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Queen Sophie -Anne what do we know about her...?

I thought with the announcement of the casting for the role this week we'd better look carefully about what we know about Sophie- Anne Leclerq from the books.

In the leaks about Ms Wood's casting we learned that according to True Blood, Sophie - Anne is 500 years old, French and known for being a consummate diplomat who has known many key members from history and SA will appear in two episodes this season.

In the Sookie books, Sophie Anne does not appear until the short story " One Word Answer" which takes place after book 5, Dead as a Doornail.
She is 1100 years old, not 500 and we do not know about her meeting famous historical figures.
This was the casting call from March 11th;

True Blood - Casting Call for Queen Sophie Anne

Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Originally from France (no accent necessary), Sophie-Anne has been a vampire for almost five hundred years. She is charming, wily, ruthless and wise. With one foot in the old world and one in the new, she rules all vampires in the state of Louisiana, engages with Kings and Queens from other states. Brilliant and far-sighted, she is a consummate diplomat, politician and adversary. Incredibly cultured, has known many of history's most famous people personally -- as well as had affairs with many of them -- she is entertaining, funny, dangerous and delightful. Scheduled for one appearance in season 2, she will figure in future seasons. sptv050769 PLEASE SUBMIT STAR NAMES ONLY.

Source: SpoilerTV

Here are other things we know about Queen Sophie- Anne: What have I forgotten ?

Sophie Anne sends Bill Compton back to his hometown of Bon Temp to find and seduce if necessary Sookie Stackhouse because SA knows of her telepathic ability and thinks she is valuable.( dd 104)

She is beautiful, reddish brown hair, pale as milk, large eyes, tilted and the same brown as her hair. Red fingernails and no jewelry. ( One Word answer)

New Orleans's most famous and visible vampire, Sophie-Anne LeClerq,"

If you're call on Sophie-Anne, you can't go in casual; there is a proper dress for an interview with the vampire . one of America's most prominent vampires."

There were fifty other vampires just as prominent. Maybe not as publicly oriented or as colorful as Sophie-Anne Leclerq, but the public didn't know that.

Sophie-Anne, had been brave, strategic, and busy in her career as a vampire leader.

She'd brought Sigebert and Wybert ( her body guards and Anglo-Saxon
warriors) over and kept them with her, in a bond that stronger than any other emotional tie, for a vampire.
Sophie-Anne Leclerq, Queen of Louisiana, must have been, no more than fifteen when she died

She was an elegant woman, perhaps four inches shorter than my height of five foot six, and she was groomed down to the last eyelash. Makeup, dress, hair, stockings, jewelry-the whole nine yards.

Sophie-Anne had a flawless facade

The queen was like looking at an antique silver tray-a shining surface, an elaborate pattern, and hard to the touch.

Her smooth face and clear eyes were as impenetrable as a wall of ice, "I began my life in what became northern France, about . one thousand, one hundred years ago." "in Lotharingia.

She has looked for the place she spent my first twelve years, but couldn't, even if her life depended on it find it .

Her mother was the wife of the wealthiest man in the town, which meant he had two more pigs than anyone else. Her human name was Judith.

"When I was about ten or twelve, everyone in her town dies from influenza. She is left to live with a neighbor boy somewhat older than here named Clovis. He raped her and offered her in exchange for food.

A Vampire named Alain killed Clovis and made her his companion. For three years she traveled with Alain. And he also would sell her for money. He was captured and finally agreed to turn her. He was killed and she escaped.

She later found an orphan roaming in the wood who was also being forced to have sex and she rescued him. His names was Andre Paul and he became the personal bodyguard of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the Queen of Louisiana

She was lovers with Sookie's cousin Hadley and also her maker. She took Hadley ( Sookie cousin) under her wing. Because she been molested, by her great-uncle Bartlett Sophie-Anne likes to waltz

She gives Andre permission to kill he husband Peter Threadgill, King of Arkansas after he and his people attack her.

BK 7

Katrina damaged her headquarters by taking off most of the roof and flooding the first floor, her entertainment estate in the Garden District is looted. She goes to live in Baton Rouge at the home of the area sheriff Gervaise. The queen can talk to her "children" telepathically, Sophie-Anne is small and extremely pale, with her shining brown hair swept up in a chignon. She wears jewelry that is heavy, gold, and simple.

Sookie thinks Sophie-Anne would have looked more age-appropriate wearing a Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. outfit. She'd died as a human when she'd been maybe fifteen or sixteen. In her time, that would have made her a fully-grown woman and mother. In our time, that made her a mall rat.

She sometimes wears clothes that are too old for her,

Sophie-Anne was the world's most dangerous teenager, and the second most dangerous one is Andre.

Jennifer Cater brings a lawsuit against Sophie-Anne for murdering Peter Threadgill her husband and King of Arkansas

Sophie-Anne has a special gift of keeping her children Andre, Wybert and Sigebert with her. She says " that closeness is my gift, my talent. Every vampire has a gift: some can fly, some have special skills with the sword. I can keep my children with me. We can talk to each other, as you and Barry can. We can love each other physically."

Andre tries to blood bond to Sookie to make her bound to him and Sophie- Anne

The Ancient Pythoness finds Sophie- Anne innocent of the murder of her husband

The queen looses her legs but is saved at the Pyramid of Gizeh after the explosion in Rhodes by Mr. Cataliades.

Bk 8

Sophie-Anne is killed in the take over by the Nevada king, Felipe de Castro

Her obit read : SOPHIE-ANNE LECLERQ, prominent businesswoman, residing in BatonRouge since Katrina, died of Sino-AIDS in her home. Leclerq, a vampire, had extensive holdings in New Orleans and in many places in the state. Sources close to Leclerq say she had lived in Louisiana for a hundred years or more.


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