Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Blood: Back in production Season 3 commercial

Interview: Alexander Skarsgard-‘Hell yeah, I’ll do that.’

With the seemingly unstoppable True Blood still enjoying worldwide success, SciFiNow took the opportunity to talk about the show’s success with its star, Alexander Skarsgard. You can read the full interview below.

You’ve played a US Marine in Generation Kill, you’re starring in the remake of Straw Dogs, what was it that struck a chord with you in True Blood?

Initially it was Alan Ball. My agent called and asked if I’d like to work on a vampire series, and I was like, ‘What? What is that?’ They said it was Alan Ball, and I said okay.

The name attracted you then?

Oh definitely, I was a big fan of his work. And then when I met with Alan, he told me about the character, this 1000-year-old Viking vampire, and I was like ‘Hell yeah, I’ll do that.’

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'True Blood': Joe Manganiello Dishes On His Alcide Workout And How Facebook Landed Him The Role

The folks at the "One Tree Hill" podcast have been doing a great job of getting our favorite "OTH" actors to talk about their upcoming projects. Last week's edition brought us news on Bethany Joy Galeotti's "The Notebook" Musical, and this week they've gotten sometime "OTH" guest star Joe Manganiello to dish on his major new gig: playing werewolf Alcide Herveaux on HBO's "True Blood."

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The 67th annual Golden Globes ceremony, hosted by Ricky Gervais, airs live Sunday, Jan. 17, at 8/7c on NBC.


Best Lead Actress - Drama
Glenn Close, Damages
January Jones, Mad Men
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Anna Paquin, True Blood
Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

Woman Married To Fat, Emotionally Distant Vampire Escapes Into 'Twilight' Novels

From The Onion

NEW ORLEANS—Acknowledging years of marital dissatisfaction and a noticeable increase in her vampire husband's weight, 43-year-old Sara Pastor told reporters Thursday that she often seeks solace by losing herself in the escapist fantasy of the scapist fantasy of the Twilight novels.

The New Orleans resident said it's been ages since her husband, 834-year-old Andrei Pastor, bought her flowers, took her dancing, or appeared at her second-story window and charmed her into allowing him inside. According to Sara, she purchased the first book in Stephenie Meyer's young-adult vampire romance series 14 months ago, while waiting for her husband to pick her up from the airport, and has taken refuge in the novels ever since.

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Vampire Stories Offer Animal Rights Allegories

hmm--think about it ...where is the TOFU?!

You know a cause has hit the mainstream when it's featured in the latest vampire movie.

Vampires have long been known as allegories for issues ranging from consumerism to racism to sexuality. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series has even inspired college courses across the country dedicated to its messages about society. In recent years, there's been an especially strong connection between vampire stories and animal rights.

One of the basic tenets of animal rights is, as former Change.org blogger Stephanie Ernst put it, that "nonhuman animals are not inferior to humans, but simply different from humans, with their own unique characteristics and abilities and, like humans, with the desire and right to live natural lives."

And what better way to get people thinking about the way we treat animals as food than to put people on the menu? And lately, there seems to be an increasing focus on what vampires eat. In the Twilight series, the "good" vampires who eschew human blood call themselves "vegetarians." In True Blood, vampires integrate into human society after Japanese scientists create an artificial blood substitute (which reflects the recent announcement that scientists in the Netherlands have begun growing meat in a laboratory); vampires who continue to drink human blood are portrayed as deviants.

This past weekend, in the recent and the most obvious example of this trend, Daybreakers brought factory farmed humans to the big screen.

The Stephen Moyer interview from Nights Templar Diary

"Finally someone people will have heard of" was how my editor described the opportunity to interview True Blood's Stephen Moyer in his email. I'd never heard of him. I only knew of True Blood from tube station posters advertising the fact it was showing on the FX channel on satellite.
Time to do some research.

Having no knowledge of this man actually made the preparation and question conjuring process easier. Not only was I thinking of off topic and irreverent/irrelevant areas because I didn't know what was on topic, but I also felt empowered by the fact that he was a nobody (to me at least). Inevitably, the more I learnt about him the more difficult this became, especially after I watched the first episode. For one thing it made my "What is True Blood?" trick question not a trick question. It removed the comedy angle, but I felt it served as a good introduction for normal terrestrial TV viewers, and was a decent segue into the rest of the interview.

Soon after tweeting a request for questions to this seemingly unknown, I received a number of emails from his very observant fan club, as well as a number of new True Blood affiliated followers. I visited the fansite one of the emails referred to, it was a closed community so I requested membership. In doing so I had to reveal who I was, and agree not to exploit the members. This didn't fail to amuse me considering how fervently and ferociously I've seen die hard fans defend their beloved idols.

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Anna drives and Snoop wishes...

Anna talks about learning to drive and EOnline talks yet another celeb that thinks just talking about being on True Blood will help them get them more publicity. ( Adam- I'm looking at you)


True Blood Music Video of the Day: After Dark by Tito & Tarantula

After Dark

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