Monday, November 17, 2008

True Blood Season one timeline

Sookie / Bill time line True Blood Season One

Day one
o Evening –Bill come into Merlotts
o Sookie rescues Bill from Rattrays

Day Two
o Evening- Bill come into Merlotts
o Bill ask is he can call on her
o Sookie ask Bill to meet her at 130am to ask for favor
o Sookie attacked by Rattrays- Bill kills-Sookie drink heals

Day three
o Evening-Bill comes to call on Sookie and visits with Gran
o Bill Sookie takes walk in cemetery

Day Four
o Evening- Sookie goes to Bills house with contractor information and meets Malcolm Diane
o She goes home and says she doesn’t want to see him again

Day 5
o Evening –Bill comes into Merlotts and Sookie asks him to take her to Fangtasia
o This is not a date
o She does not want to see him again – he will not call on her again

Day 6
o Evening- Descendants of the Glorious Dead meeting
o Bill gives talk
o Afterward Sookie and Sam go out for coffee
o She takes cab home and finds Gran dead, both Bill and Sam show up

Day 7
o Day time town folk show up with food
o Afternoon/Evening – Sookie takes pill and sleeps
o Bill has dream and can’t rise –he goes to her and stands guard all night

Day 8
o Daytime is Gran’s funeral
o Sookie eats Pie
o Goes to Bill's house stays the night.

Day 9
o daylight Bill goes to hidey hole
o Sookie goes home and to work
o Evening bill kills Uncle Bartlett- Malcolm, Diane Liam come into Merlotte's looking for Bill, he goes with them

Day 10
o Evening- Sookie goes to Bills - he does not come home to sleep.

Day 11
o Sookie wakes to find the vampire house has burned and she fears he was in it.
o Evening – Sookie waits for Bill but he does nor appear in the evening
o She goes to put flowers on his grave and finds him

o Evening- Sookie and Bill baby sit Arlene’s kids

Day 13
o Evening-Sookie and Bill are summoned to Fantasia by Eric to help with theft investigation
o Bill kills Longshadow
o Sookie and Bill return home to find her cat Tina dead killed by the murderer in her home.

Day 14
o Evening-Bill is “arrested” by Eric, Pam and Chow and taken to stand trial before the tribunal
o Bill insists that’s he be allowed to talk to Sookie and Sam before leaving with Eric .
o Tribunal takes place he is sentenced with turning Jessica

Day 15
o Evening-Arlene and Rene’s dance Sookie is there alone.
o Sam takes her home and stays there after the scare in the bar with killer-she saw a glimpse of the killers mind as a clue

Day 16
o Daytime-Sam and Sookie have breakfast and go to investigate Cindy death at pie shop
o Evening -Bill waits for Jessica to rise –takes her to Eric’s for help
o Evening –Bill returns to find Sookie & Sam kissing

Day 17
o Sookie working the lunch shift
o Rene takes Sookie home from work – graveyard chase and death of Rene
o Sookie home from hospital evening visits from Tara, Sam and Jason
o Evening visit from Bill
o Lafayette is attacked

Two weeks later
o Daytime Sookie at work
o Vampires have the right to marry in VT
o Evening Sookie and Tara find body in Andy’s car
o Evening Eric returns Jessica to Bill

There was a real problem with storyline for true Blood between Episodes 9 and 11. Mainly, Sookie either thinks that Bill was arrested and taken against his will to stand trial for murdering a vampire and she is worried that things might work out badly for him and he is gone two night or she thinks he has voluntarily left her alone with a potential killer because “vampire politics are more important”

These two storyline can’t exist at the same time – as they are direct conflict to each other. They ignored this conflict in the final episode and pull the story back together but it was huge writing error.


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omg!! How long did it take you to do this???? great work!

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Glad you like it, Sucker took a while