Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Taste of True Blood: Winning Cover

Thanks for weighing in on our True Blood cover options—we received over 700 votes!

The Winner: Cover B

What I found particularly interesting about watching the vote as it happened was that the percentages stayed more or less static: whether there were 30 votes or 700, Cover B always had 70-75% of the vote.

The absolute final cover won’t match this one exactly—we’ll be making a few tweaks, partially based on your comments as well as some of our own—but it will be recognizable as the cover you all chose. And we’ll of course get the final cover up on the site (with a description of the book, a list of essays, etc.) as soon as it’s ready!

Top 10 Drag Performances on TV Sitcoms & Dramas

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric

Series: True Blood
Episode(s): Frenzy

A traumatized Lafayette imagines a yelling Lettie Mae Thornton as the vampire who tortured him. Plus, how could we pass up the sight of Alexander Skarsgard in a dress?
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New Vampire iphone Game

New Vampire iphone game ap

The game pits Dracula's arch-rival Van Helsing against legions of underworld creatures. If you fancy Gothic adventures paired with intense fighting, Vampire Origins will boil the blood in your veins.

Janice Herveaux-what the hell ???

This sure isnt the wonderful Janice Herveaux Phillips from the books where she is married and owns a beauty shop in Jackson. Also in the books she is the his younger sister which makes her a non- were.

Recently killed-off Heroes cast member Dawn Olivieri has found new life — as a werewolf on True Blood.

Heroes: Will Lydia's death spell disaster for Samuel?

Olivieri will play Janice Herveaux, the sister of werewolf Alcide (Joe Manganiello), the actress' rep confirms to TVGuide.com.

Herveaux is described as a tough-as-nails biker chick who's somewhat protective of her younger brother. She is also into horoscopes and psychics.

Olivieri will first appear in Season 3's fourth episode, "9 Crimes." She also auditioned for the role of Debbie Pelt, Alcide's ex-girlfriend. Casting for that role has yet to be announced.

True Blood casts Joe Manganiello as Alcide

Olivieri just wrapped up a recurring role on Heroes' fourth season as Lydia, a tattooed empath and member of evil carnival leader Samuel's "family." Her previous credits include My Boys, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother and Cold Case.


True Blood Music Video of the Day: Hit me with your best shot

Hit me with your best shot
Thanks, ToddMarty