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Bartenders at Fantasia ?

Who tends bar at Fangatsia ?

1. Long Shadow
2, Chow
3. Charles Twinning ( arrhh matey)
4. Felicia

Pam says to Sookie ...Felicia thinks you are the bogeyman, since so many of the Fangtasia bartenders have died while you were around. Longshadow, Chow.” She smiled. “Oh, and your friend, Charles Twining.”
“None of that was my fault.” I’d listened to Pam with growing agitation. It’s so not good to
have vampires angry with you. Even the current Fangtasia bartender, Felicia, was much stronger than I would ever be, and she was definitely the low vamp on the totem pole.

Music from True Blood Episode 6- Cold Ground

Episode 1.06 - Cold Ground

“Take Me Home” by Lisbeth Scott and Nathan Burr

“Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks

“We’ll Meet Along the Way” by Hem

“Half of You” by Cat Power

“Cold Ground” by Rusty Truck

True Blood - Episode 2.01 - Nothing But The Blood - Casting Call

This small, fatherly-looking man in his 60s is the Stackhouse family lawyer, who arrives at Sookie’s house unexpectedly. Obviously distraught, he’s sad to be the bearer of bad news…9 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (29)

“Trouble on legs,” this sexy barfly in her 20s propositions Jason (Ryan Kwanten), and when that fails, tries to work her wiles on his companion, Hoyt. She’s a real siren, out for a good time…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (44)

This bar patron in her 30s is questioned by Andy about the recent murder. She’s gossiping about the death with her friend Vonetta when the angry Terry throws them out of the bar…2 speeches & 3 lines, 1 scene (44)

Coralee’s friend, this bar patron in her 30s gossips avidly about the recent murder — right up until Terry throws her off the premises…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene (45)

Via satellite, this female news anchor in D.C. interviews Steve Newlin and Nan Flanagan, who exchange their explosively opposite views on the air…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene (21)

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Best New Show in 2008 - Vote now for True Blood !

Each year brings us another crop of new shows: each eager to please, some brimming with fresh ideas, and some failing to meet the lowest of our expectations. Now's the time to separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the goats--and name the shiniest star in the new TV universe. Vote below!


lick to the left, lick to the right

One has a tongue with a trickle of blood going to the left, the other is going to the right. Guess that's different enough to not be confusing. Just remember -- "Body" = tongue to the left, "Blood" = tongue to the right.

Oh, and one has fangs .....

You know you've watched too much True Blood when...

You call the actors by their character's names

You watch a show or movie ONLY because someone from True Blood is one it.

You watch the trailer for the 2nd season over and over for clues.

Your scanning the internet to see if TruBlood actually exists

You have a countdown clock for the next season.

Your already saving up or have already ordered season 1.

You refuse to answer anyone unless they call you Cher.

thanks thisbludis4u

Bon Temp Christmas Carols -O Little Town of Bon Temps

O Little Town of Bon Temps (sung to the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem")

O little town of Bon Temps,
How still the locals lie!
Above their deep and dreamless sleep
The silent stars go by;
Yet in thy dark streets roameth
The supernatural ones;
Their hopes and fears and Sookie's tears
Are ruining Sookie's fun

For Sam is sweet and fawning
Just like a favorite pet,
And Bill is dark and dangerous
As sexy as you get
O both these stars, together
Want Sookie for their own!
And don't forget that Eric yet,
Gets Sookie out on loan.

O little town of Bon Temps
How did you get so weird?
Now you have a maenad, she's scary I have heard.
You have two cops that couldn't find
Their asses with a map
Oh will they get that Lafayette
Has fallen in a trap?

eripmay @http://boards.hbo.com/

True Blood Spoilers from around the internets

this is stuff that's been posted around the internets

who knows if its true or not ...

