Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Dead to Worse audio review ..a fast way to refresh your memory before 'Dead and Gone'.

Amberkatz reviews the 'Dead to Worse' audio book.

Do you want to read Bk 8 again before Bk 9 comes out on Tuesday ? Download the audiobook from iTunes or your favorite audio book provider. If you haven't heard a Sookie book, you'll be pleasantly surprised, it is as Katz says, a whole new experience.

Sookie Stackhouse is in trouble again and this time it is from all sides. Accidently mixed up in the were war and a vampire takeover she is also confronted with the fact that she has more family than her brother Jason. With the help of Sam and her room mate she manages to survive the newest problems life throws at her but in the end there are even more.

This book only came out last year and I remember being extremely happy that I was home ill when it arrived in the post. However while listening to this audiobook I really have to admit that I hardly remembered any of the story. Sure some bits and bobs seemed familiar but on a whole the story was practically new to me.

I loved every minute of this audiobook and have to say that the narrator is amazing. She really brings Sookie to life and I am longing to get my hands on more of these audios because they are such a joy to listen to. Also the format of the audio is great. No tracks as long as chapters but nice 3 to 5 minute tracks so you aren't forced to finish a chapter or pause in the middle of a chapter.

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