Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Casting Thor - Will Alexander Skarsgard Nab the Lead?

Wow what a buzz this story has...

So, rumors are running rampant across the 'net of Alexander Skarsgard possibly being cast as Thor in the Marvel Studios production of the same name. Hello, 'late to jump on the Alexander Skarsgard bandwagon' people. Nice to see you all figure out Skarsgard would make a great Thor, although half of the reports flying around the web make mention they have no real idea who this Skarsgard dude is. Fans of HBO's Generation Kill and True Blood certainly know their Skarsgard, and I'm willing to best most of those who watched him take on the part of Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert can easily picture him starring in a huge budgeted action film.

With Kenneth Branagh firmly in place to direct and a July 2010 release date, the true casting details are sure to emerge soon. If it's a 'big recognizable name' Marvel and Branagh are looking for in their Thor, then they should surround Skarsgard with a big name actor or two. Additional rumors floating around mention Josh Hartnett and even Channing Tatum as possibly being considered for roles in Thor. IESB tossed Hartnett's name out there as being a very likely candidate for the role of the villain, Thor's brother Loki. But right now it's all rumors and speculation. And, who knows? Maybe Branagh's got someone other 6'4" blonde-haired buff actor in mind that the internet community hasn't even mentioned yet...

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Anonymous said...

No offense but Channing Tatum has really let himself go. And Josh Harnett isn't that attractive :/

TeamEricSookie said...

Alexander was born to play the Thunder God Thor. He has the talent, the looks and Hollywood must acknowledge that he's a rising star.

Thor Odinson: What place is this? And who hath dared draw the Thunder God here, from the midst of battle 'gainst the foes of Asgard? Speak mortals for such I see ye be! Speak or face the wrath of Thor!