The Maenad ( MaryAnn ) comes to Bon Temps - Sookie ( who is with Bill and Eric on their way to Shreveport) is attacked and poisoned by the Maenad. Bill is not old enough or strong enough to counteract the poison spreading thru Sookie and Bill must ask Eric for his help - sucking the poison out of Sookie and giving her some of his blood to heal. ( In the books Bill is not there and Eric brings Sookie to Fangtasia and she is passed from vampire to vampire sucking out the poison. )

Jessica continues to be somewhat a thorn in Bill's side.

They will focus on Sam's life and backstory from after he is abandoned by his foster family to present. Where he went, what he did , how he lived, "WHO" ( or should I say ) "WHAT" took care of him and helped him make his life as we know it today. How he got money to buy "Merlotte's" and all that land he owns in Bon Temps. Sam and Maryann used to ****. Sam and MaryAnn will continue to carry on in S2. Tributes, chaos.

SAM: "I've spent a few evenings in the woods with her, yes. As Sam, and in my other skin."[/quote]
"But she's so evil," I blurted. Sam's back stiffened. "She's a supernatural creature like me," he said evenly. "She's neither evil nor good, she just is." "Oh, bullshit."[/quote]
I couldn't believe I was hearing this from Sam. "If she's feeding you this line, then she wants something from you." I remembered how beautiful the maenad had been, if you didn't mind bloodstains.[/quote]
And Sam, as a shapeshifter, wouldn't. "Oh," I said, comprehension sweeping me. Not that I could read Sam's mind clearly, since he was a supernatural creature, but I could get a lock on his emotional state, which was—embarrassed, horny, resentful, and horny.[/quote]
"Oh," I said again, somewhat stiffly. "Excuse me, Sam. I didn't mean to speak ill of someone you . . . you, ah . . ." I could hardly say, "are screwing," however apropos it might be. "You're spending time with," I finished lamely. "I'm sure she's lovely once you get to know her. Of course, the fact that she cut my back to bloody ribbons may have something to do with my prejudice against her. I'll try to be more open-minded." And I stalked off to take an order, leaving Sam open mouthed behind me.[/quote]

Bill and Sookie are sent to Dallas by Eric to find a missing vampire from Bon Temps. The Fellowship of the Sun is helping vampires "meet the dawn" or commit vampire suicide ( sometimes not willingly )... with almost certain consequences for Bill. Jessica's face is on "the milk bottle". FOTS finds out about Jessica being turned into a vampire - Jessica is a FOTS memebers daughter and they will put a bounty on the vampire the "made" his daughter. Oh yea, that's our Bill. Bill is waking up to Eric's intentions toward him about Sookie. Guess who shows up in Dallas undercover - Eric. We get a glimpse as to how integrated vampires have become -- from coffin transportation services via airlines, to specialized hotels (complete with "room service" - fresh blood -live donors ) to the presence of vampire hate groups and religious groups like FOTS. We also get a glimpse of some other "supernaturals" or as FOTS calls them CoD's - one (kinda) like Sookie. We witness thru the eyes of Sookie, a vampire suicide.

Lafayette dead ? Well yes and no! Dead and buried - BUT not gone? Hmmmm. While Sookie is trying to find out who killed Lafayette, we will see his story told thru a series of flashbacks. ( so you will still get to see Lafayette in Season 2 ) He had been bragging about a sex party/orgy he had attended and Sookie thinks that the killer might be one of the party members and that he was killed to keep him quiet. She finds out that the sex party/orgy is thrown by people she knows and she gets and invitation to the next one. She asks Bill and Eric to come with her. (in the book only Eric goes with her ) She discovers who killed Lafayette. Gun shots ring out at the party , and Eric and Bill lock arms and shield Sookie from the bullets. Bill and Eric are shot. Sookie sucks the bullets out. She's nervous that she's had too much of the vampires blood. We see some very familiar faces at the party- some whom we would NEVER expect. The killer is there. (M.S.)

