Sunday, February 22, 2009

True Blood goes to the Academy Awards: where does Anna Paquin keep her Oscar ?

Tonight is the Academy Awards and I've seen a number of articles where they have asked previous winners where they keep their statues ( I don't know why ??) but here is Anna's answer.

Academy Award tonight 5pt/8et more info here a score card below. Enjoy!

Another thing, where do they stick their statuettes? Angelina's mom has her Supporting for "Girl, Interrupted" . . . Willem Dafoe's Supporting for "Platoon" stays in his office: "I don't even keep autographed photos of myself with celebrities at home. I want to forget that aspect of my work" . . . Russell Crowe's got his in his Australian chicken barn. He says "it increases the size of the eggs my hens lay" . . . Dame Maggie Smith stashes hers "on a fireplace in my sitting room so I can see them" . . . Anna Paquin keeps hers in back of a closet near her boots: "I don't want people to see it. It embarrasses me."



Anonymous said...

Isn't Angelina's mom dead?