Monday, March 30, 2009

Great new leaked True Blood Season 2 cast photos !

from the web page Ropes of Silicon
( click photos to enlarge)

I covered HBO’s “True Blood” as long as they were sending me review copies, and as it turned out they only sent me the first five episodes and then left me high and dry. I guess I could give it a second look when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on May 19 and catch up on the eight episodes I missed prior to the upcoming Season 2 premiere on June 14th, but we’ll have to wait an see on that since HBO also never sends me review copies of their TV DVDs and I have so many as is I really only end up buying stuff I already know I want. I am not a huge blind buy consumer.

Nevertheless, “True Blood” is returning to HBO on June 14 and they have sent over ten preview images from the upcoming season including photos of Anna Paquin who plays the lead in the film named Sookie Stackhouse as the story of vampires in Bon Temps, Louisiana unfolds. You also get a look at Alexander Skarsgard (seen in the photo above) who plays Eric Northam, the oldest vampire to be introduced in the series while I was watching. Skarsagard is also rumored to be the star in the upcoming Thor comic book adaptation for Kenneth Branagh in the title role.

There are a few more photos on the site

All photos are credited to HBO and JaimieTrueblood.

Season Two Photos


true2blood said...

I AM SO RELIEVED, that wig isn't on Alex!!! These pics are awesome!!!

JessicaHamby said...

Why the heck am I wearin' one of Bill's Henleys?! There's somethin' SERIOUSLY WRONG HERE!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited!!! Only 75 days left to wait!

hdgcat said...

That big red shirt Anna's wearing looks like a Fangtasia shirt ,you can see the black square on the front,I assume after the manead attack? Bill and Jess appear to be trying different "flavors" of TB to see which one she can tolerate I assume. Stephen's hair looks wonderful although its hard to see what happened with Alex's. Is his hair pulled back in a ponytail? Or did they just decide to screw continuity and make his hair short?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do so hope they will keep Alex this natural for Eric next year. That wig was so awful! The thing that worries me is, that we won´t get Eric we all know and love. Allan Ball has already altered this character a lot in the first season and I´m worried he would continue this way. It´s a pity, because they have done so great work with casting. Alex is just right on the spot choice for the role and I´m sure he would do a wonderfull Eric the way the character is written in books. And I do so hope he will get the Thor movie role. He needs some major movie done already to get the recognition his talent deserves.

Anonymous said...

That isn't Fangtasia tee. They are black with red square. You can see it clearly on the vault.

And WTF happened to continuity with Eric's new hairdo!!! Hear, hear AB.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I am not feeling Eric's short hair at all. How does a vampire go from long hair to short without it regenerating? Here is another change to the Eric character I am not pleased with. Yes I am a Sookie bookie and I enjoy the show as well however Eric with short hair is a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Eric NEEDS the wig. He's a Viking - they had long hair!!

Long hair is sexy.