Thursday, August 6, 2009

'True Blood' first look: Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Ann!

From EW

When Evan Rachel Wood makes her True Blood debut in the August 30 episode, there will be… well, obviously, blood.

“Nobody’s ever entirely happy to see her” character, Louisiana’s blood-sucker boss lady, Queen Sophie-Ann, says series creator Alan Ball. “She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane.”

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Anna's engagement ring ...

True Blood S2 Episode 5 Subtitles 'Never let me go '

True Blood Season 2 Ep5 Subtitles

True Blood: 6 Word Story contest winners !

We were one ( do you believe that?) vote shy of 600 votes but the winner is Courtney for 'Pam, Those were nice pumps.' with 270 votes or 45% and in 2nd place is Unikissa with 'Yes, there's blood in your hair' with 178 at 29%. You guys contact me to arrange for prizes!!!

Maryanne is set to vibrate.
56 (9%)

Never trust a deer with headlights
70 (11%)

1920s vampires were disgustingly messy eaters.
48 (8%)

Yes, there's blood in your hair.
178 (29%)

Pam, Those were nice pumps.
270 (45%)

Lost Cell Reception. Fateful Door Knocking
8 (1%)

Sexy blondes sin in the church
27 (4%)

Zealots, blood, bathtubs, basements, and vibrations
32 (5%)

Pigs, orgies, fine. More Eric's divine.
152 (25%)

Votes : 599

Thanks also to @Kitchenbitch, the Lafayette Twitter charcter and Brian & Andy from BloodWork , the True Blood vlog for narrowing the choices down to these great 10.

you can read them all here

"True Blood" vampire celebrates "Mother's Day"

umm sounds lovely ( argh)

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Deborah Ann Woll, who plays teen vampire Jessica Hamby on HBO's "True Blood," has flowers ready for "Mother's Day," a remake of the 1980 cult horror.

The original film, from legendary genre specialist Troma Entertainment, revolved around three female friends who, while camping, run afoul of two brothers who engage in murder and rape to impress their deranged mother.

The remake sees the villainous family, slightly expanded to include a daughter (Woll), return to the house where they grew up and terrorize the new owners and their guests.

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True Blood Music Video of the Day: 37 Stitches by Drowning Pool

Congrats to Anna and Stephen in real life ...

37 Stitches by
Drowning Pool LYRICS

Thanks the lou