Sunday, January 4, 2009

True Blood Episode Four : 'Escape from the Dragon House' recap from HBO site

I'm posting the episode recaps from the HBO site. I think we should have them in our archive; they are really long so I will also post them in their entirety as a word document to our scribd site. I think they are worth carefully re-examining for clues!

Sookie stands in Dawn's apartment, shocked and terrified as she looks at her friend's limp body. The sound of breaking glass startles her, and she turns to find Jason in the doorway, standing over a broken bottle of booze and holding flowers. Jason tries to comfort Sookie, but they're both interrupted by Faye LeFebvre, a neighbor who witnessed Jason's argument with Dawn the night before. Jason insists the fight - and gunfire - had nothing to do with her murder, but as the police arrive and a crowd gathers outside, things aren't looking so good for him.

Andy and Sheriff Dearborn arrive and take a statement from Faye about the incident, while Sookie's horrified to hear thoughts ranging from the coroner's appraisal of Dawn's breasts to Jason's worrying that there's "no way they're gonna let me walk again." Sure enough, Andy cuffs Jason, leads him to a waiting cruiser and locks him in the backseat, where he quickly remembers he's carrying a flask of vampire blood. Digging the vial from his hip pocket, Jason quaffs the contraband.

Sam, who happens to be Dawn's landlord in addition to her boss, pulls up and walks over to check on Sookie. She assures him he should open the bar - on a day people will need a stiff drink - before he has to rush off to open Dawn's storage area for the police.

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Episode Four ( S1) HBO Recap