Monday, December 22, 2008

Life On Mars' Philip Glenister takes on vampire Mackenzie Crook in modern-day fantasy

By Daily Mail Reporter

The Office star Mackenzie Crook is transformed into an evil vampire for a monster-packed ITV1 fantasy drama.

Crook sports a crooked beak to play Gladiolus Thrip alongside Life On Mars actor Philip Glenister in Demons, a modern-day version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula set in London.

Glenister plays American ex-CIA agent Rupert Galvin who sets about training his godson Luke (Christian Cooke), the last descendant of vampire killer Van Helsing, to destroy the creatures terrorising the capital.

Ghoulish: Mackenzie Crook dons a crooked beak to play Gladiolus Thrip in ITV1's fantasy drama Demons

The actor says he is glad to put Gene Hunt, the character he played in both Ashes To Ashes and Life On Mars, behind him and is relieved that Harvey Keitel is playing Hunt in the US version.

‘Can you imagine, six months playing him here, six months there.

'I'd be in the Priory by the end of the year wondering if I was really Gene Hunt after all!’ he told The Sun.

Phillip Glenister (top middle) and Crook (bottom middle) appear in the ITV1 six part series alongside Holliday Grainger (top left), Christian Cooke and Zoe Tapper (top right)

He admits that he struggled with his American accent for the six-part series which begins on January 3.

‘Galvin was written as a Texan but he is now from Ohio.

'They sent the writers to New York and an email came back about the accent saying: “We approve of his accent, we believe it to be around Cincinnati.”

‘I was worried about the accent at first, but now I've swapped 'Huntisms' for Americanisms.’

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