Thursday, February 19, 2009

New TwitterFic site - sign up today and join the True Blood Group !

This site is an extension of all the character portrayals on twitter. It is a more robust arena for fans and characters to interact with each other. We hope you enjoy the site!

If you portray a character on twitter than please sign up and create a profile. Put your twitter url into the profile box and then we will DM you to confirm. After confirmation you will be granted access to write in a community blog.

If you follow a character on twitter then sign up and join the groups and read the blogs.

If you want a new fan group created then let us know.

This site is in no way affiliated with any tv, film or character that is portrayed on this site. Any messages or information is not to be taken seriously. It is a role playing venue.


Joan said...

This is just too much for me, Dallas. I got a garden to plant, arena football games to go to, work in my flower reruns of True Blood and read 17 Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books. I can't keep up with all the fanfic I started and my wiki is overfull with stuff I can't get rid of. My family thinks I am crazy! You guys go ahead without me.

" Dallas " said...

I feel you pain Joan and i think you are doing the right thing.

I maintain the blog( about 70 posts a week) , I do the weekly radio show , I facebook, myspace, livejournal and twitter ....

I think I'll come help you with the garden..... :)