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Blood Copy Volume 12: Fellowship of the Sun Turns up the heat

This is even more important since they have started again as a lead up for Season 2.

Blood Copy for Season one HERE
Blood Copy for Season two HERE

We are revisiting the Blood Copy videos which were part of the HBO True Blood viral marketing campaign that helped introduce the True Blood television series in the summer of 2008. We will be doing a radio show on this topic soon.
Previously we have see the mysterious packages were being received, the gatekeeper awakened on a mysterious website, .... Blood Copy website HERE

The blog and videos not only were a marketing ploy but they also served as a prologue to the series ...
Here is the blog entry for that time period HERE ( August 25, 2008)
It's great to watch these videos but you also must read the blog entry for that week.

True Blood's Godric has been cast and he's perfect!

Wow, now I am as excited about this-almost as excited as I was about the 'Beyond here lies nothing' 2nd promotional video I posted last night ;-)

I just have to say of the hundreds and hundreds of characters we meet in Charlaine Harris's Sookieverse, Godric ( Godfrey) is one of THE most fascinating to me ...

The casting call from February read:

Casting call for episode 2.05. No Episode title yet and filming will be between the end of Feb and early march.

Over two thousand years old but looks 15, he is an ancient Vampire. Small in stature and youthful appearing, but able to project intense power and wisdom. Can have an accent from anywhere. Must be 18 or emancipated

Godric will be played by Allan Hyde who is a 19 year old accomplished Danish actor.

Here is his IMDb page

The character Godric is described in Living Dead in Dallas as:

An ancient teenager.He was blond and shirtless, and his arms and chest were covered with blue tattoos.

In human years, he would've been about sixteen when he'd been made vampire. There was no telling how many years ago that had been. He must be older than Stan, older than Isabel. His English was clear, but heavily accented. I had no idea what kind of accent it was.Maybe his original language was not even spoken anymore. What a lonely feeling that would be.

He has pale blue eyes and is a child killer.

Dead and Gone Review : Back With Sookie...and Life is Good

Great review from taminator on her blog...I hope I've brought you some diverse voices..

I get kinda pissed at people who review on Amazon sometimes. You'd think they'd been personally offended just because an author *did not do* precisely what they felt should have been done in the next installment of a series. I swear in some of the reviews they nitpick a novel to death so much I just want to scream!

Authors simply cannot make everyone happy by a)including every character ever introduced, b) making their characters do something because of what was done in the past, and c) make the book longer/shorter/less sexy/more sexy/, etc., etc., etc. I think some people simply delight in finding issues with a book and then blasting them; this seems to happen most frequently with books in a series.

I personally loved Dead and Gone, the 9th Sookie Stackhouse book. I raced through it, even with a sick child and work, kicking myself frequently because now I'll have to wait a year for the next one. After I'd closed the book and moseyed on over to Amazon to begin my own review, I was simply amazed at the recent reviews that gave one, two, or three stars. You'd not believe some of the problems some reviewers had; I don't have a problem with a negative review when it's based on something solid, but when it's just a rant because the author didn't include character A or had character B do something the reader didn't like, it becomes about the reviewer wanting to direct the author's words and ideas.

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Happy Mother's Day from Dallas

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Closer by Kings of Leon

Closer by Kings of Leon LYRICS

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