of New Orleans and to all the people of the coastal areas of Mississippi, my home state. My thoughts and prayers will be with you as you rebuild your homes and your lives.

My thanks to so many people: Jerrilyn Farmer's son's Latin teacher; Toni L.P. Kelner and Steve Kelner, friends and sounding boards; Ivan Van Laningham, who has both knowledge and opinions about many, many subjects; Dr. Stacy Clanton, about whom I can say the same; Alexandre Dumas, author of the fabulousThe Three Musketeers , which everyone ought to read; Anne Rice, for vampirizing New Orleans; and to the reader at Uncle Hugo's who guessed the plot of this book in advance … hats off to you all!

Dear Readers,

If you've enjoyed Sookie's adventures, you might be interested in reading other works of mine. In 2005,Berkley publishedGrave Sight , the first book in a series about a young woman named Harper Connelly.

Harper was struck by lightning when she was fifteen years old, and since then she's been able to find dead people. Now in her twenties, Harper and her stepbrother, Tolliver, conduct their unique business on the road.
As the two travel from job to job, they encounter all kinds of clients along the way. Sometimes, the body Harper finds has met a foul death … and sometimes, the people who pay her think Harper knows more than she does about who committed the murder.
If you think you might like reading about Harper and Tolliver,Grave Surprise , the second book about their investigations, will be on the shelves in hardcover in November of 2006. The same month,Grave Sight will be released in paperback.
I hope you enjoy the change of pace.
Charlaine Harris

Vampire Slaying Kits now on Ebay

Vampire Slaying Kits

We have a troubling new development.

I don't know if FotS is behind this or not but there are Vampire killing kits on Ebay and some are fetching a pretty penny at that here !

A more reasonably priced kit van also be found here

Remember what Bill says about water and geometry... watch below.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics

Before you were a dedicated True Blood /Sookie fan were you a Buffy fan ? How about reading the Buffy comic books ?

Check out more great reviews and all that is Fangoria http://www.fangoriaonline.com/


Dark Horse Comics http://www.darkhorse.com/
Written by Steven S. DeKnight Art by Georges Jeanty

Issue 22 features popular BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER television show alumni, Steven S. DeKnight on the writing duties, and he jumps into the mix with a bag of stuffed animals. Close to battling the fury of cute dog movies, DeKnight creates a villain out of a Happy Cat, adding fangs and a cape to the popular cute kitty fad, and most likely, a chance to buy it online in the near future to add to your Buffy collection. Aside from that, his story centers upon the two lesbian slayers that seem to have a thing for straight and strong chicas like The Buffster. Kennedy returns to "evaluate" Satsu on her slayer duties, but instead, reveals her mission is more along the lines of letting Buffy "stay straight" and some crap about cinnamon lip gloss. I'm not sensitive enough to understand that kind of stuff, but I do get the gist of what is said. Some people are the way they are, even if they do dip their toes into a sea of sugar and peppermint leaves, or walk the fire pit. People only change when they want to, and for Buffy, well, she's not a lesbo. She's a les-no.

Season 8 on BTVS comic book station has been full of surprises, especially with guest writers from the TV show taking on artist Georges Jeanty and his slayer style. So far, half the writers have stepped up and added more drama to the series like Brian K. Vaughn's Faith storyline or Whedon's own early issues dealing with abuse and depression. Others like Drew Goddard and DeKnight have added the humor that made the TV series loved by many. It's this mixture of drama and humor that has kept Buffy alive and well throughout the years, and yet, thriving even more in this comic book series.

At this point, Dark Horse and Joss Whedon appear to have thought this through as Buffy continues to entertain fans in new and familiar ways. The question is now... when do readers reach the end of Season 8 and move onto Season 9? As long as the series continues and ends on a good note, I won't matter much to me. Keep kickin slayer ass, Scooby Gang and watch out for those Vampy Cats. They'll get ya.

Review: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Nice review of 'Dead until Dark' from the Bizarre Library blog

Vampires exist in our world in Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books. These books are from Sookie’s point of view and are about her experiences with the supernatural. She’s an attractive blond girl in her 20’s, who has the uncanny ability to read people’s thoughts. She works as a server in a bar called “Merlotte’s”, named after the owner and Sookie’s boss/friend Sam Merlotte. She lives in a simple town with simple people until “Vampire Bill” moves in. Sookie is ecstatic, and loves the fact the town has their first vampire, and not only that, she can’t read his thoughts. Being around him is a haven, but sadly there are people who are still not use to vampires, and people start dying.

This is what urban fantasy should be about. It’s a good mix of horror, action, mystery, and romance. I first read this book back when Vicki Nelson, Diane Tregarde, and early Anita Blake were the closest thing you could get to “kick-ass, urban fantasy-heroine” in a supernatural world. I wasn’t much for Anne Rice, but Harris made us see Louisiana in a different form and how it would be like if vampires did truly live in our world.

I would actually think this book were a mystery with supernatural tones to it, but the paranormal is so overpowering that the mystery does take a back seat in this book. Harris knows how to write the right amount of humor and doesn’t make Sookie an over-the-top powerful kick-ass chick. Sookie is a very down-to-earth relatable character. Harris gave Sookie such personality (she’s so naïve yet strong) that you can’t help but empathize with her.

Read on Here

True Blood Video Artists and Emerging Technology Discussions on Loving True Blood in Dallas Blogtalk radio Show

Thanks so much to everyone for hanging in there with me last night, even with the lovely technical issues. It turned out to be an excellent show ..
Thanks so much to everyone who creates these great videos and provides us all with so much enjoyment.

The archived podcast is now up, here (blue box top right) or it's available now on iTunes.

These are the links that we discussed last night; the invited guests and the link so that you canwatch the CSPAN Emerging Technology discussion with CEOs of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc .

The Skarsgard Channel

She doesn’t create music videosbut she maintains one of the best Alex Skarsgard collection of videos on Youtube and she includes many great hard to find clips from his European movies, television appearances, and interviews.
She was especially helpful recently with the video I posted of the Swedish TV show, where Alex appears as a lounge singer in the band Boogey Knights and he was sings the song “Tusen oh en nat “. She was THE only place who had the lyrics in Swedish and the English translation.
Thanks again to Karin from Skarsgard channel.

Sparkley Edward or Yumi

Thanks to Yumi. She is a student in Georgia and wants to study graphic arts.

Two of my favorite videos of here:
Two Hearts

Trubldfan or annie

Annie just does these videos as a hobby; she says some of them take hours and hours to create.

Two of my favorites here:
True Blood spooky mix
Love song requiem (over 6,000 viewings)

Thellou or Lou

Lou lives in South Carolina and says making videos is definitely one of my
creative outlets.

Two of my favorites here:
Drift off to dream by Travis Tritt
Creep by Radiohead

Lost Eyesight or Michael

Two of my favorites here:
All night Dine
Shes just happens to date the Prince of Darkness


Nocturn lives in Florida and also does this as a hobby.

Two of my favorites here:
Good Enough
Behind blue eyes

Evan Williams, a co-founder of Twitter, talks about the company and its prospects. with CEOs of Facebook, YouTube and Adobe lead a panel on the future of new technologies from last month's World Economic Forum.

Watch here on Cspan

True Blood Music Video of the Day : Crash and Burn by Savage Garden

Crash and Burn by Savage Garden LYRICS

Thanks sidrasg