Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vampires in America

HBO just finished a highly successful season for their series, TRUE BLOOD-- which is all about vampires legally living in America.

One of the top selling movies this past weekend was TWILIGHT-- about a family of vampires. It's a romance between a vampire and the daughter of the local police chief.
Americans seem to be transfixed with blood sucking undead beings. And why not. There are many bloodsuckers walking the halls of the corporate world-- people who heartlessly and soullessly have sucked the life out of the American economy. These blood-suckers are, like vampires, killers. People are dying for lack of health care. Some kill themselves when they lose their homes. Some starve, Some freeze to death sleeping under highway bridges. And some, who don't die, lose their spirit and simply, metaphorically, crawl into fetal position, unable to deal with an economic collapse that is so much bigger than them.

We're being told, from every direction, that the economic crisis is going to get much worse before it gets better. And still, we watch AIG executives taking billions from the government and throwing lavish parties. We see banks taking the money and giving it out as dividends or bonuses to incompetent failures who think they deserve bonuses... for what? For continuing to drive their companies further into the ground?

We need some silver crosses, some holy water, some garlic, some SUNLIGHT, some stakes through the heart to do something about these corporate losers who brought the economy down. But guess what. In the new world of vampires, the old solutions don't work. The vampires don't die in daylight. Holy water doesn't phase them. Garlic... well these new vampires don't eat at all.

Americans seem to love their vampires. Is this some kind of death wish? In TRUE BLOOD and TWILIGHT, the living do wish to become vampires. And there are teens who pretend they are vampires. Meetup.com lists over 6000 of them ( http://teenvampire.meetup.com/ )

Perhaps Americans like the idea of the power of vampires, or the fact that, though dead, they "live" forever. Maybe they're worshipping the corporate vampires who live off average Americans. In the movies, vampires consider we humans food. I wonder what the corporate millionaires and billionaires think of average Americans-- suckers, fools, money suppliers?

Characters who get very friendly with vampires in TRUE BLOOD are called “fang-bangers.” Maybe we need to start looking at the people who associate with corporate vampires as people worthy of derision. Maybe we need to start characterizing the heads of these companies as worse than greedy, even criminal. Maybe it will take legislators on both sides of the aisle in congress to tell lobbyists where to go, so that finally, those elected officials will start representing and protecting we the people. I know. I’m talking wild and crazy fantasy fiction. Vampires are more real than that possibility.

Still, we have thousands of teens darkening their eyes, making their skin as pale and white as possible, emulating vampires. We have CEOs, mostly men, stalking and sucking the blood from our life savings, from our retirement accounts, our children’s college funds. One thing we know. Vampire stories always come with a lot f blood, at some point in the story. Our nation’s blood-letting has already begun.

Is there hope for America? Will the new administration be able to clean up the economy, sweep away the blood-sucking corporate predators who have been feeding on we average Americans? I'm not sure. When we look at the team Obama has assembled to deal with the economy, you can almost see their fangs. Me, I’m taking what’s left of my IRA and investing it in silver.\



Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Hmm. They do love their vampires, don't they? Vampires are not always what teenagers think - they think they are cold, colourless creatures. There are such things as living vampires, according to myths. I do not think vampires exist. No myths are true. Here in the U.K, it isn't much better.