Monday, September 28, 2009

Armchair Casting Director: 'True Blood' wolf hunt by Michael Ausiello

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This oughta get the True Blood-thirsty among you salivating! Since Alan Ball has confirmed that season 3 will make an animal attraction of the werewolf Alcide (who debuted in the third Sookie novel, Club Dead), I thought I — and, in turn, you — should help the series’ busy, busy creator on his hunt for just the right actor to sink his teeth into the juicy part. My suggestions:

Henry Cavill: If The Tudorsother heartthrob can look that good in tights and frilly shirts, we can’t imagine he’d fare worse with back hair front and back. The question is, could he rock the role without an English accent?

Benjamin Bratt: The former Cleaner star may seem a little long in the tooth to strike up the necessary chemistry with Anna Paquin, whose Sookie he helps search for Bill. But remember, her currently-MIA almost-fiance is hundreds of years older!

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Charlaine writes about being at the Dallas Gun Show

Due to a set of strange circumstances, I was in a place I hardly expected to be on Saturday morning. I was at the Dallas Gun Show. I was surrounded by people I'd probably see together nowhere else, and I was seeing and smelling and hefting an amazing amount of death-dealing engineering.

I don't want to spark a gun-control debate, or a Second Amendment discussion. My interest, as always, was in the people behind the issues. Here are my observations: The huge hall was absolutely thronged with people and exhibitors, the crowd was probably 90% male, 90% Caucasian, and 50% (or more) over 40. There was also a heavy presence of law enforcement, and they weren't there to guard the exhibitors. They were there to buy.

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It's Your Turn to Chat With the Brilliant Minds Behind True Blood

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All right, that was a bit much, but we just can't hide our excitement. Those nice folks at the Paley Center in Los Angeles are giving True Blood fans the chance to get up close and personal with the geniuses behind TV's hottest vampire series.

No, real-life lovebirds Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer won't be there, but this is your chance to hear scoop on the upcoming third season from the writers themselves, including show runner extraordinaire Alan Ball.

And for being a loyal Watch With Kristin devotee, we're giving you the goods first. Tickets for True Blood: Inside the Writers Room will be available this Thursday, Oct. 1 at the Paley Center website.

Wouldn't you love to toss around some of your own storyline ideas with the powers that be, or even just ask one of many burning Q's—like why it took so long to kill off Maryann? Yeah, we thought so.

True Blood: Inside the Writers Room happens Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. See you there!

Hey HB, please bring back Dr Ludwig..

Lorrie writes "Could you please put this on you site, we are trying to get attention to Alan Ball and the writers to get Dr. Ludwig back on the show. And you can help by putting this out there also.Thanks "

* NOTE : We see Dr. Ludwig in bk 2, 5,6 and 9

True Blood Trivia: who does Ludwig treat in those instances ?

True Blood cast says "Thanks" to fans !

True Blood behind the scenes: Bon Temps Town Hall

OK you guys guessed most of them ..

This is the building used for Bon Temps Town Hall. Sheriff Dearborne and Andy Bellefluer office here and the jail is also located here.

It is really the Hawthorne, California Jail located 4440 W. 126th Street.

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Alexander Skarsgård and director Tarik Saleh at Fantastic Fest

True Blood Music Video of the Day: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis

Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis LYRICS

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