Saturday, March 28, 2009

Portland's 7th Annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball

7th Annual VMB Tickets Available online now!

Prices are as follows:
Mar 23rd - Mar 28th $30

Tickets are also available at:
Alteration Nation
3341 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland

What is the VMB . . .

It's a night of elegance, decadence, and prestige that is exclusively held one night a year in the city of Portland, OR. It's our local goth/industrial community's night to shine! Complete with regional vendors, dj's, performers, professional event photographers, and catering (cheeses, breads, meats, desserts, chocolate fountains, etc). The success of the prior six years with attendance now exceeding 800 will ensure the 7th Annual Vampire's Masquerade Ball will be sure to impress.

Using "vampire" in the name is meant to touch on dark romanticism, having an appreciation for all that we find beautiful in the gothic community. While this event is not put on by the vampire community itself, to date they have been very supportive and are very welcome to attend.

Being that this is a formal gothic/industrial event (and not to be confused for a costume party) the majority of attendees are of that subculture. The diversity this night encourages can be easily seen in the attire of those who attend. You will encounter individuals from such genres as romantic goth, death rock, fetish, corporate goth, industrial, victorian, edwardian, steam punk, etc. Although masks are encouraged, they are not required.

Darkest Regards,