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Dead and Gone ( bk 9) Chapter One - it's up !!!!

Dead and Gone
Chapter One
Charlaine Harris

“Caucasian vampires should never wear white,” the television announcer intoned. “We’ve been secretly filming Devon Dawn, who’s been a vampire only for a decade, as she gets dressed for a night on the town. Look at that outfit! It’s all wrong for her!”

“What was she thinking?” said an acidic female voice. “Talk about stuck in the nineties! Look at that blouse, if that’s what you call it. Her skin just cries out for contrasting color, and what is she putting on? Ivory! It makes her skin look like a Hefty bag.”

I paused in the act of tying my shoe to watch what happened next as the two vampire fashionistas burst in the on the hapless victim – oh, excuse me, the lucky vampire who was about to get an unsolicited makeover. She’d have the additional pleasure of realizing her friends had turned her in to the fashion police.

“I don’t think this is going to end well,” Octavia Fant said. Though my housemate Amelia Broadway had sort of slid Octavia into my house -- based on a casual invitation I’d issued in a weak moment – the arrangement was working out okay.

“Devon Dawn, here’s Marla Cranshaw from The Best Dressed Vamp, and I’m Todd Seabrook. Your friend Tessa called to tell us you needed fashion help! We’ve been secretly filming you for the past two nights, and . . . AAACCCKK!” A white hand flashed at Todd’s throat, which vanished, leaving a gaping reddish hole. The camera lingered, fascinated, as Todd crumpled to the floor, before it rose to follow the fight between Devon Dawn and Marla.

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Music from True Blood episode 7 Burning House of Love

Episode 1.07 - Burning House of Love

“Just Like Heaven” by The Watson Twins (thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell us that this version was not sung by Katie Melua as previously posted)

“Leaving” by Country Fried

“Whiskey in My Whiskey” by The Felice Brothers

“Burning House of Love” by The Knitters

“Let It All Come Down” by G. DaPonte

“Sweet Jane” by Cowboy Junkies

“Play With Fire” by Cobra Verde

Charlaine Harris forum and tour hints from Dead to Worse tour

Cryssforeric posted this about what Charlaine Harris has said on her website forum and questions she answered from her 2008 From Dead to Worse tour.

1. Sookie will not become pregnant with a vampire - neither by magical nor chemical means.

2. Sookie's readings of vampire minds is entirely random.

3. She won't answer whether or not the blood bond with Eric will be weakened or destroyed.

4. Eric will not be killed off.

5. Although it is possible for Sookie to have a longer life-span with magic, it's not going to happen.

6. Eric did start out as a minor character, and she decided to change that when she realized he was fun to write.

7. She decided the exact character with whom Sookie would end up before she wrote LDID.

8. Sookie exhibits "typical behavior" in wanting to work out painful things herself before sharing them with close friends, or at work.

9. She doesn't know if Quinn's mother and sister will come back in later books - may even show up in Book 9.

10. She hasn't decided how many books to write in the series.

11. She hasn't decided yet at what point in the series Sookie will end up with The One.

12. Not very much of Sookie's behavior in FDTW was the result of the blood bond. The clumsy break-up with Quinn was due to Sookie's inexperience in relationships.

13. A sense of humor is very important.

14. Lily might have another cameo.

Give me a vampire with bite!

I MISS Dracula.

I've been spending the last couple of weeks watching, and enjoying, vampires seeking equal rights on HBO's "True Blood," a James Dean-ish heartthrob fighting his lethal lust for a high school classmate in "Twilight," and a 12-year-old girl sucking her town dry in the Swedish film "Let the Right One In."

As good as these films are, I still yearn for the day when men were men and vampires were vampires. Until late into the 20th century, the undead were the devil's brood, not just metaphors for forbidden fruit or for the desirability of being an outsider.

Now, I realize that every generation is going to create its own pop culture mythology and I applaud the makers of all these new films. (How come it couldn't have been cool to be pale and weird when I was in high school?)

Anne Rice popularized the idea that vampires weren't Satan's spawn in "Interview with the Vampire" and "The Vampire Lestat," before her talent turned to pulp. Vampires weren't necessarily evil, anymore, but lonely, lustful types - Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise were cast in the film. Gay men saw the first book in 1976 as something of a metaphor for their ostracism; alienated youth took to them as well.

Today's vampires are similar. As in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," there are good vampires and bad. Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen is obviously modeled after James Dean - talk about brooding alienation - in "Twilight" and refers to his family as vegetarians (they don't suck on humans). Stephen Moyer's Bill in "True Blood" is the adult version, the James Bond of vampires. And even if Lina Leandersson's 12-year-old Eli satisfies her blood-lust on innocent humans, her utter loneliness puts you on her side. All three are devoted to humans of the opposite sex, in her case fellow misfit Oskar.

Such moral relativism is all very well and good. It's admirable to find nuance and shades of gray in human behavior - "Dexter" is better than "Law & Order"; Roman Polanski's "The Pianist" is deeper than Steven Spielberg's "Schindler's List."

But I'm not all that happy about applying those standards to vampires. There is good and evil in the world - look at Mumbai - and the vampire myth is one of the most powerful representations of that. There was something simultaneously frightening and comforting, for example, in the "Horror of Dracula," to borrow the title of the first Christopher Lee Hammer film from 1958. The horror came in knowing that pure evil existed, the comfort in thinking that if one were strong enough, that evil could be resisted and that there were gurus in the world like Professor Van Helsing to help us.

Tod Browning's earlier 1931 adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel with Bela Lugosi was an even more artful contrast - in glorious black and white - between the creepy soullessness of a life turned in on itself and the selflessness of the wise Van Helsing.

Sometimes you have to cast irony, detachment, and relativism aside and take a stand. The trick is in knowing when. In Polanski's excellent 1967 spoof, "Dance of the Vampires" (aka "The Fearless Vampire Killers"), a Van Helsing-like character and his assistant journey to Transylvania to take on vampires.

Polanski knew a thing or two about evil. As a boy he had to hide from the Nazis in Poland. While making the vampire movie he fell in love with Sharon Tate, who would soon fall victim to a real-life embodiment of pure evil, Charles Manson. In the movie, the two vampire killers end up spreading the scourge instead of eradicating it, but that doesn't detract from Polanski's ongoing ability to dissect evil as perhaps no other living director can.

So carry on, all you nouveau vampires. I wish you all the best in your quest for equal rights, I feel the pain of your alienation, and you've got my vote when it comes to interspecies marriages with humans. But I can't help thinking that when you weren't all so darn likable, there was more in the vampire myth to sink your teeth into.

Ed Siegel is a former television and theater critic for the Globe.

whose got the biggest fangs of all ?

the guys whip them out

The ladies show their stuff

Wait these don't belong

Anyone recognize these ?

Season 2 Episode 1 leaked scripts ....

SpoilerTV has some sides from Episode 2

Click on the grey blue " click to view slides box" to see the sides ( script pages)

Favorite True Blood Music Video - what's your favorite ?

Sookie and Bill - Mad World

This is Mad World by Gary Jules

send me the link to your favorite one ....

Sookie floral dress from episode 6 ( Sam date and finding Gran)

There are a couple of these America Eagle Floral dresses available on eBay.
Described as : Price $50

New without tags American Eagle Floral Dress Size: 2 True Blood anyone? This dress was featured on Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) in Episode 5 & 6. She had pie with Sam & found her grandmother in this dress.

Features Include:
Beautiful sheer floral with a v neckline Fabric covered buttons close up the back Empire waist with side zip closure Includes white sheath slipdress--loops with snaps to hold slip straps in place.
Beautiful gathered shoulder cap sleeves.