Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Women and Their Love for Vampires

February 28, 2009 by Sarah Wood

No More Vampires Hunting Women - Women Are Now Hunting Vampires!
Each year we see new trends appear that people can't get enough of . One year it was "Pink is the new black!" , another year "less is more". The last couple of years it has been "Fanged and Fantastic!" Why the attraction to Vampires all the sudden? These other worldly beings just so
happen to know what makes a woman tick.

Surveying the latest on air content of vampires, there is one common thread throughout them all. These vampires love intently and are fiercely protective. They all have obscene amounts of money accruing from years of investments and inventions. How could a woman not fall in love with a man who loved her with more passion than she had ever experienced? What woman would turn away protection that was at her finger tips through just one thought?

Bill Compton was my introduction into the world of vampires.

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Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Interesting article.

Proud wanna be fangbanger here!