Friday, December 19, 2008

The year's 10 best TV shows

The Connecticut Post puts TB at #8

This was a dark year for television.
First, the writers' strike completely fractured last season, grinding most shows to a halt for what seemed like an eternity and preventing some (including Fox's "24") from airing at all last year. While most shows returned from the strike break, many of them felt rushed and not up to their regular standards.
The effects of the strike were still felt this fall, with a smaller-than-average crop of new shows -- most of which were mediocre to poor in quality.
Yet there was still plenty of good shows, and more than enough material for a year-end top-10 list. Here's a list of 2008's best TV series, starting with the very best.
8. "True Blood," HBO: With the success of this series, about a romance between a vampire man and a human woman, and the craze over the film adaptation of "Twilight," it was a red-letter year for bloodsuckers. Though I haven't seen (or read) "Twilight," I do understand why HBO's "True Blood" emerged as one of the year's sleeper hits. Funny, campy and clever, the series got better with each episode and featured a fine supporting and guest cast of some of the industry's best character actors.