Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You've watched too much True Blood if ....

* This is the very last of the You've watched too much True Blood if ....

You're reading The Shock Doctrine and listening to Dengue Fever to get to know the characters better. (But you tell yourself it's educational.)

When you are this close to writing a TB fanfic. (save me)

When anyone says that they are thirsty you automatically think of Malcolm.

You go on a junk food binge just to spite Amy and her clean food, clean soul, Gaia crap.

You start a diet and exercise program to tone up, because you don't ever want to be referred to as a "doughy f*ck".

You now check yahoo news for Shreveport, LA even though you live in Seattle.


.:Vik:. said...

if someone try to talk to your girl and you say: "she is mine!"
if your girl does, she'd say: "i'm his"