Friday, November 21, 2008

Here on Earth Radio - Public Radio interview with Charlaine Harris

A great tip from Red Mercury-thanks Red

What vampires eat -- Oct 31 2008

The fact that Halloween happens to fall on a Friday this year has not been lost on us. So our approach to food this week will be a bit deviant: You are invited to join us at a table for the undead where you will find our favorite ghoul, Neil Whitehead. He can describe, with relish, just what vampires eat.

Guests:Neil Whitehead, Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Charlaine Harris, creator of the Southern Vampire Mysteries which inspired HBO's True Blood

listen here


Anonymous said...

Thanks, TBinD! Great stuff on the site & loved the interview!
From msbuffy

Anonymous said...

thanks tbindallas! great site & great interview!
have a great weekend!

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