Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sookie books in Spanish New True Blood tie-in covers !

There are new True Blood tie-in covers to the Spanish language translations of the Sookie books

1.- Muerto hasta el anochecer
2.- Viviendo muerto en Dallas
3.- Club Muerto
4.- Muerto para el mundo

5.- Absolutamente muerto
6.- Definitivamente muerto
7.- Todos juntos muertos

You can see a sample here



Kitty said...

Yes! They're pretty good, i work in a library here in Barcelona (spain) and im surrounded by them!

Adriana said...

Ok, I'm kind of freakin' out
I'm from Spain and I just found Dead until Dark, Living Dead In Dallas and Club Dead...

Of course, I found the books in english and I have all, but, I didn't know about the others... and I spent hours searching...

Anyway, I prefer english to read....

" Dallas " said...

adriana email me if you have questions maybe i can help