Monday, April 27, 2009

12 Actors to Watch in 2009 (And Beyond)

This was one of my observations from Paley - I have said I thought years from now we'll be saying "Gosh, do you remember Alexander Skarsgard when he starred in that little TV show, True Blood? "

The most difficult part of putting together this 'Actors to Watch' feature was whittling down the field to just one dozen. The decision process was made somewhat easier when the criteria was narrowed down to the actors who've generated the most buzz and/or have films coming up in 2009 that are impossible to ignore. Making the cut this year are (in alphabetical order): Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Kat Dennings, Rachel McAdams, Robert Pattinson, Chris Pine, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Stewart, Jim Sturgess, Channing Tatum, Sam Worthington, and Anton Yelchin.


Lara said...

Oh, I'm definitely going to be watching Alexander in 2009.
He's just so...Eric. If you know what I mean ;).

Anonymous said...

Watching AS is like slowly devouring an excellant chocolate. How could you not!