Bill is summoned to his maker Lorena - she is nearby. Bill has to leave Sookie and go to Lorena. Lorena has been told of Bill's mainstreaming and of his human lover Sookie. She is very jealous. She holds Bill hostage makes him "be" with her. She tortures him relentlessly - withholds food, straps him down in silver, she is very cruel. Sookie finds out thru Pam that Bill is being held against his will and is being tortured and she goes to Lorena's to find him and save him. She ends up staking Lorena and saving Bill.

Jason becomes the poster child for FOTS, after a visit from a FOTS member in jail. Because he is weak of mind and has to have a connection to something ( an addictive personality ) , he becomes a crusader for FOTS and against vampires. FOTS treat him like a savior. He starts to secretly help FOTS weed out certain vampires for extermination. Jason has learned something very valuable from Amy - how to kidnap a vampire successfully. Jason enlists a "posse" to kidnap vamps. The FOTS leader wants his daughter Jessica back at any cost. ( will she be sacrificed - sunlight on a cross? - or will her "father" save her? ) Bill had better watch himself. They will frequent Fangtasia to scout out their victims. Jason will meet up with a real bitch. I shouldn't swear, we'll say she's a real Witch that will change the direction of his life once more.

Arlene and Terry - really cute together. But is he sumpthin' more than we see?

The Four introduced characters and semi-regulars next season - Jessica- Bill's baby vamp, Benedict "Eggs" Talley (Tara's new guy she met over at MaryAnn's house), MaryAnn the Maenad and Terry Bellefleur ( he and Andy the cop are directly related to Bill )

Setting: Evening : Bill's Living Room : Bill and Sookie lying in front of a crackling fireplace after making love. Sookie asks him about his past - his family. Episode will delve into Bill's Backstory -

[b][bold]Bill will tell Sookie the story in detail - ***As SHOWN in a series of flashbacks from Bill's POV.***

We see life at the Compton house with Bill and his family. A nice normal southern christian loving family. 2 Children - play in the yard - Bill teaching his daughter Sarah to ride a pony. We see how loving and devoted Bill and his wife Caroline are to eachother. We see them laugh when they get married, cry with joy when their first child is born, makelove on a teary goodbye the night before Bill goes to war. We will learn that Bill has been back to Bon Temps before he enters Merlotte's in Episode 1. He would visit from time to time over the years - stealing moments to watch his wife and children grow. They all grow older as time goes on. Time never stops, as it did for Bill. Many years after the war, Bill's family has a stone erected to him in the cemetery. He said he came across the stone on one trip back. As 50 years have passed, Caroline is gravely ill at the Compton home . She is alone with a housemaid and farm hand. Her children have all long been married and left the nest. It's evening, Bill knocks on the door - housemaid answers- he says he's an old family friend and heard Mrs. Compton was ill and would like to pay his respects. The housemaid asks him in. Pictures of him , their children and their childrens children fill the walls and rooms. Caroline never re-married. The maid and Bill walk up the stairs to the bedroom , he is viewing "his family" intently in the pictures. The walk is slow and methodical. A slight smile comes across his face when he sees a picture of their wedding day. The maid opens the bedroom door and says "Mrs. Compton you have a visitor" He proceeds in slowly to the darkened bedroom , maid shuts the door after her. Soft lit candles are slowly burning down. Bill sees her in the bed and is taken aback. She sees his shadowy figure that entered the room " Who's there?" "Come closer". She recognizes his face. Weakly she says " I knew you would come , I have waited for you ...... to take me home. " He moves quickly over to her bedside and kneels down beside her bed , taking her hand into his. " Bill" she says softly. He says: "It's alright, I'm here now" ( she thinks he's an angel sent to take her to heaven ) She asks him to stay with her, she's afraid. He comforts her still holding her hand - intimate conversation. As she draws her last breath, she tells Bill she loves him and only loved him. He tells her he loves her. They kiss, she dies. Blood red tears stream down his face as he weeps. Back to scene in Bill's Living Room - Bill says to Sookie "And this is when the human chapter of my life ended."


Charlaine talks about Christmas decorating on her blog

...Getting the Christmas stuff out of the attic is a group effort. This year, we commandeered Oldest Son and his friend, when they were home for Thanksgiving. Oldest Son, as usual, commented unfavorably on our storage methods and the amount of mouse droppings in the attic, which is over the car port. We, as usual, ignored him.

After that, I pretty much fly solo, with occasional help from Middle Son and Daughter. Though someone else puts up the tree, I decorate it, and hang the other Christmas stuff around the house. Then comes the big job. Our largest Christmas effort is the Snow Village. I started collecting these ceramic houses over twenty-five years ago, and as you can imagine, I now have quite a few. Setting up my Snow Village is a huge undertaking, since I’m not exactly Miss Home Décor. (You should see BFF Paula’s Snow Village. Puts mine to shame.) I get the kids or my husband to haul in the folding tables from the tool shed, I get them set up, I clean them, I get out the old white sheets to cover them, and then the real work begins.

Each house has to be extricated from its Styrofoam shell, placed just right, and arranged in a logical setting. This is where the imagination comes in. These are ceramic houses, and businesses, and churches. You could put them anywhere, and they’re not going to look like a real town. But I have something specific in mind every year, and I put in a ridiculous amount of time getting it done. There’s downtown; and this year, the Christmas parade is taking place in downtown Snow Village. There’s a cross street that runs to the town neighborhood that’s on another table. (I think of the little gap between each table, where the electrical cords have to run, as a deep chasm with water running through the bottom. My Snow Village is a city built on the banks of an old, old river.) At one end of the residential street are the snootier homes. The lower income area is at the other, where the houses are about $30K cheaper, and the yards are a mess...

Other people see a bunch of folding tables with sheets over them, topped with ceramic houses and figures. I see life, danger, and happiness. I could stand there and look at Snow Village and tell stories to myself for an hour each day.


read on

Sookie books in the UK

Don't think that the Sookie books look the same all over the world. They look very different from country to country
Here are 2 covers from the UK
Lots of hair , huh ?

These are published by Golancz


True Blood Music Video of the Day: Glittering Cloud by Imogen Heap

Glittering Cloud by Imogen Heap

post your favorite in comments !

Fringe, True Blood Snag Writer Kudos

Fringe, True Blood Snag Writer Kudos

By Hugh Hart December 08, 2008 | 8:05:00 PM

Fringe, True Blood and The Simpsons made the grade Monday as the Writers Guild of America announced its nominations for 2008's best-written TV shows.

The Writers Guild Awards nominees, voted on by WGA members, singled out Fox's weird science show Fringe (pictured), ABC's sci-fi police drama Life on Mars and HBO's sexy vampire series True Blood as candidates for Best New Series.

That's not the end of the sci-fi and science themes on the list: ABC's mind-bending Lost and Showtime's serial-killer thriller Dexter are among the shows in contention for Best Dramatic Series.

Top comedies include Fox's animated trailblazer The Simpsons, Showtime's Weeds, NBC's 30 Rock, HBO's Hollywood sendup Entourage and NBC's Brit remake The Office.

Read the full list of nominees on the writers guild website. Winners will be announced Feb. 7 by the WGA.



Breaking Bad, Written by Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Patty Lin, George Mastras; AMC

Fringe, Written by JJ Abrams, Jason Cahill, Julia Cho, David H. Goodman, Felicia Henderson, Brad Caleb Kane, Alex Kurtzman, Darin Morgan, J.R. Orci, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Zack Whedon; Fox

In Treatment, Written by Rodrigo Garcia, Bryan Goluboff, Davey Holmes, William Meritt Johnson, Amy Lippman, Sarah Treem; HBO

Life on Mars, Written by Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec, Scott Rosenberg, Becky Hartman Edwards, David Wilcox, Adele Lim, Bryan Oh, Tracy McMillan, Sonny Postiglione, Phil M. Rosenberg, Meredith Averill; ABC

True Blood, Written by Alan Ball, Brian Buckner, Raelle Tucker, Alexander Woo, Nancy Oliver, Chris Offutt; HBO